Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monthly problem?

Painful menstuation (dismenorrhoea) is the most comman problem what most of the girls and ladies are facing.Here today i will quote some easy benefiting remedies for such problems.
There are basically 5 types of vata's as per ayurveda.All 5 have different functions in different parts of the body.Thus when there are maintained in a state of equlibrium the body will function properly.But when this balance is lost not only the vata but also the pitta and khapa it leads to ill health or other problems in the body.
In this condition apaana vayu is effected.This has the role in lower half of the body basically.Expulsion of the wastes is done by apana vayu.Not only this even delivery of a baby all other important functions are cariied away by this variety of vata.Here urdvagathi of vayu takes place leading to pain in the groin region and also uneasiness in the lower abdomen region.So main intention of our treatment is towards correction of apana vayu.


1.Just before the menstruation starts i.e about 1 week before, one can take chandra prabha vati that is twice daily,With a cup of warm milk

2.Befor 10 days start taking ashokaristam once- 3 tsp with equal amount of water before sleeping.This will act as a uterine tonic.

3.During the time of mensus pain -Take about 1 inch piece of jaggery with warm water,twice a day.This will give instant energy to bear the pain and also has the medicinal value
4.Take about a pinch of hing in a pan, add2 drops of ghee in it and slightly roast it for 1 min under low heat.Then take a well riped banana and slight into half, place this hing in the middle and as the patient to eat it in empty stomach,followed buy a cup of warm water.

5.There is a plant that is called as ishwari moola (Sanskrit). Its very bitter in taste.One must grate it in raw milk as we do with the chandan The paste of this root of about 1 tsp is given to the patient in empty stomach early morning .This also helps the patient.

6.Taking 2 tsp of pudina ie mint puree also helps to reduce the pain as well as blotting senstion .

Folklore medication for dandruff and many more hair related problems

Dandruff is the most commonest complaint what most of us are suffering from.There are many causes for this.
- dry scalp
- infection of the scalp
-fungal; infection due to unhyginic condition
-use of strong chemicals
-using some others comb
-unhyginic condition
-greasiness of hair and scalp which in turn gives shealter to the dirt and other bacteria to grow.....
Many more causes


1.The best said folklore treatment is application of the paste of onion to the scalp and keep it for about 30-60 minutes

2.Application of the paste of neem leaves.

3.Soak dried methi seeds in water overnight and then make a paste of this and apply it to the scalp.This not only helps in danruff conditions but also helps in hairfall and also helps in new hairgrowth and leaves back the shiny nature of hair and make haircolour black

4.Application of aloevera pulp is also beneficial

5.Paste of hibiscus also helps in strenghtening the hair roots and removed dead cells in the scalp.

6.Application of sour curds acts as a conditioner and also helps in dandruff

7.Take a cup of sour buttermilk to it add powdered gooseberry then allow it to soak for 5-10 mins .Apply this to the scalp and keep for 20 mins.this helps a lot.

8.Internally i advice to take nimbadi guggulu and arogyavardhini rasa.This will be a complete treatment.
9.Mear application of coconut oil is also a good medication
10.avoid using heavy conditioner,and strong shampoos.
11.application of limejuice to the scalp in every 15 days cures this problem .This should be done atleast for 4-6 times to get a beneficial result.
12.Try using cleaned comb always after heat bath.
13.Apply luke warm oil always to the scalp and massage gently for about 10 mins in circular fashion and then apply all the above pastes for better and quick results.

14.Make a dilute tea decoction add lemon juice with peals and bring to a boil.After cleaning your hair wash with this liquid .This prevents greying of hair and also gives natural shine to the hair.
15.a cup of warm milk added with a spoon ful of honey taken during the bed time helps in a sound sleep and also leads to jet blackand thick hair.

16.Application of thick paste of mint with little tulsi to the scalp after oilingshows very good results in case of dandruff and leads to sound sleep also.
17.Fresh leaves of coriander should be blended into a paste using water and applied to the scalp and hair once in a week atleast.This shows wonderful results in case of hairfall.It leave sthe hair colour darkblack,and even shiny.

18.Application of lemon juice to scalp ie clean scalp also proves beneficial.Ie. should be done next day of hair wash

19.application of dhurdoora patra thailam is very beneficial .

Hair care with hibiscus

All of us are facing the problem with hairfall,lack of shine and nourishment to the hair,lusterless hair etc.....
Well friends here is a easy remedy to all of you with this problems.

Step 1:
-1st of all friends take some oil ,i prefer coconut oil in a small cup and keep in over a boiling water for 5 mins till the oilbecomes slightly warm.
-then take a cotton swab and dip it in the warm oil and then seperate your hair follicles in vertical and horizontal strips and apply the oil to the scalp.
- after this with the finger tips massage the scalp slowly and gently in circular fashion for 10 mins.
-Then comb you rhair gently for about 5 mins .

