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Folklore medication for dandruff and many more hair related problems

Dandruff is the most commonest complaint what most of us are suffering from.There are many causes for this.
- dry scalp
- infection of the scalp
-fungal; infection due to unhyginic condition
-use of strong chemicals
-using some others comb
-unhyginic condition
-greasiness of hair and scalp which in turn gives shealter to the dirt and other bacteria to grow.....
Many more causes


1.The best said folklore treatment is application of the paste of onion to the scalp and keep it for about 30-60 minutes

2.Application of the paste of neem leaves.

3.Soak dried methi seeds in water overnight and then make a paste of this and apply it to the scalp.This not only helps in danruff conditions but also helps in hairfall and also helps in new hairgrowth and leaves back the shiny nature of hair and make haircolour black

4.Application of aloevera pulp is also beneficial

5.Paste of hibiscus also helps in strenghtening the hair roots and removed dead cells in the scalp.

6.Application of sour curds acts as a conditioner and also helps in dandruff

7.Take a cup of sour buttermilk to it add powdered gooseberry then allow it to soak for 5-10 mins .Apply this to the scalp and keep for 20 mins.this helps a lot.

8.Internally i advice to take nimbadi guggulu and arogyavardhini rasa.This will be a complete treatment.
9.Mear application of coconut oil is also a good medication
10.avoid using heavy conditioner,and strong shampoos.
11.application of limejuice to the scalp in every 15 days cures this problem .This should be done atleast for 4-6 times to get a beneficial result.
12.Try using cleaned comb always after heat bath.
13.Apply luke warm oil always to the scalp and massage gently for about 10 mins in circular fashion and then apply all the above pastes for better and quick results.

14.Make a dilute tea decoction add lemon juice with peals and bring to a boil.After cleaning your hair wash with this liquid .This prevents greying of hair and also gives natural shine to the hair.
15.a cup of warm milk added with a spoon ful of honey taken during the bed time helps in a sound sleep and also leads to jet blackand thick hair.

16.Application of thick paste of mint with little tulsi to the scalp after oilingshows very good results in case of dandruff and leads to sound sleep also.
17.Fresh leaves of coriander should be blended into a paste using water and applied to the scalp and hair once in a week atleast.This shows wonderful results in case of hairfall.It leave sthe hair colour darkblack,and even shiny.

18.Application of lemon juice to scalp ie clean scalp also proves beneficial.Ie. should be done next day of hair wash

19.application of dhurdoora patra thailam is very beneficial .


Seema said…
Nice Nice. I like the way you have put in all the information with some small pics on the side. Dandruff is a very common problem and I should try one of these remedies soon
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Thanks Seema.Most of this are helpful .I have tried most of them myself.Im working on this,will let you know more about these.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi hare krishna.thanks For dropping a comment in my blog and going thro' the informations here
Anonymous said…
Have been to your blog a couple of times, but first time leaving a comment. Very useful blog you have here. Thanks for the information
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
hi there,
Im happy that you people find it informative.i would like to clear up your doughts and write somethings about your request.for the work to gfo on i would like your feedbacks .thank you
Anonymous said…
Hello Dr,

Masha Allah. Iam really happy to have found your blog in times of need. I hate alopathy and was searching for some home remedy for dandrfuff and hair fall. Will try yours, insha Allah. If you won mind, can you help me with one more issue. I see blood clots in my nose after coming to US.This is the first time I am seeing such problem with my health. Sometimes I see fresh blood and mostly clots...usually when I wake up, I notice. I feel a burning sensation when breathing. My friends say that due to dry air it should be like that and I do turn on Humidifier in nights. But no result. Is there any remedy for this? Would be glad if you post me a reply. Thank you.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there,
Well happy to know that you have found my blog
useful.This was the purpose for starting this blog.I
have a remedy for you problem.This is a comman problem which i have seen in many people in cold and dryareas.So hope you'll follow my instructions.Take 2 drops of luke warm ghee and instill it to each nostril before bed time.How can you drop this might be your next question.That is sleep straight in a bed with pillow just below your shoulder and head lying tilted down wards and your shoulder will be higher than head
because of the pillow.Then take a filler and put 2
drops or 1 drop of warm ghee to 1 nostril at a timeclose other and inhale from same nostril.This willhelp for proper absorption and will lubricate your nostril.I would like to know where are you saying is ayurvedic medicine avilable at your place.Because you may need some internal medications also.One simple
thing is just befor bedtime.That is half an hour
before going to bed.drink warm milk added with 1 spoon of ghee in it.This will make your skin moist and kills excess vata.If you can get medicines tehre i will tell you a powder that will help a lot.Hope you fine great relief.I advice to do thid thro out the winter if possible or atleast for 15 days only night times.

