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Quick solutions for skin problems

Most of the youngsters and middle aged people are worried about thier looks,skin texture today i shall reveal some secrets about the skin care.

There are several cause for the skin to loose its normal moisture which inturn leaves the skin dry,without its normal glow,discoloured...and so on.

-Wash you face evry now and then with cold water.

-Do not use soaps always as it tends to destroy the normal oil glands and leaves the skin dry.

-Besan powder is the best for the oily fase .Make a paste out of besan and then use this as a face wash.

-The water what we get while breaking coconut is really a good face wash for people who are much exposed to dustpollution and sunrays.Once you come from the work or colleges,rinse your face properly with normal water splash water ,then take this coconut water and gently rinse your skin.This prevents skin tanning and also discolouration.

For marks& scars:

-Paste made up of mint leaf of about 1 tsp,1 tsp lemon juice,maida and milk.All mixed together and form a uniform smooth paste and apply this as a face pack and retain it for 15 mins .Then rince with luke warm water.

For marks and glow:
-Daily application of fresh milkcream1tsp with 1/2 tsp of honey and pinch of turmeric.All mixed and applied like a face pack helps to regain the normal glow,reduces the marks and scars .Makes the skin moist and smooth,also helps in improving complextion.

---Application of aloevera pulp with a pinch of salt and turmeric helps in cleansing the skin and moisturises the skin.
---Aloevera pulp helps in removing the suntans

---Properly riped banan should be squesed properly,add 3 drops of honey and then mix.Apply this as a thick face pack.Daily application helps in improving the complexion,glow,softens the skin,removes sun burns.

---Tomato pulp squeesed and applied as a face pack helps in removing marks

--- Prepare apaste out of milkcream and fresh turmeric helps to improve the complextion and brings a glow,it also removes teh unwanted facial hairs

----Daily in take of soaked badam and raisens improves the blood circulation,leads to a clear complextion,and brings natural glow.

---Curds ia a natural conditioner,when applied with honey it helps in mourishing the skin,improves the colour,gioves a cooling effect.

-----Simple ghee also can be applied for about 10-15 mins for soft skin. To be done once in 15 days to retain normal health of the skin.This also helps in growth of new cells.

----sugar mixed with curds apply and give a gentle scrub.It removes the dead cells and allows the skin to breath.this should

---Lime luice and turmeric are the natural bleches.So when used with besan as a face pack give a similar effect in due course.

---Juice extracted from potato grates mixed with besan/multhani mitti can help in removing sun tan.Should be done for atleast 3 days to see the better results.

----Dry and powder the peal of oranges .Then make a paste out of this using milk and apply this for once a week.this helps in restoring the normal glow.Its a good face pack which is quite easy and has no side effects.

---Pulp of properly riped papaya is also beneficial for moisturising the skin.

---consuming atleast 2 lts of water daily is a natural way of keeping the skin moist adn glowing.

--Simple application of Rose water helps in cleansing the skin and acts as a skin tonner.

--Face pack of multhani mitti,pinch of turmeric,rose water,2 drops of lemon juice is the best way to give a lift up to your skin,and remove excessive greasiness from your skin.This makes you look and feel fresher.Gives a cooling effect.


Alok said…
Hi Soumya,

Nice to read your blog. It really gives a wonderful insight to know the benefits of natural herbs.

I hope you must have done the research on BLOOD PRESSURE too.

Pls. do post.


Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hello Alok,
Yup i am working on this and for sure will post the request what you have done at the earliest.Thanks for dropping a request comment.
Sonia said…
hi soumya,

nice to read this blog,
can you please help me by telling an ayurvedic remedy for removing the unwanted hairs from face.
I am 23 Yrs old and I don't want to go for bleach or laser therapy.
So please help me in this area.

waiting for reply,

savitha said…
Hello Dr. Soumya, its really nice to know a few things that can be treated at our home itself. thank u for all the sharing. and i would like to know a few home remedies for psoriasis i hope the spelling is correct. and u have mentioned about a few lehas can i know where these things are available in India? Specially in Bangalore. or is it available in all regular stores?
Basanthi said…
Hi Soumya

Good Post. It is very helpful for working women.
ignatius said…
Hi Dr. Soumya,

I was just wondering if you could suggest a remedy for a skin problem I have. The lower half of my nose is red and has been like that for a few years. I consulted skin doctors and they said I would have to take antibiotics for a long period. I was not interested and am looking for a safer choice. So am wondering if Ayurveda of Homeopathy would be more effective for this condition. Please advise.

