Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hidden secrets of fruits

There are varities of fruits available in different parts of the world with different tastes,shapes colour and sizes.Some belong to melon types,some are berries,some are drupe and so on.Today i will deal with the nutrition and the benifits of eating right amount of fruits and what are its effects on the systems.


Botanical name-Malus sylveslris
Family- Rosaceae
-it make be used as a fruit or juice may even be extracted for medicinal purposes.
-It has got the hydrating affect on the body.Good while travelling also because quite comman that people avoid drinking water while travelling.so by eating apples it keeps oneself hydrates and also gives intstant glucose in form of fructose.
-has got diuretic effect.That is increases urine output.
-rich sources of vitamins and minerals
-it contains malic acid which is easily absorbed by the body
-the peal of the apple contains /is rich in vitamin -c
-pulp is a rich source of vitamin -A
-the inner pulp of an apple contains 'pectin' in itwhich helps in detoxification as it provides galacturonic acid
-prevents decomposition and elimination of protiens from the interstine during the course of digestion
-Helps in anemia to increase the Heamoglobin level to a little extent as ita a rich source of iron
-In constipation and diarrhoea also its helpful.Raw apples - 1-2 full helps in constipation problem.the same if baked or cooked helps in diarrhoea[as cooking process softens cellulose in the apples]
-Helps in dyscentry both acute and chronic
-in all stomach disorders
-Very helpful in case of headaches.take apple with little salt early mornings for 7 days continously to get good benefits
-best in heart diseases -as its rich in potassium and sodium and has less amount od sodium in it ,its even helpful in Bloodpressure also.
-apple should be take with honey for good functioning of the heart muscles and heaalthy conditions of heart
-Dry cough,take an apple which is sweet necessoryly for atleast 7 days continously .this will help a lot.
-also beneficial in kidney stones
-as it containd a special acid in it its very helpful in tooth decay also
-promotes vigour and vitality


-its rich in protien,carbohydrates,calcium,sulphur,megnesium.phosporus,many other minerals like copper etc.
-rich source of vitamin-A
-dried ones are more potent than fresh
-dried apricot are helpful in constipation for the evacualtion of stools[6-12 should be taken]
-helps in anemia as rich in iron and calcium also.good if soaked over night and consumed in empty stomach early morning before taking any this . do not consume anything for another 1/2 hr.


-rich sources of vitamins
-contains vitamin A,Band E
-good for skin and hair
-acta as a natural conditioner
-studies have proven that it can even help in early stages of cancer.
-helps in detoxification
-good for body and skin
-increases memory power also
-rich soure of iron and minerals .hence helps in aneamia.
-conatains good fat that is helps in reducing cholestrol level in the blood.


-rich sources of salta and minerals,vitamins , protiens,salts and carbohydrates.
-rich in potassium and zinc
-act as general body tonic
-helpful in constipation and diarrhoea also
-help ful in weight gaining
-complete source of nutrition for small kids
-when eaten after food helps or aid the process of digestion
-rich in Vit-A,C,D,E even contains vitamin B to a little extent
-it has 75% of water in it.
-in case of reduced appitite ,banana's are adviced with tamarind waterand salt
-helps in dyscentry.here banana i.e 1 should be mashed thoroughly and must be made as a paste and given to the kid
-helps in gastric ulcer ,gastritis and ulcerative collitis also.
-as banana is rich in calcuim and other minerals and salts helps in building up strong bones in young ones
-rich in iron so helps in anemia and even jaundice
-helps in heart pain.mash banan's and blend it with honey and give to the patient having chest pain at times may even save life too.[rich in potassium megnessium...]


