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Monthly problem?

Painful menstuation (dismenorrhoea) is the most comman problem what most of the girls and ladies are facing.Here today i will quote some easy benefiting remedies for such problems.
There are basically 5 types of vata's as per ayurveda.All 5 have different functions in different parts of the body.Thus when there are maintained in a state of equlibrium the body will function properly.But when this balance is lost not only the vata but also the pitta and khapa it leads to ill health or other problems in the body.
In this condition apaana vayu is effected.This has the role in lower half of the body basically.Expulsion of the wastes is done by apana vayu.Not only this even delivery of a baby all other important functions are cariied away by this variety of vata.Here urdvagathi of vayu takes place leading to pain in the groin region and also uneasiness in the lower abdomen region.So main intention of our treatment is towards correction of apana vayu.


1.Just before the menstruation starts i.e about 1 week before, one can take chandra prabha vati that is twice daily,With a cup of warm milk

2.Befor 10 days start taking ashokaristam once- 3 tsp with equal amount of water before sleeping.This will act as a uterine tonic.

3.During the time of mensus pain -Take about 1 inch piece of jaggery with warm water,twice a day.This will give instant energy to bear the pain and also has the medicinal value
4.Take about a pinch of hing in a pan, add2 drops of ghee in it and slightly roast it for 1 min under low heat.Then take a well riped banana and slight into half, place this hing in the middle and as the patient to eat it in empty stomach,followed buy a cup of warm water.

5.There is a plant that is called as ishwari moola (Sanskrit). Its very bitter in taste.One must grate it in raw milk as we do with the chandan The paste of this root of about 1 tsp is given to the patient in empty stomach early morning .This also helps the patient.

6.Taking 2 tsp of pudina ie mint puree also helps to reduce the pain as well as blotting senstion .


Vani said…
What a nice blog you have, with herbal remedies, Sowmya! Will be back for more! :)
Asha said…
That's great help.I am going through PMS right now! I will try the jaggery.Thanks Sowmya.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Thanks Vani and Asha for dropping by my blogs.Well i'll be publishing more remedies.So keep visiting and take ful benefits out of it.Enjoy..
jayakarthik said…
hey wonderful doc
thanks for the remedies
sounds simple
but wont jaggery increase the flow?
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi jayakarthik.Thanks for visiting my blog.Well the jaggery wont increase the flow.Here i have asked to take about a inch or two of jaggery.Its a rich source of iron,calcium and has a cooling effect.Its an instant source of energy as it has the simple level of glucose which the body can absorb directly and give instant energy.
USHA said…

Really very informative and useful post.Most of the ladies suffer from menstrual pain and stress, this will be more beneficial to all ladies.

Thanks for your service .
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Usha.thanks for visiting my blog.There are many more to come.So keep visiting and do lemme know if you would like to know on a topic.Thanks
Vcuisine said…
Sowmya, this is one of my favourite subject, very nice to read the home remedies. Will keep visiting. Though we know the medicinal benefits of our herbs we never use it often. This will benefit everyone. Thanks. Viji
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Viji.Thanks for visiting by and writing your comment here.Well i will do my best to give my best here.Keep visiting and drop your precious comments.
swapna said…
hai soumya

what a wonderful blog u have is very helpful for every body..thanks a lot doctor..:-)
i have one q..i am getting periods late when i stay in cold countries..if i am in India it is fine..but after coming to us..i am getting my periods it because of the weather?can u please tell me?thanku so much...:-)
Anonymous said…
Hello Dr. Bhat,
Very informative site... lots of useful tips too. Could you please post something on medication/foods to be avoided/remedies for a bloated stomach/flatulence/gas problems etc?
Thanks .
Anonymous said…
Hello Dr. Bhat,
Very informative site... lots of useful tips too. Could you please post something on medication/foods to be avoided/remedies for a bloated stomach/flatulence/gas problems etc?
Thanks .
shilpa said…
You have a great blog here and this is one of the most useful post. I have a doubt...where to get the chandra praba vati, shokaristam here? are they available in Indian stores?
I will be a regular to this blog hereafter. Thanks and keep up the good job.
If you don't mind, can u pls post some remedies for migraine?
Thanks a lot.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi swapna,
Thanks for dropping by and posting your comment and queries here.Well i would like to interact with you all here.most of the times due to change of climate and even the environment creates lot of hormonal as well as various other chemical changes in the body.All these are common during winter and cold areas.Even if the cycles delay by + or - 4-5 days its considered as normal.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there,
I will be posting your request in my future post.Thanks for your request.I will be glad to give my opinion and help you people with your problems.Will surely consider this and post at the earliest.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi shilpa,
Yup you are right.We get most of the medicines in the Indian store here.I have seen some tablets here.Not all.Most of the aristam including ashokaristam we get in our Indian stores.
Manjula said…
Hi Dr. Sowmya,

