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Simple methods to gain weight

My todays topic is a request by a friend.Feel free to ask for the topics of your choice and i'll be happy to post them.Well many of the indivisuals are facing the problem of underweight.due to many reasons one may not gain weight and by eating or following same procedures the other may easily gain weight.There are various reason for this.

It may be due to the genes.Parents or one of the parent has the nature of not gaining weight even though the person involves in any type of food habbits or regimen.So this will be inherited by the offspring also.

There may be some problem because of which the persons intestine may not be able to absorb the essential materials or end products of digestion which inturn results in malnurishment thus leading to underweight.

3.Digestive problems:
The indivisual may not be in the state of having enough food due to some causes like for eg- some get indigestion if they have even a little extra food,or may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome,or colonitis or something like that.The person may not be involving with correct habbits or exercises to get the food digested well , assimilated and the good part of the end product of digestion to be absorbed to meet the body needs.


The person may be unaware about the proper quantity or proportion of various component of food what he has to consume.
Like the vegetables which he has to take about half the portion of his meal,then fats and carbs together about 1/4 part odf his diet,protiens and vitamins to 1/4 th part of his meal.thus it goes on.We generally say this as stomach may be divided to 3 parts and - 1/3rd of it must be filled with solid food particals ,
- another 1/3 rd must be filled with liquid particals
- last 1/3 rd must be left vacant for the air to circulate and aid the digestion.

I have already mentioned about the shad rasa yukta ahara to be consumed and at what stages they have to be consumed in my earlier post.So please follow them if you have missed.

5.Low Hb% in the body:
If a person is aneamic also then wont gain boost up your Hb%

6.Unkown cause:
Here no matter what ever the person does,there is no problems of digestion absorption or malnourishment but the indivisual remains thin but active and helathy.This is ok.That can be called as his inborn constitution which i will be discussing in my future posts.

Now you might have already tried many home remidies or medicine for this problem of under weight or or over lean ...
But here are some easy and simple goahead aand give a try.I will be prescribing some ayurvedic medicines but this is general.It varies from person to person depending upon thier age ,weight and duration,appitite.So one who wanna try ayurvedic medicines which are really promising as i have tried in many patients and have got wonderful results please contact me and i can advice you for proper dosage and pathya, etc.

1.Home remidies direct from your kitchen:-
-you must first record your weight before starting this and record weekly on a perticular day of a week for a month.

A]- Take 1tbsp of ghee and add 1tbsp of sugar to it mix and lick this mixture little by little in empty stomach just before lunch and dinner .and then after 30 mins you can have your meals.
- Continue this for atleast a month to see the benifits.

B]- Make a habbit of consuming one well ripen banana with a cup of warm milk with a tsp of ghee mixed or stirred into itwith little sugar .Here sugar is for taste.

C]- Make a habbit of eating food in little quantity for very 2 hrs.Here i dont mean junks.May be fruits,vegetables,juices,dry fruits etcs.

D]-Always eat well balanced food,Which includes all the essential components including good fats also.

E]-Drink water after you meal atleast 1 cup full.this will help for better digestion and also to gain weight.

F]- Boost up your apittite by working out daily for atleast 30 mins.May be brisk walk,or just alittle bit of walking,dancing etc.

G]-Make a habbit of taking a light nap after a afternoon meal for about 30 mins to 1 hr.This will also help to gain weight.Try to get sound and good amount of sleep at nights too.

H]- Try to remain calm and happy.this contentment is really required because this is always related to mind .Body and mind are interlinked...So well balanced state of body with mind is called as a healthy condition or the man is called helathy.

I]-Eat soaked dry grapes or dates soaked in warm milk over night .this should be taken empty stomach.It will also increase the Hb% .thus acts as two in one.

2] Now comming down to Ayurvedic medicines:-
1.Khushmanda avaleha - 1 tsp twice daily with a cup of warm milk before bed and early in tghe morning empty stomach has a wonderful result.This should be done atleast for a month.this will also increase the heamoglobin percentage in the blood

2.Swamala compound a leha of doothpapeshwar company works wonders over the mal-nourished body.Even this should be taken spoon ful early morning or just before food with a cup of milk for best result.this should be take for atleast 1 month.

3.Ashwagandhavaleha-this one more type of avaleha which helps as a general tonic and given even better reults in men.May be taken with warm water or milk.

4.Chavan prash-This is also a very good leha.Method of intake is same as other.It has many dry fruits,amla[gooseberry and many medicinal roots].Best for emaciation caused as a result of some chronic diseases.