Thank you

diksha said…
i have very clear and fair skin . as i workout for 1 hour daily,i think my the dark circles under my eyes are going deep dark in colour..IS there any remedy..tell me?
Skin treatment said…
Hi, Nice Content!
I am Cory Thiarello writing about different skin disorders and skin treatments. Skin treatment from Facedoctor can completely cure off all types of skin disorders and at the same time can supplement your skin with essential nutrients to achieve a glowing skin.
Anonymous said…
Hello doctor.
I have been suffering some type of skin problems in my legs and now on hands also.i have low hemo globin.i have consulted so many doctors. both ayurveda and alopathy.I am living in chennai. Can u guide me or refer any doctor for this chennai.Now i prefer ayurveda.
simran said…
hi dr. soumya, i have a skin problem due to side effect of veet hair removal cream. actually i used this cream for sometime on my underarms but later on i found that my skin colour gets dark . now i have stopped usin this cream for 2 years but my skin colour is still the same . please tell me how can i get my natural skin colour of under arms.
Anita said…
My name is Anita I have a combination skin but recently due to pollutionmy skin is dull,full of blak patchs. I have pimples on my face simultaneously the area around my lips and lower chicks are extreemly dry. Can you suggest me a remedy? Also suggest me a good sunscreen please which I can use before going out. Most of the sunscreen makes my skin greesy and dark.

Anita Ghose
Pooja said…
hey soumya,i was sooo happy by reading this.i want to know a perfect solution to remove facial hairs in ayurveda.please can u give me a good solution as fast as possible.
Amit said…
hello doctor,
meri mummy kafi salo se cehre ki chaiyo se pareshan hai ,kya ye thik ho sakti hai. plz bataiyega jarur
Hi Suma, you are running an excellent blog,congratulations on that! I am Ravi and 23 years old. I have a problem with my skin and expecting a solution. When I am 12 I suffered from ringworm. From then skin in my privates parts became rough and dry. I should apply oil every night. Otherwise there will be severe itching and blisters will be formed on my skin. I have consulted many doctors and used many moisturizers,but my inner clothes are being spoilt but there is no use with them. Help me out of this problem. thank u.
Anonymous said…
hello doctor,
i have a skin problem on my face .my face skin gets dark when i apply any facepack on my face.
what i can do plz reply
jdv said…
hello doctor i have a Blake mark near the corner of my you have any Ayurveda solution for it? Thanks..
Anonymous said…
Hello Doctor, It ws nice reading your blog. i found alot of worthy information but i wanted tips on a skin problem that i am having. Actually it happens only in winters when i come out in sun (winter sun) then abruptly my skin gets red and alot of marks and pimples come out on my whole body. Its pains like pinning a needle in my body. I even consulted a doctor but he was not a help. So i ll b thankful if you can guide me on how can i tackle this problem.
Anonymous said…
Hlo, i'm jai
i hv a problm related to skin, thats dis ,smtime i feel energetic nd at that time. . . .whole body warms up nd grows up lots of pimples type smthing. . . . . Nd whole body wants to rub hardly, bt if i rub anyone of dam ,dan it stands for ever, nd those who r not rubbing are resets again, please doc give me solution, i think dis one is related to elergic deases. . . . . . . . . . . . . Thanx
Dhirender Singh said…
Hello Soumya,

I have terrible TAN at my face specially in Lower part of My Face and Neck... I have done lot of things to remove but no results, can you please help me out to remove TAN from my face.

Hello soumya,

I have dark patches on my cheeks which is called melasma . I have done a lot of things to remove but no results.please help me out to remove this from my face. i will be more thankful to u.

Kiran Tiwari said… face is too red and also my cheek's skin is very rough while touching...Can you give me a sloution for this..??
Unknown said…
I am a asthama patient, Due to the medicines I used my face and my back is full of pimples. This creating lots of inferiority complex in me.
I want to get out of this. These pimples are filled with white thick materiel with a black head on the tip.
can you suggest me some thing to get out of this situation.

Thanks in advance

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