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Early preganacy signs

I always like to come up with the common problems what most of them experience,or request and easy and quick remedy for those.So this time i would like to write somethings regarding the pregnancy and simple tips to conceive early,and for some problem what a lady faces in early pregnancy.Pregnancy is the most exciting as well as panic experience what the women experiences in their life time.
A women conceives when the fertilization takes place.The fertilization takes place when a healthy egg is united with a healthy active sperm.This condition is called as fertilization.This main takes place during the fertile period of the cycle.Normally women have a regular menstrual cycle of 30- 35 days.Mid of this phase say if the cycle is of 28 days then 14 day is considered as the most fertile period.So the couple who are planning for kids are supposed to unite during the fertile period.Normally 3-4 days before ovulation and after ovulation is the ideal time .i.e- 10th to 20th day of the cycle.

Ideal position for making love while planning:-
Normal any position which both of the partners feel comfortable is considered as an ideal position.But the supine position with the male on the top and female on the bottom is considered as the best as it aids the semen to entre into the uterine cavity thro' the OS.Its even better if the female places a pillow to elevate her hip to aid further easy tract for the sperms to swim directly.If you see the anatomical position of the uterus thro' side ways in simple words i say it as 'c 'roughly.Its bent in shape , hence the pillow aids the sperms to swim well as the semen can enter easily.

The lady must retain the semen for at least 20-30 mins as it can slide into the uterine cavity thro'the vaginal tract.Then she may wash it and keep it clean.

Its believed according to Ayurveda classics one who wishes to carry a female baby must lie to the left side after making love and for a baby boy towards her right side .

Early signs of pregnancy:-
-Missed periods
-Morning sickness
-V omitting
-Loss of taste
-Excessive tiredness
-Slight back ache
-Reduced sleep
-Excessive salivation
-Mild head ache
-Mood swings[Due to hormonal changes]
-excessive urination[Frequency]
-disliking things or eatables or smell of those which she used to like before.

Later after 50-60 days-
-Increase in breast size.
-Body hair increases and darkens even the unwanted hairs like facial and around the navel region thickens and increases
-Mild cramps
-back ache
-increases urination
-feeling hungry but not able to eat.....

Remedies for morning sickness:-
-As the lady cannot eat its better to consume small meals in every 2-3 hrs.
-Just before getting up from the bed try eating some biscuits or dry crackers and then getting up after 5 mins .this will help to reduce the nauseating sensation to a greater extent.
-Keep drinking water frequently as if there is vomiting this may lead to dehydration hence keep yourself hydrated.
-Try drinking kashayam prepared out of crushed coriander seeds daily.
-Crush the coriander seeds add cane sugar and dissolve and keep it for 3 hrs and then have sip of this water every now and then.
-Try deviation your mind .Hear to some good music,watch some nice movies or read some good books or so.
-Try having small snacks or fruits in every 2 hrs.As taking small quantity every 2hrs reduces the vomiting sensation and reduce the stomach movements.Better to take small meals every 2hrs than 3 heavy meals.
-Try having balanced diet as its very necessary for the growth of the baby.

Certain food items to avoid during pregnancy:-
-Fast foods
-Coffee ,tea or any other caffeine drinks
-Spicy food
-Oily or excessive fatty food
-vegetables like drumstick, bitter gourd, colocasea[Patra],raw papaya,pine apple etc.

No smoking or drinking alcohol its strictly prohibited during the course of pregnancy as it causes congenital deformities and even retardation in the new born.the baby may be still born also.

- Rest is very much essential in the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy.
-Indulge in plenty of liquid diet and keep your self hydrated.
- Do not over eat.
-Have ample amount of sleep
- Exercise is good.One can indulge in simple exercise or simple yoga's until and unless the gynic strictly says no.
-Be happy and get pampered
-Do not lift heavy weights or indulge in straneous exercises.

Miracle medicine

As most of us know the medicinal properties of honey, lime, garlic ginger etc. But i have exposed this one medicine to my family and have come across many more people who have been regularly taking this since 2-3 yrs .Most of them have found great benefits . This has got its effects on various diseases like diabetics, hypertension[high BP],High cholesterol, loss of appetite, allergic rhinitis[allergic cold], bloating of the stomach etc.....Its a very simple preparation and can be done easily at home and store for 1-2 months.