-god for skin as it contains natural oil.
-keeps skin moist and glowing
- rich sources of protiens
-good in any form like tender coconut water and the inner skin or pulp .all these help in gastritis and acidity.it helps in nuetralising the acid levels in the stomach
-rich in vitamin B and plenty of m,inerals
-acts as rejuvinator
-helps in cleansing the intestines
-oil out of this is helpful to apply externally in sunburn
- good for dark thick hairs[helps to develop]
-oil is used in form of oil pulling this heals many gum diseases and cure mouth ulcers also.
-applied to skin acts as moisturiser.renders back smoothness of teh skin
-applied to the soles and massaged in case of reduced sleep.
-may be applied in cracked heals for execelent effects


-rich source of iron.helps in boosting heamoglobin levels in case odf anemia.should be soaked in water or milk overnight and then taken in empty stomach daily for 1 wek to see exelant results.
-helps in dry cough
- helps to increase body weight
-it increases vigour and vitality.also increases semen .
-acts as tonic
-5-6 dates evry day followed by 2 glass of milk,then a bit of exercise helps or acts as a rejuvinator.this should be done for atleast 1 month to see the proper effect.
-dates with milk acts as general tonic and gives stamina.
-In case of constpation, drink milk boiled with 4-5 dates every day at bed time.this will help to getrid of this problem
-increases resisitance power ,mainly against virus and bacteria
-rich in vit-A,B,protiens,calcium,phosphorus
acts as a rejuvinator as it contains pectin in it.
-provides strength to heart,liver ,kidney and pancreas.
-has effect over central nervous system
-increases appitite
-if taken in excess causes throat and chestas it increases mucus
-they maintain alkali balance inthe body[intestine]
-it purifies and even strenghten's the blood by increasing hb level.
they also keep body warm in winters


-helps digestion
-purifies blood
-rich sources of protien and minerals[calcium,sodium,potassium,copper, magnesium,sulphur,chlorine....]
-helps in constipation and some chest disorders.
-good for heard disorders
-good for old cough which is there from many days
-good tonic,increases strencht and appitite even in youngchildren also
-it helps in replacement of certain minerals and compounds in all age group women and girls.so dialy intake of fig is advicable
-helps in anemia
-helps in fast recovery from a chronic illness and fetigue.
-if taken for a long duration and in good amount soaked in milk helps in weight gain in thin people.
-figs soaked in milk help in the problem of hard stools and hence even helps in curing of piles also.


-Its generally used as an appitizer and gives a refreshing effect as is the instant souce of glucose
-enhances the activity ob bodies excretory system.
-it acts as a diuretic
-good for skin as it bestows normal clear complextion to the skin
-good laxative and increases appitite
-helps to boost up body's defence mechanism,acts as general tonic also
-helps in skin deaseases and even in helpful in respiratory tract disorders.
-Draksharista helps in increasing blood and hb level,acts as a general tonic,helpful in dry cough,helpd in weight gain also
-rich source of vitamins,minerals salts helps in anemia
-acts as a laxative,helps in constipation,bronkitis and kidney disorder
-rich source of iron and glucose
-grape juice taken daily acyts as a general tonic and keep person fit and energetic
-dried grapes soaked in water when taken early morning before food helps in increasing HB level and also purifies the blod.it also helps in contipation and clearing the achenes and leaves the face witha nice natural glow.

9.Grape fruit:

-good appitizer,must be taken before the food generally
-they have same qualities as a fresh orange fruit
-rich source of vitamin-C
-contains minerals
-helps in constipation as its rich source of fibers and because of essential acids,and an alkali forming action of this fruit
-strenghtens interstine.increases appitite,helpful in digestive disorders also
-helpful in liver diseases also and boosts normal liver functions also


-rich source of vitamin -C,thus helps in strong gums,sprevents scurvy and capillary fragility.Helps in preventing most of teh connective tissue disorders.
-conatins VIt-B,many of the important minerals and some salts too.
-they are good appitizers
-helps in digestion and assimilation of useful componets in the body
-very helpful in most of the stomach disorders.
-The peal has an aromatic oil which is helpful in headache
-lemon clears the debries in the tongue thus enhances the taste by activating tastebuds.
-it quenches the thirst,acts as a coolent,gives a soothing effect,
-rich source of citiric acid
-the aroma of lemon helps in naucea,and tarvelling sickness.
-lemon juice is sedative for heart and reduces palpitation
-helps in High blood pressure
-helps in various gastric disorders like acidity,diarhhoea,indigestionand dysentry
-as it stimulates tehsaliva secretion it helps in boosting appitite and even in loss of appititeand excessive thirst[dyspepsia]
-it aids the secretion of bile hence helpful in bile stones and jaundice also to a little extent
-it acts as a organic disinfectant.
-acts as a natural bleaching agent when applied to teh face .Causes no irretation
-helps in dandruff when applied to the scalp
-it cure gas problem in the stomach and acts as a mild laxative.
-lemon juice helps to kill excess unwanted fat and even the mucus
-lemon juice taken with luke warm water every morning helps in constipation
-lemon seeds helps in nausea which is caused by excessive pitta{bile]
-helps in loosing weight

