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Quick and easy remidies for mouth ulcers

My todays topic is all bout mouth ulcers.This is one amoungst the most comman problem which everyone experience .There are certain things to know a bout the causes and how to prevent them what are the remidies.

Mouth or the so called oral cavity is said to be the mirror of the digestive system mainly the stomach and the interstine.
The mouth ulcers are called as stomatitis.Its a reddish small ulcer which occurs in the inner area of the mouth.They are of different varities like tromatic ulcer,Chronic ulcers,Acute,Malignant,Benign.....

1.Troma - This means any sort of injury .this is most commanest cause .Mainly while brushing or eating and sharp and hard objects ,or mainly while consuming any meat with intact bones , somethimes it might occur by your own teeth itself..

2.Constipation - This is the main cause.Mostly the person suffering from constipation problem will have oral ulcers too.So the root cause here is to get rid of constipation which it self will act as a cure.

3.Indigestion- This is also the most comman reason .Any problem with digestion shows of in form of stomatitis.

4.Many ulcers mainly related too intestines or stomach in such a condition this can also be seen.But here that will remain for a long time.

5.In innumo compramise condition like AIDS and others.

6.Vitamin difficiancy like difficiancy of vitamin B- complex or vitamin-C.

7.Calcium difficiancy.

8.Indulgence in excessive of spicy food.

9.Reduced intake of water.

1.Water is a very good remidy for this problem.As it is a liquid when taken i good amount removes or washe s away the toxins,Relieves one from constipation problem.Not only this there are certain vitamins which are water soluble.Body requires adequate amount of water.Hence its really good way to prevent the onset of mouth ulcers.

2.Keep your body cool if you are of pitta prakrithi of tend to increase up the heat in your body eary.


Take substances which cool your body like tender coconut water.


Prepare a drink/kashaya by adding coarsely powdered coriander seeds and cumin about 1 tsp each to milk and add 1 tsp of powdered cane sugar or jaggery and boil and reduced to half .Consume this twice a day.This will help you in constipation and gastritis problem too.

5.If this problem of ulcer is due to constipation make a habbit of drinking large amount of water in a day and consume more of fibrous vegetable and fruits in your diet like leafy vegetables,oranges ,sweetlimes etc.

6.Application of honey with the help of tip of your finger to the spot where there is a ulcer daily about 3-4 times helps to get immediate relief from the pain and also cures the ulcers early.This will lead to a bit for burning sensation but then subsides after 1 mins of application.


Ghee application is also beneficial like honey.


Consume more of milk mainly in the night before bedtime.

9.Take B-Complex tablets for atleast 3 days,twice daily with milk

10.Chewing tender leaaves of mango or guava and then swallow the liquid and keep the leaf at the site for about ten minutes.this also will show wonderful results.

11.Tender leaves of Jaaji mallige is the best remidy amounst all.It gives quick results.It makes the area numb.Used the way as tender leaves of guava and mango.This helps in bad breath problem also,cleanses the touch and improves taste perceptions.Increases appitite.

12.Oil pulling is an ancients method used to prevent anu oral diseases like related to gums teeth and even for ulcers.Helps to restore the helath of oral cavity.


Simply chewing about haqlf trp of cumin and then drink a cup of water this also shows wonderful results.this also helps when you feel blotting sensation in your stomach.

Ayurvedic remidies:-
1.Gandusha dharana with thriphala kwatha, i.e- gargling or holding the water or thriphala kwatha in the mouth of 10 mins twice daily.

2.Application of triphala churna mixed with honey over the small ulcers also gives good results.

3.Intake of a tablet by name-'' Khadiradhi Vati'' is really a good remidy.I always make it a point to have a strip of this tablet in my purse.This also helps in dry cough and bad breath.

4.Oil pulling with neem oil.


Anonymous said…
Hi Dr.Soumya,I am asha -regular reader of your blog.Good work i must say.Keep going.I find your site very useful .You give a lot of simple remedies for all our problems which are very effective.Now to my q;) i do aerobics early in the morning after brushing.I have started drinking 5 glasses of water as you have prescribed.I feel really good after starting this regime.I feel fresh thru out the whole day.My query is --Should i drink water before i start exercising or after finishing my exercise.In case i drink before what is the gap of time i shd maintain before i start my exercise.Or incase after exercising what is the time gap i shd maintain i.e., after how many min or hr i shd drink water after my exercise.
My second query is how long shd i wait after drinking water to have my breakfast.Can i have my breakfast after 15 min after drinking water.Please do reply at the earliest as i am eagerly waiting for your reply.
Thanks ,
Anonymous said…
You can drink water anytime of your workout. There is no thumb rule as such. Your body starts losing water when you sweat and you need to replenish with water. You can drink before your aerobic, during your work out and after your work out also. If you drink ice cold water, that will shrink your stomach and will make you eat little lesser than the other times. So, if you wanna eat less, then drink a glass of ice cold water 15mins before eating. After excercising you can drink a large glass of warm water with a spoon of honey mixed in it.
pacchai milagai said…
Hi Dr. Bhat, I just came across your blog today and it was a godsent because I complained to my father about mouth ulcers. I will try your remedy.Look forward to learning a lot from you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Soumya,

Is there any perticular oil with which one should do oil pulling? How long it should be done?