I did not knew about this blog until u commented on my recipe. I am so thankful to you for that. I would have missed out so much.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Manjula,
Thanks.Im putting forth a bit of afforts to give my best here.Keep visiting as tehre is much more intresting facts and hits comming up.
toddler said…
Is there are medicine for monorhea? My bhabi who is presently under dialysis due o CRF hgas been sufferng form Monorhea since a couple of years and even after so mnay medicines she is still having nos stop period.Any solution?
Sajith said…
dear sumya,
it is a nice work.hope full ayurveda will b in blog.all the best
dr sajith
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hey Sajith,
Do i know you?where you my senior by any chance.thanks..
Anonymous said…
Hi Soumya,
weight loss ge enadroo ideas kodthra please....
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hmm well this is a comman problem.will you like a medicine ayurvedic or natural homeremedies.
I will post it soon for you.So keep checking,
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hmm well this is a comman problem.will you like a medicine ayurvedic or natural homeremedies.
I will post it soon for you.So keep checking,
Sundari Kamath said…
Hi Soumya,
I just have one question? How does Ashokarishtam help in Monthly cycles. what is the effect of taking it everyday.
swathi said…
Hi Dr. Sowmya

it is really very informative blog and its actually proud for me to know thar this blog belongs to somebody from udupi origin becaz i belong to udupi....congrts sowmya for ur excellent blog....

i wanted to know is there any medication or homeremedies to regularise ur mothly cycle....iam having very very irregular periods...
Anonymous said…
Hey Sowmya,
Thanks for this. Any medicines to regularize the periods. My periods are generally irregular and these days just for 2 days.I am just 25 years old.
Pradnya Rakesh said…

Can ashokarishta be taken while trying to conceive after ovulation ?

Anonymous said…
Hi Dr.Soumya,
Thanks alot for sharing valuable home remedies for day to day problems. Can you please share some home remedies in ayurveda to conceive? I had chocolate cyst and got it removed thru laproscopy. Now everything seems to be fine, but I am not able to conceive.
sumi said…
hi my problem is very critical,my period is unreguler
SK Kamani said…
hello Dr. soumya
thank u very much for sharing such a helpfull remedies..its my first visit to yr site and will continue inshah allah.....thank u again...
Chetana Hegde said…
Hello Soumya, hi!

I am glad that I visited this blog through AR blog and then through your HS blog... This is my 1st comment on either of them...
The 1st thing that appeals to me a lot in this blog is it's background slight picture and it's colours... They are cool, I mean very soothing... It looks deep... Whether you chose it coz of the same reason or not, you have to let me know...
2nd thing is content.. They are informative too...
Glad that you have a blogspot....
However there is 1 thing annoying for me... This is not just for your blog or any other, it is something related to all written material for me... I just dislike spelling mistakes, hate grammatical mistakes, missed punctuations... It actually takes me away from the reading material.. Be it newspapers, text books, story books/novels, e-article, and so on... I, but, come to a compromising point to myself consoling that if the content is good beyond all the above mentioned mistakes or sins :D (nothing offensive please, don't mind) whether knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive the writer... But to be frank, it might take away many readers away too.... There are older blogs compared to yours and some newer blogs compared to yours (sorry for comparing, but at times it is required to assure the quality you see, I am sure you understand my stand on this) but very popular.. In other words, many readers.... I am also sure that this blog is something that relaxes you and close to your heart and is for your satisfaction first and then other things, nevertheless, (I know how busy you must be, I totally understand as I also have a toddler) I feel you should take care of what I have had to mention... Proof reading is very very important... Trust me, this aspect will make your blog perfect...
I hope you take my concern in the right spirit....
It is nothing meant to be personal, or offensive, buy my words, I mean it...
I am definitely glad about the information that you have provided. I hardly have any doubts about their authenticity... I also believe in these invaluable knowledge of our ancient times...
Take care, and be you more busy with your super super naught kid :D

sushmita said…
Hi, soumya. am 32 weeks pregnant and my cervical length has got reduced to 22mm. is there any way that ayurveda suggest to either increase the length moreover am scared of preterm delivery. i want a normal delivery. suggst some ayurveda tips for the above.
Anonymous said…
Hi Dr.Sowmya..
Thanks alot for sharing home remedies for day today problems..
Is there any problem for pregnency if we use the ashokarishtam regularly..? please advice..

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