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Diet regimen to be followed by jaundice patients

Jaundice is a condition related to liver. The term jaundice comes from the French word jaune, meaning yellow. Jaundice is also calledicterus.Its nothing but a condition of the liver where in there will be increased production of a pigment called bilirubin due to which there will be yellowish discoloration of the skin,mucous membrane,sclera the white part of the eyes, there will be increase amount of billirubin  in the blood stream which is called'' hyperbilirubinamea''   . Thia further leads to increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluid. Normally liver produced 2 types of pigments called bilirubin and bili veredin. Bilirubin is responsible of coloring the stools .Hence when there is jaundice we observe dark yellow coloured urine and stools.

Jaundice is a condition which is seen in hapatitis,liver chirrosis,liver cancers etc.

The jaundice is of 3 types :-
1. Pre -hapatic [here the pathology occurs above or prior to the liver]
2. Hepatic    …