-Natural tonic
-Rejuvinator,helps in gaining wieght
-rich source of vitamins,minerals
-helps in digestion.
-helpful in gastro intestinal disorders.
-provides instant energy,as its rich in glucose

Monday, January 8, 2007


Sinusitis is the most comman problem what most of the people of thiois genetration suffer from.SO i thought of writting about this comman problem today.

Sinus defination:-
Sinuses are nothing but an empty space or a cavity in general.Sinus what we commanly use related to headaches are the cavities in the facial bones .

Now what is sinusitis?
Itis = any infectious condition is reperesented as itis
Sinusitis is the condition where in these airpockects are infected and get inflammed causing pain in that perticular area.
Generally they will show positional head aches.Which means just when you change the position i.e even if you bend your head the headaches aggravates or flares up.

Sinus can be simply described as small aircavities or pockets with a duct and a opening into nasal cavities.
Basically they are paired.There are four pairs of sinuses in the bones of teh face.

1) Frontal Sinus:
-Located just below the eyebrows and at teh starting of the nose.
-When the frontal sinus gets effected there will be head ache in both the sides of the fore head called temples of the head.

2)Maxillary Sinus:
-They are also 2 in number and located just below the cheek and on either sides of the nose.
-Here there will be pain and tenderness in the cheek area and one will feel the headache and that ache will be felt all over the face and upper jaw.

3)Ethamoidal Sinus:
-They are 2 in number
-Located behind the eyes.
-The headche causes by these sinus will mimic those caused due to vision problems[Refractive errors like long or short sightedness]
-Here you can also observe post-nasal drip that is,the mucus will pass through the back of your mouth that is it slides down the throat.

4)Sphenoidal sinus:
-They are also 2 in number.
-Located behind the ethamoidal sinus.Here one will feel the pain deep behind the eys.Heaviness of the eyes.

All the sinuses have a body just like a pouch then neck andduct with a outlet opening to the nasal cavities.They are line with a smooth surface of mucosa[inner most smooth layer] similar to that of the nasal cavity.They also have tiny hair called cilia.This helps in trapping dust and other foreign particals from entering airpassages.The dust and other particles are traped and then pushed with mucous to the nasal cavity and then thrown out.This is the normal diffence mechanism of the body.When they get infected and swollen the outflow of the entrapped particles remains within causing painful condition.

-Head ache which are mainly positional
-Tenderness in the infected sinus are
-occasionally discolouration near the tender sinuses
-applying presuure and massages in those regeions[Increases the blood supply to that area]
-The headaches here subsides by sleeping,taking hot substances,applying hot pads over the tender sinuses
-Usually accompanied with comman cold or other respiratory infections,cough etc.
-Bad breath
-Nasal congestions

-Most of the time DNS[deviated nasal septum=Cruked nose bridge]
-Repeted respiratory tract infection
-Allergic rhinitis
-Allergic conditions.
All of tehse contribute to the occurance of sinusitis.

Tests by which its identified or diagnosed:
-Sinus transillumination tests
-Simple test like tapping over the sinus, there will be tenderness
-CT scans.