5.Draksharista- 3tsp of this should be taken with equal amount of boiled and cooled water with a drop of honey thrice a day for atleast 1 month.

6.Ashwaganda choorna may be taken with ghee or honey or even milk thrice daily .

Thus there are many more Aushadha /medicines in Ayurveda for this or any other problems.


Sundari said…
Hi Soumya,
I just have one question? How does Ashokarishtam help in Monthly cycles and conception . what is the effect of taking it everyday.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simple ways to loose weight please.

My and my wife's weight has shoot upto 90kgs
Madhavi said…
Dear Soumya,

Hare Krishna!

Thanks so much for replying. Yes i'd like you to prescribe something if you like. Also i live in Florida and would like to know where to get the tender stem of banana plant. Also if you can please describe some vegetables besides green leafy ones which are a source of calcium then i'd be very grateful to you. THnaks so much for helping us out. Also is there a way to get in touch with you personally besides here. I'd like to know many more things but not here. THanks once again.
Sundari said…
Thanks Sowmya appreciate it.
Vcuisine said…
Quite informative post Soumya, Will be useful for those who are thin. I like your detailed write up for this. Viji
swapna said…
Hi soumya
I will be so thankful if u give the info about losing weight..means simple ways to lose weight..hee hee...expect exercise as i am doing it..
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers and frequent visitors .Well
You can conatct me first thro email and then if you wish we could even talk.You can mail me to my love to help you out.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Will surely post an article to loose weight too.Pretty soon.well im concentrating on a post regarding calcium which was a request.
friends feel free to request about the things what you wish to know.thus it will be easy for me to post articles and help you out in simple ways.

Anonymous said…
thanks a lot for some good tips for gaining weight.My weight has been constant from last 4 years its 4o and my ht is 5'4.i guess i have worms can u plz suggest me something.i have tried ashwagandha but there is no diffrence.
staffan said…
is'nt milk with bananas a bad combination?
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there.
No .It is not like that.Milk and banana is really a good combo.Try it out and then let me know if you do not find the result.

-Not to worry about your ht and weight.I can help you out.Yea having worm infestation does let your body wt to increase..Try taking a course of
1. krimi kuttara rasa tab -1 tab three times a day
2.vidangaristam- 3tsp with 3 tsp of water thrice daily.
Then i will prescribe some medication so that you can gain weight .That is only if you wish
babita said…
hi .. im .. a girl of 21 years .. the problem with me is i m unable to gain weihgt .. so should i take all the ayurvedic medicine u mention at a time or .. i can try with one of it .. ..i m very thin .. so which is ur best suggestion.. if i want take one of it ..
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your article on how to gain weight.
nita said…
Hi Doctor,

I weigh 46 at 5'4". I am basically on the slim side since childhood but after delivery I had gained weight and weighed 50kilos. But now I am not able to and very tired all the time. I would like to gain weight atleast 5kgs and get rid of my tiredness. Pls do advise if the home remedies you suggested will help me and if any ayurvedic medicine is required.
sathish said…
hi soumya,
am a 32yrs old man married recently. my problem is that am underweight, near about 45kgs, height is 162cms. normally am getting tensioned with silly matters also. my appetite level is very low. can u please help me to gain weight?
R D said…

My name is Raghu. I am under weight and i have tried some ayurvedic medicines to gain, but it went in vein. Can any body suggest me to gain my weight.
Anonymous said…
I have gas, constipation (piles) problem, and am underweight, please help to gain weight.
Anonymous said…
Hi Soumya,

Need your urgent help to gain weight. I have gastric, constipation (piles) problem. My height is 5'10'' & weight is 54 kgs.
Tarun said…
sir my name is tarun. i have a big problem. my stomach is not good, motion is not good. no time to go toilet. morning me fresh nahi hota. pet kharab reheta hai. and kuch din thik reheta hai or kuch din kharad. jab kharab reheta hai tab face per ance and pimple nikal aate hai. aur kuch din bad thik ho jate hai.
pls tell me to clear motion in every morning.
so i can live happyly..
me oily food ko avoid karta hoo.
me bas yahi chahata hu ki digestion thik rahe aur motion clear hota rahe..
Rekha said…
i am 25 year old and having one years child. after holding breast feeding , my figure has become to thin please help me out. give me some advice to gain weight or look normal.
Chaitra said…
where do v get d medicine prescribed for weight gain
akshatha said…
Hi Soumya Mam!

Its Akshatha here. I am soo lean. My height is 5.4 but my weight is 36 Kgs.Fat content in body is 4%. Please help me out by suggesting me some good Leha or Tonics to gain weight.I will be really great full to you.