Besides this, What I do is rotate Alum in the glassful of water, 6-7 times and then gargle l
Nanditha Prabhu said…
hey, this is a really useful blog. my brother always complains of mouth ulcers.....i think ur remedies may help.
Taste of Mysore said…
Hi Dr.Sowmya, Good Work. A very useful blog with simple remedies.
Vcuisine said…
useful info Soumya. Viji
Anonymous said…
Hi Sowmya,

I have a doubt...why do I always have a burning sensation in my chest area whenever I take honey?...
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Well honey by nature has a thikshna guna.Are you sure your honey is pure one
Is that all the time you take honey you experience this burning sensation.Try consuming milk or water in large amount when ever you take honey.This will help.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the suggestion, Dr.Sowmya. I used to take honey regularly when in India & never had this problem. I have been experiencing this problem since 2 yrs or so(ie since I left India). I have no idea how to check if the honey is pure. I buy a brand tht says pure australian honey. Let me know if U have any technique to chk its purity. I'll also try changing to some other brand of honey. Also, there are many diff types of honey avail in the stores. which would u recommend for regular consumption.

Also, it would be great if u can write an article on menstural cramps with some home remedies for it. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said…
Sry...just saw an article abt menstru cramps... But are there any remedies using common ingredients avail in countries other than India?.

Anonymous said…
how r u? i follows ur site regularly. i allready wrote my problem to u.o.k iam 30 years old.i my body type is pitta(last week i came to know that)i used to feel hungry in correct timings.every time of the day.7 years back we came to u.s. from that time my stress increased, i have loss of apetite problem from last 5 years.i have piles problem from last 10 years.last years i suffered from ulcer,serious depresion. doctor gave me the tablets for everything. i still have loss apetite problem.from last 1 months im having burning urination problem.he tested urine.came negative. but priscribed antibiotics.from last 1 month im using anti biotics. but no use.last week i ate rye,millet so my problem became i searched in the net.i stopped eating spicy,sour little decreased.but still i have burning urine,burning legs.having i need to cut back chilles,garlic,mustard,tamarind,ginger,chilly spices in my i need to cut sore i need to cut back idly, from south. my son and hubby is kapha type. its difficult to make different meals.according to ayurveda i cant eat tamarind,urad,toor dal,chillys,tomatoes which is my daily is difficult to give up. im fully confused.they r saying that we cant eat fruits with cooked head is spinning. thanku
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Well there are simple things what you can do for menstrual cramps.It would be good if you tell me details about your cycle,The nature of pain and how long you have it? nature of flow? color of blod etc.You can feel free to post a mail if you want with full details.Only then i can tell you which can suit you properly.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there .well it says anonymous,
Well i have gone thro' your complaints .Well how do you know you are of khapa prakrithi,Well it takes years to find out? which part of US are you staying? well i would like to prescribe medicines if you are willing to take them.Well the problem what you have is very simple.Well i dont think you will need so much of medication.will deal with one problem at a time.So do respond if you would like home remidies or ayurvedic treatment.
Anonymous said…
thanks for ur pitta.not kapha.i have all, sensitive to heat.all what they wrote aboutfor pitta.i stopped taking antibiotics.i changed my food.the problem is from michigan.3 yrs back we moved from newyork.first i have to try home remidies.i think its difficult to get medicines triphala helpfull?
thanku somuch
Anonymous said…
waiting for u actually.
Anonymous said…
Hi Sowmya,

Have sent an email. please chk it out.

Anonymous said…
can u tell me home remidies for burning urine i still have problem.i changed my diet according to my body type.please give me the answer if u have heating honey is toxic,mixing milk ,banana is toxic?
Anonymous said…
hai sowmya,
how r u? u told me that u can give me the home remidies for my prob.what is the teason that ur not answering? r u afraid to give?
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Sri,
Sorry for the delay.Was busy with other patients and in between had some health problems also.So could'nt check and update. Well what made you think i am scared? Please do reply to this.I wanna know. Regarding the remedies i shall surely give.Im doing a service to give my best to the needy and help others i'm not here for some income.
Comming to the remedies-
1] Heating honey is considered as virudha and acts like visha which does'nt mean its poisonous.It changes its properties when you heat .Hence the re will be a reverce action in the bodu .According to ayurveda its considered ad virudha.

2] Adding milk and honey causes no problem.I hope you have asked adding honey and banana to honey.As its not clear in your post if its wrong the question is something different please do correct me.