This increases the blood supply to the scalp and also helps in uniformly oiling your scalp.

Step 2:
-Take some fresh tender leaves and flowers of hibiscus( any type).
-Then wash and clean the leaves, bleand into a thick paste by adding enough water.
-Then apply it to the scalp and then to entire hair ,keep this mixture in the hair for 15 mins and then take bath.
-First pour about 3-4 mugs of water and allow the hair to soften.Then slowly rince the hair with only warm water then go for mild shampoo or any thing of your choise.

Aloevera can aalso be added here.This gives an extra conditionering effect to your hair.
You will see the effect in 1 st wash itself.
Continue the same for every wash for better results or atleast once in a week or 15 days.

Quick solutions for skin problems

Most of the youngsters and middle aged people are worried about thier looks,skin texture today i shall reveal some secrets about the skin care.

There are several cause for the skin to loose its normal moisture which inturn leaves the skin dry,without its normal glow,discoloured...and so on.

-Wash you face evry now and then with cold water.

-Do not use soaps always as it tends to destroy the normal oil glands and leaves the skin dry.

-Besan powder is the best for the oily fase .Make a paste out of besan and then use this as a face wash.

-The water what we get while breaking coconut is really a good face wash for people who are much exposed to dustpollution and sunrays.Once you come from the work or colleges,rinse your face properly with normal water splash water ,then take this coconut water and gently rinse your skin.This prevents skin tanning and also discolouration.

For marks& scars:

-Paste made up of mint leaf of about 1 tsp,1 tsp lemon juice,maida and milk.All mixed together and form a uniform smooth paste and apply this as a face pack and retain it for 15 mins .Then rince with luke warm water.

For marks and glow:
-Daily application of fresh milkcream1tsp with 1/2 tsp of honey and pinch of turmeric.All mixed and applied like a face pack helps to regain the normal glow,reduces the marks and scars .Makes the skin moist and smooth,also helps in improving complextion.

---Application of aloevera pulp with a pinch of salt and turmeric helps in cleansing the skin and moisturises the skin.
---Aloevera pulp helps in removing the suntans

---Properly riped banan should be squesed properly,add 3 drops of honey and then mix.Apply this as a thick face pack.Daily application helps in improving the complexion,glow,softens the skin,removes sun burns.

---Tomato pulp squeesed and applied as a face pack helps in removing marks

--- Prepare apaste out of milkcream and fresh turmeric helps to improve the complextion and brings a glow,it also removes teh unwanted facial hairs

----Daily in take of soaked badam and raisens improves the blood circulation,leads to a clear complextion,and brings natural glow.

---Curds ia a natural conditioner,when applied with honey it helps in mourishing the skin,improves the colour,gioves a cooling effect.

-----Simple ghee also can be applied for about 10-15 mins for soft skin. To be done once in 15 days to retain normal health of the skin.This also helps in growth of new cells.

----sugar mixed with curds apply and give a gentle scrub.It removes the dead cells and allows the skin to breath.this should

---Lime luice and turmeric are the natural bleches.So when used with besan as a face pack give a similar effect in due course.

---Juice extracted from potato grates mixed with besan/multhani mitti can help in removing sun tan.Should be done for atleast 3 days to see the better results.

----Dry and powder the peal of oranges .Then make a paste out of this using milk and apply this for once a week.this helps in restoring the normal glow.Its a good face pack which is quite easy and has no side effects.

---Pulp of properly riped papaya is also beneficial for moisturising the skin.

---consuming atleast 2 lts of water daily is a natural way of keeping the skin moist adn glowing.

--Simple application of Rose water helps in cleansing the skin and acts as a skin tonner.

--Face pack of multhani mitti,pinch of turmeric,rose water,2 drops of lemon juice is the best way to give a lift up to your skin,and remove excessive greasiness from your skin.This makes you look and feel fresher.Gives a cooling effect.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Muscle cramps or spasmodic pains

Friends this is the commenest problem which most of us have experienced atleast once.So today ill be dealing with some remedies.
1.Due to execcesive use of that part, in simple words i call it stain of that perticular group of muscles.Because of this the lactic acid will be secreted and gets accumulated in that group of muscles resulting in pain.
eg: occasionally when you dance or play badmenton after long time all these are the most comman condition which one might have experienced
2.Unwanted posture
3.without any cause some times
4.Due to food habbits the heat in the body rises that is - if you indulge in food habbits which increases vata ,or food habbits like execss of spices,much of dry food etc.

These are some causes which are very commanly experienced.There are many other such causes.