Ginger juice - 1 cup
Garlic juice   -  1 cup
Apple cider vinegar- 1cup
Lemon juice  - 1 cup
Honey - 3 cups

Method of preparation:-
  1. Extract juice  after removing the peal from fresh ginger, garlic and lemon.
  2. Now measure 1 cup of apple cider vinegar 
  3. Take all the juices [4 cups] in a big vessel and heat the mixture on high flame for about 5-8 minutes. 
  4. Keep stirring the mixture so that it does not stick to the bottom. Note that the mixture will be light yellow to start with and then slowly the color changes to almost light brown/greenish in color.
  5. Now reduce the flame to minimum[sim] and heat for  another 10-12 minutes. You can see the mixture thicken a bit in consistency.
  6. Now allow the mixture to cool totally say about 2-3 hrs and then add the honey to it and stir properly to blend in well. Store this sauce like mixture in a glass jar. Do not refrigerate it. Keep in a dark and cool place.

  • All the juices should be freshly extracted and used immediately without any refrigeration.
  • Add honey only when the mixture is totally cooled off.
  • Store the mixture in a glass jar[airtight]
  • Do not refrigerate it. Keep in a dark and cool place.
Dose and mode to take the medicine:-
  • -2-3 table spoon of medicine, early morning after brushing the teeth. You may take a cup of water before [For adults]
  • 1/2 -1 tsp with equal honey mixed [for small kids above 2 yrs of age ]

Monday, July 2, 2012

Diet regimen to be followed by jaundice patients

Jaundice is a condition related to liver. The term jaundice comes from the French word jaune, meaning yellow. Jaundice is also called icterus.Its nothing but a condition of the liver where in there will be increased production of a pigment called bilirubin due to which there will be yellowish discoloration of the skin,mucous membrane,sclera the white part of the eyes, there will be increase amount of billirubin  in the blood stream which is called'' hyperbilirubinamea''   . Thia further leads to increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluid. Normally liver produced 2 types of pigments called bilirubin and bili veredin. Bilirubin is responsible of coloring the stools .Hence when there is jaundice we observe dark yellow coloured urine and stools.

Jaundice is a condition which is seen in hapatitis,liver chirrosis,liver cancers etc.

The jaundice is of 3 types :-
1. Pre -hapatic [here the pathology occurs above or prior to the liver]
2. Hepatic        [ Here the pathology lies within the liver itself]
3. Post-hepatic [ Here the patholagy lies below the liver]
Here the word hepatic means liver.

Liver is a organ which is known as the power house of our human body. It plays so many  important role like fat, carbohydrate metabolism etc.

Signs and symptoms:-
1.Yellowish discoloration of the sclera [ white part of the eye] and conjunctiva.
2. Yellowish discoloration of the nail bed and underneath the tongue.
3. Dark yellow urine and stools
4. Occasionally symptoms of gastritis like vomiting, severe pain in hypo gastric area , anorexia[ reduced appetite], nausea, fatigue.
5.Pain under the right rib cage if there is enlargement of the liver[inflammation] mainly while walking or deep breathing.[this can be differentiated from gastritis by the blood test.]
Diet to be followed my the person suffering from jaundice or any other disorder related to liver:-[ Patya]
The diet should be
1. Low in fat
2. High in proteins
3. Low  carbohydrates

Most beneficial vegetables:-
Mainly the plants that belong to cucurbitaceae  family,  or the cucurbit or gourd family

1.Bottle gourd  is the vegetable which should be used in large quantity. Its easy to digest, high in iron content,low fat and carbs.
2. Cucumber is a vegetable which will help to cool the body.It can be consumed in form of juice or eaten as it is.
3. As much as possible try to eat cooked food as the digestive power will be low during the course.

Important things to do during the phase of jaundice:
- Bread with lots of diluted or reduced fat milk is very beneficial.This is high in proteins which is very beneficial for the recovery of liver.
-Bottle gourd can be consumed in for of sides or we can prepare gruel adding rice to it.
- The diet should involve less or no salt preferably
- Jaggery added to the vegetable is beneficial.
- The diet should not involve any form of fat eg- oil,ghee ,butter etc is not advised at all.try avoiding this for at least 45 days preferably 2 month period.
- the food should be mild in spices like chilly etc. peppercorns are preferred than chilies.
- Drink ample amount of water.
- Avoid going out in hot sun mainly after 11.00 in the morning up to 4.00 pm in the evening

1.Apply the pulp of  aloevera to your scalp and leave it for at least an hr to two. This has a very good medicinal value and will also help to keep body cool.
2. Try to eat the pulp of aloe or even the juice empty stomach for 1 week.
3. Prepare the kashaya /decoction of bhoomi amalaki  / locally called nela nelli ( Phyllanthus niruri)
Take about 4-5 1 feet lenght healthy plant and chop it up to about 1-2 inches in length add water about 2 cups and bring to a boil . Now simmer and reduce the same until it comes to 3/4 cup.
Then sieve the contents and the filtered decoction should be consumed daily after about 1.30 hrs after the breakfast.

