Thursday, January 4, 2007

Some hints to control kidney stones or stones related to urinary tract.

This is one of the comman complaint what most of the people face in present days.There are many causes for this problem of stones.There are various varities of stones.They may be uric acid crystals,calcium oxalate crystals,Cystine stones and many more varities of stones.The problem of urinary calculi is more comman in males than in females.The ratio is 3:1.

The urinary stones are of different sizes and shapes.They may be samll as sand or large as a marble.They may have smooth surface or a cutting edge and rough.The small stones of the size of about-4-5 cmm pass of easily and requires no medication.They may even remain unidentified of a long time.But those larger and with irregular surface often causses pain when they dislocate from its position ,and when thrown out of the body.

Causes and measures for thier prevention:
-First and most comman cause is reduced intake of water.Most of us do not take enough amount of water.An healthy indivisual should consume atleast 2-3 litres of water in a day.So this should be the first step to be taken to avoid the reccurance and even as a prevention for urinary stones.One who are already facing the problem i advice them to increase the volume of water intake to atleast 2-3 times from before.

-IF one with holds the urge of urination and retains it in the bladder for long time in due course it will result in the formation of Calculi[stone].This may be due to work or circumstances.This is a bad habbit and causes various other problems like pain in the lower abdomen,infections of urinary tract,headache etc.Hence never try to with hold the urge of micturation for too long.


Next consuming execcive salt and mineral rich diet.Lemme tell you excess of anything is always harmful.So reduce intake of such food articles.Take a balanced diet.

Execive intake of green leafy vegetables which are rich sources of calcium and many otherminerals and salt is not advisable,Cabbage must be avoided as much as possible.Even cucumber should not be taken too much.Once in 10-15 days is ok.


Ask pateint to take excessive fluids in his diet,barley water is a very good medicine.

-Following a sedentary life style is also a cause for the urinary calculi

-The risk increases in those who comsume lots of legumes and pulses and also those who take it very often.


The juice extracted from the stem of banana plant is the best medicine.It crushed the stones and removes it out from the tract and eliminates it out from the body.The reason is its rich in fibers and has got a medicinal property to crush the stones.
The stem of banana plant taken in any form is very helpful in this case..Even the juice from the roots of banana plant is beneficial
- consuming banana daily also acts as a preventive measure.

-Even the atmospheric conditiond contribute to the formation of stones.Eg- living in tropical regions,i.e-where the temperature is very high there the concentration of uric acid increases and exessive sweat leads to reduction of water levels in the body.If the person does'nt take enough water it will leads to stones formation in the urinary tract.

-People working in mines are much prone to such problems.

-People working in office with AC will naturally tend to sweat less and inturn lead to reduced intake of water which also leads to this problem again.

-Exessive intake of spicy food and sodium rich food is also a cause for this

- intake of execess of salt in the diet is also harmful.

-Avoid execcive intake of non vegetarian food ,spicy food and sour tastes in food.
-There is an execellent medicine in ayurveda for this problem.