Awaiting for the reply

Thanks & Regards
Anonymous said…
i saw ad on net saying ayurvedic capsules are available which can increase weight by 5 kg in a week and they have no side affects. can it be true ?
zarzamorah said…
Hi Dr Bhat...Found your article extremely helpful. Thank You!
zarzamorah said…
Hi Dr Bhat...Found your article extremely helpful. Thanks!
madhavi goyal said…
Thanks Dr. Bhat, for your informative blog.

Dr. can i contact u on email, as i have some query's?

Madhavi goyal
Anonymous said…
hi soumya ,

iam so happy to c a doctors blog which is so helpfull.

i send you a mail with my probls , hope you wil respond on that

thank you
Anamika said…
Hello Dr Soumya,

I am 30 n my weight is 42 since last 8-10 years, my height is 5.4. Am married n have a 5 yr old son. I dont have worms neither do i have thyroid problem. But still i am not able to gain weight. Can you please help
Anonymous said…
hllo dr. this is gurpreet 19 male 55kg ....i m vry thin & skinny ...suggst me some tips or ayurvedic trtmnt to gain good health & weight..thnks
Anonymous said…
hi madam well i gone through ur weightgain tips , thanks for ur sugestions.

can u pls suggest me some more weight gaining tips coz iam very skinny my weight is 55kg height 5.7
age 29 years iam fair in colour & my lips werein pinkish colour i have my mother looks in my face , so all my coloeagues teases me a lot. pls id is
vadla said…
i am 34 kgs weight and i want to gain weight may i know the medicine to gain weight without any side effects and may i know where are the medicines available address
Michiel Emmery said…
Dear Soumya,

the blog that I just read dates from 2008, nonetheless I hope you are able to answer my question. I am 1.83 and I weigh 63 kilos, so I am in need of gaining some weight. I was surprised you recommended 'sugar', without specifying whether this should be normal (refined) sugar or or unrefined sugar. What type of sugar does Ayurveda recommend? I will try to see if I can get 'ghee', and I will try the suggestions you made, thank you very much in advance !
Kind regards, Michiel
Matt Madsen said…

It seems like a lot of the tips suggest drinking milk. I'm slightly lactose-intolerant. Milk upsets my stomach.
Anonymous said…
Hi Dr. soumya,
I am a 25 years old married girl. i am 3 months pregnant now. my height-5ft and weight- 37 kgs. I know, I am underweight. Please prescribe me some ayurvedic medicines to gain weight (atleast 5 kgs). i have been taking banana and hot milk since 6 months. no improvements as of now. Because of this issue, I am suffering a lot in my married life. i think u r able to understand inner meaning of this statement. I cant express this with anybody... plz help me out.
waiting for positive reply,
Anonymous said…
Hi Dr Soumya,
I am 168cm in height and 57 kg j weight and very thin.I want to put some more weight.Could you suggest some ways /medicines that i can take in morning and evening
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said…
Hi Dr Saumya,I am Raj,my height is 168 an the weight is 57,age 29.want to put some more wight.Doctor,Please suggest some ways /medicine to improve the weight.I am an It professional from bangalore.Thanks in advance.
monu said…
my age-22 year my weight-35 kg
please give me some advise to do for weight gain in just short time
Anonymous said…
my age 22 and my wt-36 kg
please give me advise for weight gain in just short time
harshad said…
i have heard that banana with milk causes that true?
misha said…
i was very lean..with a weight of 45kg for a height of 5'9...i was eating well enough to increase my weight..but i couldnt..i was very depressed by drinking badam milk,n taking one egg daily,n taking better amount of food..still i was not able to increase my weight...sir please suggest me any idea..regarding i had seen ur cd but i could not find any video to gain weight,what kind of food or medicine should i take to gain really depressed by kindly plz suggest an adivce forme... please send me reply to my email id thankingyou,
Anonymous said…
Hi Dr. Soumya Bhat,

I am 34yrs old & my weight is 59kg. Since from the childhood am not putting weight. As you said in your article that in my case its because of inheritance. but i take very good food and eat very well also. Still am not getting weight. Is there any Ayurvedic medicine to increase weight.