Home remedies:
-Mainly ocurs when one exposes to breezy wind ,cold weather,Consumes chilled food items etc.
-Care must be taken to avoid cold and other respiratory infections.
-Eat or drink evrything which is hot .This will give a bit of releif and prevent from further damage
-Salt water gargling i.e with rock salt dissolevd in luke warm water and gargling must be done atleast 2-3 time per day.This will act as disinfectent,remove fowl smell and open up and cleanse the passage by causing counter irritation
-consuming herbs like rosemarry,thyme then ginger and horseraddish is beneficial.
-Keep yourself warm covered with warm clothes
-Dhooma pana with turmeric is the best ayurvedic treatment for this.Method to be done is as follows:-
Take a burning charcoal and add turmeric dries roots to it and blow wind this will make turmeric to emmit smoke when burnt.Inhake this fumes
Or else Simply burn the turmeric in gas and take the fumes.This can be supplimented with turmeric powder also.

-Instilling one drop of Anuthailam each to each nostril daily early morning or late evenings prevents the occurance of sinusitis.Also a good medicine for all types of head ache.But befor instillation.place this in hot water for about 30 sec then apply

-Take vapours using eucalyptus oil of about 3-4 drops in a vessel containing boiling hot water and covering yourself and vessel below so that the steam vapours donot escape.This relieves teh nasal congestion and any block, clears teh passage and helps in out flow of trapped particles in sinus.

-Intake of chitrakarista 3tsp 3 times a day with a drop of honey stired each time,Septiline ds[himalaya company]-2 tablets a day

-Avoid fried foods,fat and heavy foods,curds during the process.

-Drink hot water sip by sip very often

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Some hints to control kidney stones or stones related to urinary tract.

This is one of the comman complaint what most of the people face in present days.There are many causes for this problem of stones.There are various varities of stones.They may be uric acid crystals,calcium oxalate crystals,Cystine stones and many more varities of stones.The problem of urinary calculi is more comman in males than in females.The ratio is 3:1.

The urinary stones are of different sizes and shapes.They may be samll as sand or large as a marble.They may have smooth surface or a cutting edge and rough.The small stones of the size of about-4-5 cmm pass of easily and requires no medication.They may even remain unidentified of a long time.But those larger and with irregular surface often causses pain when they dislocate from its position ,and when thrown out of the body.

Causes and measures for thier prevention:
-First and most comman cause is reduced intake of water.Most of us do not take enough amount of water.An healthy indivisual should consume atleast 2-3 litres of water in a day.So this should be the first step to be taken to avoid the reccurance and even as a prevention for urinary stones.One who are already facing the problem i advice them to increase the volume of water intake to atleast 2-3 times from before.

-IF one with holds the urge of urination and retains it in the bladder for long time in due course it will result in the formation of Calculi[stone].This may be due to work or circumstances.This is a bad habbit and causes various other problems like pain in the lower abdomen,infections of urinary tract,headache etc.Hence never try to with hold the urge of micturation for too long.


Next consuming execcive salt and mineral rich diet.Lemme tell you excess of anything is always harmful.So reduce intake of such food articles.Take a balanced diet.

Execive intake of green leafy vegetables which are rich sources of calcium and many otherminerals and salt is not advisable,Cabbage must be avoided as much as possible.Even cucumber should not be taken too much.Once in 10-15 days is ok.


Ask pateint to take excessive fluids in his diet,barley water is a very good medicine.

-Following a sedentary life style is also a cause for the urinary calculi

-The risk increases in those who comsume lots of legumes and pulses and also those who take it very often.


The juice extracted from the stem of banana plant is the best medicine.It crushed the stones and removes it out from the tract and eliminates it out from the body.The reason is its rich in fibers and has got a medicinal property to crush the stones.
The stem of banana plant taken in any form is very helpful in this case..Even the juice from the roots of banana plant is beneficial
- consuming banana daily also acts as a preventive measure.

-Even the atmospheric conditiond contribute to the formation of stones.Eg- living in tropical regions,i.e-where the temperature is very high there the concentration of uric acid increases and exessive sweat leads to reduction of water levels in the body.If the person does'nt take enough water it will leads to stones formation in the urinary tract.

-People working in mines are much prone to such problems.

-People working in office with AC will naturally tend to sweat less and inturn lead to reduced intake of water which also leads to this problem again.

-Exessive intake of spicy food and sodium rich food is also a cause for this

- intake of execess of salt in the diet is also harmful.