Note about the drug Phyllanthus niruri :-
This is a small herb which grows like a weed in the winter season .
It grows to about 1-2 feet in height.Has small oblong  leaves.The main thing which is required for its identification is if you lift the small branches on the lower surface of the stem i.e just below the leaves you can see mall round mustard sized seeds.
Whole plant is used for medical purpose.
It plays an important role in -
- urinary tract/ kidney  disorders
-UTI ( urinary tract infection)
- boosts immunity
- used in liver disorders mainly jaundice
- helps in weight reduction
- anti diabetic

Jaundice in terms of ayurveda-
Jaundice is called as kaamala in Sanskrit.Its the disorder related to yakrith that is liver.It is a rakthavaha  strothas related vyadhi. Mainly caused due to margavarodha of rakthavaha sthrothas.

For pain and fever in the initial days-
1. Agni tundi
2 .Mrithyunjaya rasa
3. Chandra prabha vatti

For the liver -
1.Kumari aasava
2.Aaragya vardhini vatti
3. Bhoomi amalaki kashaya
4. Aloevera
5. Pathya

In case of proper diagnosis of this condition the blood test like liver  function test is very beneficial . Here the level of bilirubin[ total,conjugate and unconjugate] will be considerably high with, urobilinogenand alkaline phosphate level[ALP] too which will be increased.

Complications of jaundice includes sepsis especially cholangitis, biliary cirrhosis, pancreatitis, coagulopathy, renal and liver failure

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is the season when people suffer from various kind of illness. Cough and cold,running nose,sinusitis,fever, loose motion ,vomiting are most amongst them. Today in my this post i will be dealing with some medicines for cough and cold ,running nose for both adults and kids who are of 1+ age.

1.The ingredients that you will need are as follows:-

turmeric - 1 tsp
honey - 1 tsp
freshly extracted ginger juice - 1tsp
pepper powder - 1tsp
lemon juice -1 tsp

Method of consuming:-
Mix all the 5 ingredients mentioned above in a bowl and should be taken early morning in empty stomach.
This course of medicine should be repeated for another 4-5 days although you see the patient has recovered.

Working mode of the drug:-
This will help to liquify all the thickened sputum and remove it out from the body.
It purges out through any of the out let.i.e- either mouth or may be expelled thro' stools.
Some times the patients may even vomit out after taking this medicine. Its absolutely ok. Its actually good if they throw out in that manner so he can feel a bit relieved too.
You may also observe a bit loose stools in some which is another way of expelling the sputum.

2. Ginger juice:-
This one is helpful for productive cough especially when the sputum becomes very thick and foul smelling.

Ginger juice - 2 tsp
honey - 1 tsp
turmeric powder - 1 pinch

Mode of intake:-
Mix all the ingredients and consume it after light food. In case of kids 1/2 tsp each of ginger and honey will be enough. You can even increase the amount of honey if the kid is very small.This can be given to 8-12 months baby too

3. Pepper decoction:-
Pepper corn - 2 tsp
water - 2 cups
jaggery - 2 tsp
ghee - 1 drop

Mode of intake :-
Crush the pepper corn coarsely . Add them to a sauce pan with the water and simmer and allow it to reduce to 3/4 cup then add ghee and jaggary and bring one boil. Sieve and serve when its warm .

This can be taken at any time of day.good for both dry as well as productive cough.

4. Jeera laddo :-
Jeera [cumin] seeds - 2-3 tsp
jagrary - 1tbsp

1. Dry roast the cumin seeds in a pan until they turn a bit dark in color .
2. Crush it by pounding it with jaggery.
3. This will for a single sticky mass. Now roll out small ladoos out of them and store in a air tight container.
4. Have frequently when throat irritates .
5. This is very good for dry cough and throat irritations.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hidden secrets about nature

1.Sweet potato:-

Rich source of vitamin B6,C,E, beta-Carotene,iron,potasium,fibers

Variety of vegetable:

Some facts about this tuber-
The orange variety is better than the white as it contains more beta-carotene than the white. Beta -carotene is a carotinoid with anti- viral,anti-cancer,anti-oxidant properties. Hence go for the orange variety
This is a carotene which our body converts into vitamin A which helps to fight against cancer.
The vitamin E here helps to maintain good health of skin and hair.
The skin is full of fibres
This vegetable can help to lower the cholesterol and enhances the digestive function naturally.