1.Simple dhanvanthari vati or the tablets which are commanly called vayu matra, will help here .But i recommend to crush it and mix with hot milk and add cane sugar to this and taken after having the first morcel of food with ghee.
2.One must use more of ghee and milk during the course.
3.TAke equal amount say about 2tsp each of coriander seeds, cumin seeds add roast them dry and coarsely powder them and prepare a decoction using 2 cups of milk, jaggery, and chrushed 2 dhanvanthara vati.Boil under very low temperature for some time till the decoction reduces to 1/2 cup.then add 1 tsp ghee to this and bring to aboil and then drain it thro' a clean cloth and drink this twice a day.This acts as a very good remidy for the burning sensation in the stomach also.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Alovera as a medicine

Aloevera is a plant with many synonyms.Its very useful in female and the diseases related to female hence the name ''Kumari''.Aloevera is a plant which is gaining its atmost popularity now a days.No only in a cosmetic field but also in the field of pharmasuetics also.This is a catus like plant with thorn at edges of the leave which is very pulpy in the centre.This plant is of real great value friends.I insist you all to keep a pot of aloevera in your house.This can also act as your first aid kit .

Medicinal values:

1.The pulp of the leaf is of great value.It helps in immidiate blood clotting in cuts and wound.Best medicine to stop bleeding.
2.This is also used in burning sensation due to sun burn etc
3.Also can be applied over the face as a face pack .This increases the glow and reduces the marks and clears the face.
4.This acts as a conditioner when applied to the hair.
5 Acts as anti dandruff when pulp is applied to the scalp.
6.Helps in regulating menstrual cycles in women{2tsp}.
7.If taken before 1 week of the actual date of mensus it can also help in preponing the mensusu in many women.
8.Good if applied to the centre of scalp in case of Jaundice.
9.Kashaya prepared out of this can be taken internally for any liver disorder.
10.Kumari asava is a ayurvedic drug which is used in many condition like anemia, jaundice,worm infestations and many more.
Thus there are many more used of kumari/Aloevera.

Method of extraction of the pulp from the leaves:
1.Take a leaf and wash it properly.Now trim out the thorns at the edges of the leaf.
2.Now remove the upper green portion of cuticle of the leaftill you see the transparent pulp.
3.Now scoop it out with the butter knife or scrape it with the help of spoon.
4.Wash it and add pinch off turmeric to it and use as said above.

-----Pulp of aloevera can do wonders in burning senastions of the eye.
-Remove the pulp out of a washed cleaned aloevera.This procedure must be performed in a dark room where there is no noise and dust.
-Ask the patient to sleep in supine posture /staight.Then place a piece of clean white cloth or a thin gauze piece over the closed lid.
-Then put the pulp of aloevera[ kumari] over the cloth.
-This must be retained by the patient for about 20 mins.
-Then slowly remove the pulp and cloth.Slowly rub the lids with wet cotton.And ask the patient to open the eyes after keeping the rubbed palm over the lids for 100 counts.

Best medicine for loose motion

Here is a simple yet a powerful home remedy for your problem of loose stools
This mat occur due to many causes
3.Food poisoning
4.Irritable bowl syndrome
5.Ulcerative colitis
6.Execise consumption of food without proper chewing of the food and so on....

1.Pomegranate fruit is a well known tasty fruit with beautiful colour.This has a unique medicinal property.This fruit taken in any for acts as a instant medicine.May be as a juice, Or fruit as a whole.
2.For the best effect, a strong decoction of the sun dried peal of Pomegranate is good.

Take about 3,4 pieces of the dried peal and add about 2 cups of water to it and boil in a medium heat without closing the mouth of the vessel.Cane sugar or sugar grystals can be added about 2 cubes,and reduce this decoction to1/2 cup.consume this 1 hr after your meal.

3.The same dried peal can be even powdered and kept in a airtight container .This powder can be take with thick curds .Take about 1/2 tsp of this powder and add this to 1 cup thick curds and consume it in empty stomach.
4.The strong decoction of tea i.e black tea also helps to stop the loose stools.

5.Curds by itself is also a medicine.Note that i am speaking of fresh sweet curds that is prepared thatday it should not be sour, in all the above cases.

Dear friends note that loose stools should not be stopped untill and unless its severe.If you tend to pass the stools 3-4 times then donot go for these measure.Just take a bit of curds, then keep drinking lots of water and lime juice with sugar and pinch of salt diluted with water.

6.When the patient experiences stomach upset for more than 1 day then i recomment a special medicine.This is a folklore medication easy to prepare and yummy too,

-Take about 1 large onion,chop lenght wise into thin pieces
-Then in a pan add 2-3 tsp of ghee .
-when the ghee melts and becomes hot add these thinly scliced onions and fry till the turn slightly brown.
- ask the patient to eat this with the rice as a meal.Nothing else should be given.
- this will reduce the catching pain in the abdomen and also the frequency of passing the stools.
It will also boost up the energy of the patient.