Anonymous said…
Hi Saumya,

This is a wonderful site. Thank you and keep it up! I have a question - I have a 1.5 year old daughter. Do you have some recommendations for what to use instead of soap and shampoo?

Anonymous said…
Dear Dr,

Thanks for the earnest reply. Alhamdulillah! I stay in Edison, NJ. I have not seena any ayurvedic center here, nearby. Yet there are asian grocery shops. One more thing...Iam already little obese. Would it not increase my fat if i take ghee with milk?
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Vini,
Well if its a kid i advice you to use besan or channa powder instead of soap.Apply oil and slightly massage the skin all over the body for about 5-10 mins allow it to absorb before bath and then use paste made out of besan with little water instead of soap.then for hair use any mild shampoo if you want or go for Shikaki or powder of such combination like meera etc works very well.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Yunus,
Well taking 1 tsp of ghee will never increase your weight.Well still if you feel that will increase your weight go for some mild exercise for about 15-20 mins daily that will counter cat the gaining weight problem.
Anonymous said…

Bet! Iam the lazy cat of the whole world...I never do exercise...kinda creepy abt it.But, as I watch myself in mirror, after coming to US...there is no other way out to relish the foods here...except by exercising for buring the extra calories...Uff...and Again..!!
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there.
there is no other way to burn out the extra calories.Well only dieting may cut down your weight but that will be onlt temporary and harmful
Anonymous said…
Hi soumya,
Ur site is very good and informative. I always refer to ur site. When i was in india, my hair was thin, I came to US 6 months back and now its beciome very thin becos of dandruff and hairfall. Can you suggest me what i can do to reduce hairfall and increase hair growth pls? WHich shampoo is better? I still use Nyle which i have bot from India. I also have some herbal powder brought from India which is made of Shikakai, amla, hibiscus, tulasi...Will that be useful? Or what else to do for increasing hair growth? My hair falls but does not grow...My hair especially near the forehead is becuming very less.
Anonymous said…
Dear Dr. Sowmya
This is a wonderful site and I really appreciate ur work.
Let me jump to the serious issue, I'm turning 23 in coming June. I was having small forehead, thick and dense hair. I started loosing my hair bcoz of dandruff since 18 and forehead is getting high. I consulted various doctors and most of them preferred Selsun blue and even i took some medications. Now I'm in Uk, I started loosing lots of hair daily and seems like Dandruff is aggravated. I'm using Head & Shoulders regularly. I don't find any solution for the dandruff and the hair loss. How do I get rid of this? Help me pls. Kindly give me some diet and medical tips... Thanks a lot.
Anonymous said…
hey even i am suffering from the same problem is usa pls pls help us out
Nipa said…
Dear Dr,

This is wonderful site with a lot of inforamtion. I hope you can solve my problem. My daughter 7years old, she has itchy scalp. when she was born, i had used Johnson & Johnsons product but her skin got dried and i had stopped using it. after 5 years I had forgotten and used Johnson shampoo for her hairwash. I didn't realise that her scalp gets dry. she is itching badly. I had noticed white patches on the edge of the scalp. Dermatologist treated her head for six weeks with some solution and 2 types of shampoos. It was not helped and she is still itching her head very badly all the time. I believe in Ayusrvedic and homeopahic medicines. would you please reccoemd a medication to solve the problm? I'll appreciate your reply.
amit said…
Hi soumya,
thanx so much for d such superb information as most of the people are facing many hair problems.
petersteel said…
that was really nice to read that.. that was really nice post.. it seem great information ...for more information regarding Ayurvedic treatment, ayurveda u can visit
Anonymous said…
I have the problem of hairfall and I am using Durdura Patra Tailam, Herbowash.
Please suggest what is your advise for me.
I have this problem for more than 7 years.
I having Dandruff problems from last 2 years I have many more medication but could not get proper result. now I with to try above natural medication. Thanks for providing this information. keep posting such a nice post and keep helping the people.

Smith Alan
RayMeds said…
I like these medication I have tried these medication before and really it works.

Smith Alan
Anonymous said…
Wonderful site with great information! I have done a lot of research over the years since I am only 24 years old and have been suffering severe hair loss for the last 8 years. I love how greatly you have compiled this information. Good job...if you could recommend some more things for hair loss. As you can imagine I have tried lots and lots of things bu not many things have worked. Not giving up hope, your site has motivated me to keep trying. Thanks so much!
I am very much thankful to the blog author for providing this nice option to solve problem of hair fall thanks a lot once again It will really very helpful to the person who are suffering this problem.

Thanks a lot once again.

Smith ALan

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