-Avoid execcive intake of non vegetarian food ,spicy food and sour tastes in food.
-There is an execellent medicine in ayurveda for this problem.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Veggie Secrets

Today i will write some secrets about the vegetables.These vegetables not only satisfy our hunger but are also rich sources of vitamins ,various minerals and Salts.Adding to it in Ayurveda we say there is not plant which has no medicinal values.Similarly the todays topic.Here i will be saying the medicinal properties of various vegetables and fruits.

Botanical name:-Zingiber officinale

-Helps in cough
-good medicine for indigetion
-helps in abdominal distention and gas problems
-helps to liquify the solid sputum[flem]
-Good for comman cold
-Increases appitite and taste senstion
-Good if taken during fever.
-tea out of ginger root prevents morning sickness in pregnant woman,It also helps in heart burn in pregnants
-when chewed raw prevents the onset of motion sickness
-Produce execcive perspiration.Hence helps in fever condition to regulate and check the body temperature from rising

2.Garlic:[ Botanical name-Allium sativum; Family -Liliaceae]

- Kills cholestrol
-helps in maintaining a healthy heart
-acts as anti-helmentric[worms]
-Acts as analgesic to little extent
-Increases appitite
-Clears tongue and increases taste sensation
-anti microbial
-anti bacterial
-anti parasitic
-increases tones of intestine and helps in problems related to this like loose stools etc
-helps in good digestion of even heavy foods
-helps in all gastro-intestinal disorders
-helps in good functioning of liver,galbladder and stomach
-helps in bronchitis,sinus,comman and viral colds
-helps in reducing increased level of blood sugar
-helps in High blood pressure and is usually recommended
-in athero sclerosis[colestrol related problems
-helpful in most varities of viral infections
-used in migraine and other head aches
-helps in removal of corn[place it over the corn and allow it to stay there by bandaging for 1/2 day/12 hrs]


-Good source of iron,helps in increasing heamoglobin
-Helps in indigestion
-Helps in cough and comman cold


-Helps in mild hypertention
-rich source of sodium

5.mint leaves:

-helps in bad breath
-Helps in abdominal discomforts
-gas disturbance in the stomach
_Pain abdomen
-Activates the appitite
-Kills unwanted bacterial growth


-helps in bad breath
-Increasing appitite
-Helps in weight reduction
-Helps in indigetion
-Helps in fluid rebalance
-Helps in muscle cramps

7.Coriander leaves:

-Good for eye sight
-Helps fast hairgrowth when applied to scalp
-Rich source of iron
coriander seeds-
-helps in abdomial discomfort due to gaseous distention
-relieves pain
-increases appitite
-anti spasmodic
-helps in indigestion.increases digestion
-increases urin out put
-helpful in burning sensation during the process of urination[burning micturation]
-also a wormicidal action
-gives a very good relief in joint disorders including rhematism when applied to the painful joints
-used in eye disorders
-used for washing the skin in skin disorders like eczema
-cosmetic purpose

8.Curry leaves:

-Helps in killing cholestrol
_kills fat when taken in empty stomach
_Helps in diebetes
-Increases Heamoglobin percentage in blood


-helps in urinary tract infections
-Good when taken during jaundice
-cooling effect
-kidney and bladder diseases
-diseases related to stomach and intestine
-in conditions like cold,cough,bronchitis its very helpful
-its also used as anthelmintics i.e in different ttypes of worm trobles
-helpful in skin problems
-gives a clean glow to the face
helps in pimples and various other raktha pradoshaja vikara.
-its very light for digestion,hence best diet during conditions like fever and cold also.
-kidney stone [urinary calculus]
-used in daibetes
-also helps to relieve diarrhoea and the pain which is caused as a side effect.