Anonymous said…
i am 26 years old and height is 5' but i am only 42kgs weight so in the list above which way is better to increase weight. so please suggest me the better solution
hesha said…
i m taking ashwagandha n kamal kakdi for last 6 days for gaining weight. my weight has been constant from last 5 years its 40 and my ht is 5'1. my age is 29. so plz suggest me something. plz help me.
poonam said…
Nice post.I am also underweight, & trying to gain weight for long time.
My problem is I get worms frequently, & I have to always take medicine for this.Is there a better way to get rid of worms.
Can you please suggest me something about this?
Anonymous said…
hi soumya
can i gain weight with in 1 month using these tips . I am 5'9 tall and 50kg weighing male
dksudhi said…
Thanks for this awesome post... This seems to be posted very long back however I managed to find this today.

Please also post something related to acidity and gastric problems.

I am suffering from both the above and due to which i am not able to gain weight.
Anonymous said…
pleas tell tips for increasing weight in small period
Anonymous said…
dr i am a boy with 6ft height n 39kg wt i am a shy 0plz tell me somdthing so that i may gain wt instantly . My moral is down as all my frenz call me 8thin stick so plz diagnose me
my email id
do ans at my id only
Anonymous said…
My friend told me about some Ayurwedic powder he get in gym. It was small packets & very costly (Rs. 4500 for 60 packets). He said that it increased his appetite trmendously & he gained 10 kg in 15 days. Even after stopping medicine, he retained weight. I dont know contents. What are these medicines? Are these good?
ramesh said…
Kindly suggest Ayurvedic Medicines for increasing Stamina. I have referred Shilajit Gold Caps of Dabur but are more costly. Can we buy individual medicines & mix them at home and consume?
suresh said…
hello sir
i want to increase my weight
im 26 year old, my weight is 45
please help me to gain weight
my mail id
Sweety... said…
Hi Soumya,

Really you have given a full details for weight gain.
It is really appriciable..
Ajit Kumar Rout.
Anonymous said…
thank u
Anonymous said…
is there any method of home made fair glow
shawn said…
actually one of my friend is very thin, he feels to get a muscular body..
so can you recommend any ayurvedic medicines??
sweety said…
hi.i m 21 years old..5.2 height n weigth is 36..i m active n healthy but i look too me plz...........can i use ayur win's nutri gain????to put up weight......suggest me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anonymous said…
hi .....
i want to know how to remove rasoli. my sister is sufering from this...
nd tell me the method of fair glow email id is
Anonymous said…
hi soumya mam,
my age is 25 and my weight is 36kg,and i m very slim. so i want to increase my weight.please give me proper suggestion.......
suyog said…
my sister's age is 22.she wants to gain her waight. I read ur methods of gaining waight.plz tell me that we must use these methods at a time or one by one.can u suggest me some waight gaining methods
I found your website is very informative.
Chetana Hegde said…
Hey Sowmya, this is just another very informative article! Liked it a lot... Very simple remedies... Could this be applied to babies and children too?
I have a 21 months old busy son, and he is very thin.. When I see other kids here who are super chubby, I feel a bit sad, you see the point? He looks tiny in front of a just 10 month old kid of this country :(
He was LBW baby, just 2.1 kg. Now he is 10.5 kg... Our moms assure us that both of us were like this, very thin... (But you know, now I am very fat :D)
What do you say?
Anonymous said…
very nice article.
Anjana Sagar said…
What is Khushmanda avaleha?? And for where i get this??what is hindi (understandable)name of Khushmanda avaleha? plz help me to tel this...
Anjana Sagar said…
Whta is Khushmanda avaleha??
What is hindi(understandable)name of Khushmanda avaleha??
imu said…
hello mam
i am a 23 years old boy, my height is 5.9,i am very thin weight 58 kgs i feel very frusted please help me so i can gain some weight
imu said…
mam please reply soon mera weight phichle 3 saal se badh nai raha please give help me,bina koi side effect wale
smita said…
Hello Dr.,
ur post is simply awesome..i have been following it religiously for many of ur useful remedies like for gaining weight,for calcium rich n all others.i find this very useful..i m a mother of 2 hyperactive i keep checking ur blog on a regular basis..kudos to the gud job ur doing mam..
krishna said…

I am 23 year girl. I am under weight and my weight never puts up more than 35kg. Though i an active and have enough stamina I am getting upset day by day kindly suggest me how to put on decent weight.
krishna said…

I am 23 year girl. very much skinny and under weight. I never put my weight more than 35 kg. Though I am active and got enough stamina i need to put some decent weight as i am getting upset day by day with this problem. Kindly come up with suggestions.
Hi Doctor,
Thanks for all the remedies which you have given till now.I need a remedy to lost my weight can u plz post as soon as possible
fasil said…
hi somuya
I am fasil from Kashmir
I am 27 and weigtht only 45-50 and i need quick weight gain and also sexual weakness???9018234045
Unknown said…
dear mam,
I am Arun.i am now 221 yrs old.
I am skinny. i just wanted to be gain a little more size. i went to gym and also had protein powders(for 1 time)..but it hasn't affected me. please prescribe me a medicine that helps me to solve this issue.
plz do reply
it is really tough to gain weight ...splecially when your are vegan/vegetarian. SPLECIALLY mostly "hindu,jain" peoples are suffer of that problem. ...the above ARTICLE suggestion about gain weight is very surprising,,,,,,,
BEACAUSE...gee (clearified butter) is only contain FAT (100%) , milk is also only increasing fat, and not for lactose inherent ,,banana only contains postassium.....

