Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Muscle cramps or spasmodic pains

Friends this is the commenest problem which most of us have experienced atleast once.So today ill be dealing with some remedies.
1.Due to execcesive use of that part, in simple words i call it stain of that perticular group of muscles.Because of this the lactic acid will be secreted and gets accumulated in that group of muscles resulting in pain.
eg: occasionally when you dance or play badmenton after long time all these are the most comman condition which one might have experienced
2.Unwanted posture
3.without any cause some times
4.Due to food habbits the heat in the body rises that is - if you indulge in food habbits which increases vata ,or food habbits like execss of spices,much of dry food etc.

These are some causes which are very commanly experienced.There are many other such causes.

1.Simple dhanvanthari vati or the tablets which are commanly called vayu matra, will help here .But i recommend to crush it and mix with hot milk and add cane sugar to this and taken after having the first morcel of food with ghee.
2.One must use more of ghee and milk during the course.
3.TAke equal amount say about 2tsp each of coriander seeds, cumin seeds add roast them dry and coarsely powder them and prepare a decoction using 2 cups of milk, jaggery, and chrushed 2 dhanvanthara vati.Boil under very low temperature for some time till the decoction reduces to 1/2 cup.then add 1 tsp ghee to this and bring to aboil and then drain it thro' a clean cloth and drink this twice a day.This acts as a very good remidy for the burning sensation in the stomach also.