Carrot is a vegetable which is rich in nutrients essential for the eyes,improves vision.


Vitamin K, beta carotene, Folate, Calcium, Iron Zinc, lots of essential fibres.

- Carrots are the richest sources of beta carotene which is further converted by our body to vitamin A which is an anti -oxidant.
- This helps to fight against virus,cancer cells and prevents heart diseases by streanthening the cells in natural way.
- Its rich in Vitamin K which is useful in blood clotting and quick healing of wounds
- As its rich in fibres it helps in proper digestion of intaken food articles and expulsion of wastes.Thus renders a healthy heart condition.
- It contains chromium which helps in regulating blood sugar level and meets sugar cravings in case of diabetic patients.


root vegetable

Vitamin B1 , beta carotene, Fibers.

Types of yams:-
White , yellow and purple

- Yellow variety is rich in beta carotene.
- Helps in boosting immune system as it strengthens the cells due to vitamin A [Conversion].
- Assists the body to deal with pollutants.
- vitamin B1 is used to increase the energy levels and eases depression,stress thus inturn helps in boosting immune system
- As they are rich in fibres it helps in keeping the digestive system in good condition.



- Vitamin B1,bB3, B6, C,folate, copper, iron, potassium, fibres.

Cheap and rich starchy vegetable.
- Rich in vitamin C which is very essential to keep the immune system healthy.
- New potatoes are much better compared to old as they are rich in antioxidants.
- The fibres here aid the process of digestion and lowers cholesterol .Thus heart healthy.
- Vitamin B6 again boosts the immune system by by boosting amino acids which are essential for good health.B6 is very essential for the phagocytes to engulf or eat up the waste materials and dead cells.



Vitamin B1, B6, Sulfur compounds,flavonoids.

-Good and helps in building up immunity
-the strong odour helps in tingling the nerve endings,thus helps to regain conscious in sizures.
-It has a higher level of flavonoid quercetin,which is a strong anti oxidant which can check or block the growth of cancerous cells.
- Quercetin is anti -inflamatory,anti biotic & anti viraland like beta carotene its not destroyed by cooking.
- Its found that onion helps in supressing the activity of halico bacter pylori bacterium ,which is resposible for the food poisoning and ulcers in the gastrium.
- It helps to lower the cholesterol,thinning the blood and prevents clot formation . Thus heart friendly.
- Good when taken during running nose and dry cough whith a piece of jaggery.It must be taken raw.
- It may cause indigestion in people with gastro-intestinal problems ,especially when consumed in raw condition.


Immunity is the natural way by which our body protects us from natural ailments or diseases. Our body has immune system by the help of which our body can fight against antigens which was previously recognized by the defense mechanism. This is mainly done by the antibodies. There are certain primary detector cells which recognizes the antigens just when they enter into our body and produces antibodies to protect our body against them. The bodies immune system thus acts like a key in the maintenance of good physical health.
A nutritious balanced diet ,healthy life style,clean and clear healthy environment,genetics all of these factors directly helps in building up the immune system.
The immune system which is like an army protecting and guarding our body is based on the lymphatic system and the white blood cells of the body[blood stream]. There are many other organs which also contribute like spleen,skin,respiratory,digestive etc. The lymphatic system comprises of the various regions where in lymph nodes are located i.e, network of lymph nodes and vessels which helps in returning fluids from inter cellular spaces to the actual blood stream which then circulates all over the body. The lymph node,thymus gland and spleen are the constituents of lymphatic system. This lymphatic system produces lymphocytes it further engulfs or kills the foreign particles,cancerous cells or microbes. Thus their presence in the blood stream is as special indication.
There are 2 types of lymphocytes-
1.T- lymphocytes [produces by thymus glands]
2.B- lymphocytes [ produces by the spleen ]

The white blood cells found in the blood stream like phagocytes and and lymphocytes destroys the invading bacterias and removes the dead or unwanted cells and tissues which cause damage.

