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Simple ways to helathy living

Hello every one.Well today i will be dealing with simple alteration in our daily regimens to be followed which will improve the health and the bestove longivity of life...

-Well most of us will be having the habbit of drinking water.Thi water is a medicine in itself.It has several healing property.According to Ayurveda About a litre of sukhoshan jala which means boiled and cooled water should be consumed early mornings just after you get up from the bed.Clean your mouth and drink atleast 1/2 -1 litre of water at a strech .this will neutralise the increased gastric secretions,also helps in constipation and helps in easy evacuation of the stools.

- People suffering from gastritise and those with the problem of respiratory tract allergies etc should drink stomach full of water and then induce vomiting .This helps in neutralising acid base balance in the stomach mucosa in case of acidity and in case of allegic cough and cold removes the exessive mucosa secretion which m…