-used in worms{anti-helmentic]
-helps in spasmodic pain to a little extent
-helps in heart problems to a little extent
-increases out put of urine
-increases the milk secretion in a lactating mother{galactogauge]
-helps in eliminating stools out properly as its rich fibrous vegetable
-helps in liver conditions
-helps to increase heamoglobin which inturn treats aneamia
-increases the appitite
-rich source of glucose hence helps in relieving fatigue
-helps in boosting immune system
-acts as tonic when consumed with honey
-very beneficial when taken with milk in case of comman cold.
-beneficial in problems related to gastro intestinal tract i.e- all stomach and intestine related cases
-acts as a tonic and helps the liver,pancreas and kidney to performthier function properly
-anti helmentic
-improves and corrects visionary errors and ,helps in good eye sight
-Helps in constipation as its a rich source of fibres
-recommended in cases of hemorroids


-used in urinary tract infection
-increases urine out put
-used in worms
-helps in releiving pain to a little extent
-it stimulates the secretions of digestive juices,hence helps in easy digestion
-good dietory suppliment in weight watchers diets
-rich source of potasium hence helps in swelling and other cases of water retention
-rich source of water hence helps in dehyration cases
-its cool by nature and suppose to produce calming effect over the nervous system.
-helps in cough which is dry and reccurant in nature
-helps in stones in urinary system
-helps in eye irritations


-helps in releivingspasmodic type of pain
-calms down mental tentions and worries,helps in reduces sleep condition and favours sound sleep
-diuretics[increases urine out put]
-increases milk secreations in a lactating mother
-reduces the gastric secretions and helps in acidity of stomach/gastritis
-used as eye wash in eye discomforts ,conjunctivitis

13.Parsley:[Botanical name-petroselinum;family-Umbilliferae]

-helps in relieving pain as it has anesthetic action
-anti spasmodic
-increases the hunger and appetite
-increases urine out put
-increases digestion
-helful in urinary tract diseases
-hepful in hear realted diseases
-helps in bad breath
-helps in gum inflamatins and cleanses mouth and renders freshness
-helpful in stomach and digestive tract disorders
-relieves thirst
-as it stimulates the utrine musclesw helps in menstuation and regulates the menstrual cycle
-helpful in diabetis to a little extent
-imroves vision
-juice of parsley with lemon juice helps in removing freklesand various other skin pigmentations
-helpful in skin disorders

14.Rasberry:[botanical name-Rubus strigosus;family-Rosaceae]

-anti bacterial
-good tonic
-increases appitite
-tea of rasberry helps in comman cold,fever
-it helps in quick recovery of diseases of stomach and intestine
-helps in diarrhoea
-increases hb%
-helps in respiratory disorders
-acne problems[both internally and externally]
-prevents baldness and premature greying of hair
-rasberry leaves act as a tonic when taken during the course of pregnancy


-Fennel seeds are used to prepare tea which helps to reduce morning sickness in pregnant ladies

16.Sage:[Botanical name-Salvia officinalis;family- Labiatae]

-used for sore throat [decoction form]
-anti septic action,hence helps in wound healing
-anti spasmodic
-helps in productive cough as an expectorant.
-used in female sterility
-usually in diseases of upper respiratory tract and oral problems
-in tonsillitis,laryngitis,gum infection
-bad breath
- in skin diseases
-in conditions of hair loss exeternal application of sage is beneficial
-its used to decrease the milk secretion in nursing mothers.
- helps in digestion
-gastric problems
-inflamation of gastero intestinal tracts
-should be AVOIDED during pregnancy


Botanical name:- Thymus serpellum/T.vulgaris
part used for medicinal purpose- Arial.[everything above the ground]

-whooping cough
-tooth pain
-for joint pains[used in bath]
-Infungal and other skin diseases its quite useful
-used in cough,bronchitis,asthama[as expectorant]
-stomach pain,indigestion,stomach infections
-most commanly used for bedwetting and diarrhoea in kids
-In condition like dandruff [externally]

19.Bay leaves:

Botanical name:- Cocculus indicus

-used for travel sickness

20.Okra [ladies finger]

-This ia vegetable rich in vitamin B and C
-Rich in folic acid
-Rich source of iron
-Increases the Memory power
-Helps in good memory and brain development in kids
-It helps in easy delivery if taken during the course of pregnancy
-Rich source of fibres,and starch