3]Regarding your burning urine problem.Well as you have said you are ready to change your diet according to your body? well i dont know what kind of body constitution is yours?
can adivise on it only when you tell me in detail.
First make a habbit of drinking large amount of water every now and then.this will help to dilute the concentration of your urine and help in washing away the toxins out of your body.
2.Take 1/2 a glass of milk to it add 3/4 glass of cold water and kallu sakkare that is cane sugar and mix and if required add 1-2 cubes of ice and drink it every now and then.
3.there is avariety of thulasi called Kallu thulasi that is purple variety of thulsi.Make a decoction out of it by adding 2 galss and reducing to 1/2 glass add cane sugar or jaggery to itand drink in empty stoomach when ever you have burning micturation.
4.Fry 2 tsp of cumin and Coriander seeds each in 1 tsp of ghee untill it stops to splutter.Then crush it to form a coarse powder add a glass of milk or even water will do.then prepare a drink in the same manner as tea.Add 1/2 tsp sugar and a drop of ghee stir and drink it daily.this will keep your body cool and is definately a good medicine for your problem as well as gastritis.

5.Even freshly prepared dark grape juice is a good medicine for burning micturation.

6.Try getting cucumber seeds or else cucumber will also do.remove the outer skin and prepare juice by adding cold water and cane sugar and drink 4 times a day.

Try these and tell me if you need more.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there,
this is regarding oil used for oil pulling.I had published the comment but cant find it.Well here again i wanna say.Normally oil which can be used is coconut oil.In case of oral diseases or bad breath neem oil is the best choice.If its to maintain good helath then Coconut oil is really good.til oil can also be used.As its a bit thicker when compared to others it becomes a bit difficult.Henge coconut oil is best .
this blog is ignored for a long time
Anonymous said…
how r u? how is ur health? waiting for ur advice.
roopa said…
hi soumya, nice subject to husband recently had mouth ulcer as he recently had hot boiling soup without knowing its temperature...just one spoon he had and that caused it....i had him apply salt on the affectewd area as its worked for me, though it burns initially for a few minutes, the next day it reducwes the ulcer a u know if this is a good idea? or if its a harmful one?
hi Doctor,

where are you ? no updates for long long time
Anu said…
Hi Soumya,
You have a very good and informative blog. Keep up the good work :)
Anonymous said…
Hello Soumya,
I am Raje 34 years old with two kids last few years I have periods getting delayed- like it takes 60 days to more. My BP is normal, no thyriod problem and no cholestrol. Is this due to my body weight as my present body weight is 75 even though I have nonveg very rarely or is it due to mental stress. Please advice me. Thankyou.
Urmi said…
Hello Soumya ji,

My father is experiencing some sensation in his mouth since six months. There is no ulcer but he cant have anything spicy/ hot. If he does, it irritaes his mouth.
What should he do?
Anonymous said…
holding raw milk gives great relief.... if u agree plz add to d remedies...
Anonymous said…
Hi Soumya,

The blog was very usefull. Planning to look at your suggestion of having milk twice a day.

I am one of the person who alway have ongoing 2 to 3 mouth ulcers. One thing I noticed that some how when I was pregnant, the mouth ulcer issue had disapeared. It started recurring post delivery. Would it be some medecines prescribed to me during pregnancy subsidising the mouth ulcer issue. Please advice. (My age is 33)

sanya said…
Hi, Dr ,
My name is Rimple. I am pregnant and have really bad mouth ulcer since 5 days. Can you tell what should I eat and not eat to prevent this problem please.
vjdsivakumar said…
i have mouth ulcer due to chewing of tobaco what is remedy for me please post email to me my email id is
Anonymous said…
Thanks, It will surely help me to recover.
sree said…
Hi Soumya,
The blog was very usefull. Planning to look at your suggestion of having milk twice a day.

I ve some small group of sores like spots in my inner cheek and on the mouth openings as well.I went to dentists and they said they might be probably stress sores or due to deficiency..but i ve taken some vitamins,riboflavins,,but they are still there., and i ve a burning sensation in mouth.what could be the reason.
Anonymous said…
please continue your online treatment it helps a lot to lots of people.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this post. I my 5.5 years old daughter has mouth ulcer. I've given her khadiradi vati with honey. Hope it'll get healed soon. I'm always for ayurvedic/home remedies. Posts like these are truly useful.
Anonymous said…
Sir. I have anemia and also a cut / mouth ulcer since 7 weeks (approx. 1.2 cm)
Its not healing completely. How can i get rid from mouth ulcer and anemia???pls reply soon as im very worried.

Many thanks for ur help. Jasmin from uk
My email:
Anonymous said…
Ayurveda never allow to drink chilled water then why you are suggesting cold water before breakfast?

Watch this video : rajiv dixit on cold water
my son had mouth ulcer, i suggested him to take tender coconut , he tookk it but it became even more , what could be the reason.
please suggest us.

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