Signs of low immunity :-
The person becomes vulnerable to cold ,flue ,throat pain,head ache,fever , allergies etc more frequently

Auto immune diseases:-
Connective tissue disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis,Rheumatic fever,Scleroses,SLA etc

The food articles and habits which helps in boosting the body's immune system are-
1. Food rich in vitamin A,B -complex,C and E.
2. Food comprising of high calcium,selenium and zinc.
3. Omega-3 and 6- fatty acids which are usually found in nuts,seeds and oily fishes.
4. The proteins which are found in lean meat, fish and pulses.
5. Fibers found in fruits ,veggies,grains and pulses.
6. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, pranayama and such other breathing exercises,yoga,meditation
7. Clean environment.
8. Bright ventilation .

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Quick and easy remidies for mouth ulcers

My todays topic is all bout mouth ulcers.This is one amoungst the most comman problem which everyone experience .There are certain things to know a bout the causes and how to prevent them what are the remidies.

Mouth or the so called oral cavity is said to be the mirror of the digestive system mainly the stomach and the interstine.
The mouth ulcers are called as stomatitis.Its a reddish small ulcer which occurs in the inner area of the mouth.They are of different varities like tromatic ulcer,Chronic ulcers,Acute,Malignant,Benign.....

1.Troma - This means any sort of injury .this is most commanest cause .Mainly while brushing or eating and sharp and hard objects ,or mainly while consuming any meat with intact bones , somethimes it might occur by your own teeth itself..

2.Constipation - This is the main cause.Mostly the person suffering from constipation problem will have oral ulcers too.So the root cause here is to get rid of constipation which it self will act as a cure.

3.Indigestion- This is also the most comman reason .Any problem with digestion shows of in form of stomatitis.

4.Many ulcers mainly related too intestines or stomach in such a condition this can also be seen.But here that will remain for a long time.

5.In innumo compramise condition like AIDS and others.

6.Vitamin difficiancy like difficiancy of vitamin B- complex or vitamin-C.

7.Calcium difficiancy.

8.Indulgence in excessive of spicy food.

9.Reduced intake of water.

1.Water is a very good remidy for this problem.As it is a liquid when taken i good amount removes or washe s away the toxins,Relieves one from constipation problem.Not only this there are certain vitamins which are water soluble.Body requires adequate amount of water.Hence its really good way to prevent the onset of mouth ulcers.

2.Keep your body cool if you are of pitta prakrithi of tend to increase up the heat in your body eary.


Take substances which cool your body like tender coconut water.


Prepare a drink/kashaya by adding coarsely powdered coriander seeds and cumin about 1 tsp each to milk and add 1 tsp of powdered cane sugar or jaggery and boil and reduced to half .Consume this twice a day.This will help you in constipation and gastritis problem too.

5.If this problem of ulcer is due to constipation make a habbit of drinking large amount of water in a day and consume more of fibrous vegetable and fruits in your diet like leafy vegetables,oranges ,sweetlimes etc.

6.Application of honey with the help of tip of your finger to the spot where there is a ulcer daily about 3-4 times helps to get immediate relief from the pain and also cures the ulcers early.This will lead to a bit for burning sensation but then subsides after 1 mins of application.


Ghee application is also beneficial like honey.


Consume more of milk mainly in the night before bedtime.

9.Take B-Complex tablets for atleast 3 days,twice daily with milk

10.Chewing tender leaaves of mango or guava and then swallow the liquid and keep the leaf at the site for about ten minutes.this also will show wonderful results.

11.Tender leaves of Jaaji mallige is the best remidy amounst all.It gives quick results.It makes the area numb.Used the way as tender leaves of guava and mango.This helps in bad breath problem also,cleanses the touch and improves taste perceptions.Increases appitite.

12.Oil pulling is an ancients method used to prevent anu oral diseases like related to gums teeth and even for ulcers.Helps to restore the helath of oral cavity.


Simply chewing about haqlf trp of cumin and then drink a cup of water this also shows wonderful results.this also helps when you feel blotting sensation in your stomach.

Ayurvedic remidies:-
1.Gandusha dharana with thriphala kwatha, i.e- gargling or holding the water or thriphala kwatha in the mouth of 10 mins twice daily.

2.Application of triphala churna mixed with honey over the small ulcers also gives good results.

3.Intake of a tablet by name-'' Khadiradhi Vati'' is really a good remidy.I always make it a point to have a strip of this tablet in my purse.This also helps in dry cough and bad breath.

4.Oil pulling with neem oil.