ALL thses things only make you cubby,, fatty, lazy ........ not heathy & active.

if want wait gain eat non-veg atleast 1 time in a day ( in day dinner--or --night dinner)

if you are vegan/vegetarian....than TAKE supplyment, eat nuts,....... but mind it is very-very tough to maintain......... 9 out of 10 vegeterian people come back in normal non-veg diet ...becoz they fell, sick, headacch, hairfall, like reasons

May be in future science will invent a good alround vegan food..... so , all human can left the non-veg.

i eat non-veg because i have no option ..for heathy food .

Thanks....if you fell informative
hello madam, em a guuy of 21 yrs old.. and em very thin.. i ate lot of food 2 put up weight.. ! but no good results yet..! em fed up of hearing "skinny" frm other peopl... i wanna put up some weight.. some how... ! whT SHOULD I DO.. ? SHOULD I CONSULT SOME DOCTOR..? or should i have some ayurvedic tablets to gain weight.. ? please help me..
Sandeep Kumar said…
Hello Sir,
My Name is Sandeep Kumar. I am 23 year old and my weight is 56 kg, height 5'6". I want weight gain and body setting. Plz suggest best ayurvedic supplyment.
Hassan Khan said…
hi guys, ive suffered from the underweight thing from my college days n now m workin n 27 years of age, im a muslim n almost eat non veg all the time, if u ask you jus need to do few things to gain weight.. 1. keep your stomach in proper order, digestion should b ok all the time 2. sleep early n wake up early 3. physical exercise (weight training only, running doesn help) if u can do this for consistently for three months i can bet you will have better weight n better health, I was 58 kilos 3 years back n now Im 70 kilos, im 6 feet tall n im so proud people call me a model...ive done the hardwork..u can mail me on
Anonymous said…
hello saumya
I am 23 year old boy.My height is 5'11. I am under weight .My weight is 45kg only. pls suggest some medicine which can make rapid weight gain or give me ur contact so that i can meet u personally. Waiting for ur positive reply
thank you
My name is mathuri.Iam 22 year old and my weight is 42kgs,height5'4'.I want to increase my weight as soon as possible.please suggest any ayurvedic tablets or tonics to gain weight
Milind said…
Doctor, My mom & dad seems to be suffering from the allergetic conditions such as cough & increased congestion due to the consumption of banana. May be because of this whenver I eat bananas I also see the same symptoms in myself. I love bananas as they are very good cleansers but can't eat cause of the cough problems. Is there any way that I can eat bananas & still won't have a congestion problem?

Milind said…
Doctor, My mom & dad seems to be suffering from the allergetic conditions such as cough & increased congestion due to the consumption of banana. May be because of this whenver I eat bananas I also see the same symptoms in myself. I love bananas as they are very good cleansers but can't eat cause of the cough problems. Is there any way that I can eat bananas & still won't have a congestion problem?

I really appreciate your efforts. I haven’t use such software yet but will look into it soon.
hey ,iam a 18 year old boy of 6' and weighs onle 48 kgs..!!
i looks very skinny..
ive tried chavanaprasha a lot of times but didnt find any good result in it.
I came to know that ayurveda is the only genre which can help to increase the weight without any sideeffects. English medicines like PROTEIN POWER affects our kidneys.
so please get me some good measures to be followed to increase my weight/..
if you can email it to me
Anonymous said…
It is not true that only non vegetarian can increase weight.nature balanced everything.humans are considered herbivores( vegetarian).non veg contains lots of fats which is much higher than recommended for daily .the advisable fat content should be 50-70 mg /daily but it is more than 200 mg average we consume daily.that is the fat content in our diet is much more higher than we shuold eat.which is actually harmful and thus causes obesity which is the world's major problem and hard to treat.
Weight can only be increase by having high calories diet.the recommended calories for a person is 2000-3000 kj /day.
thus if you want to increase your weight have a high calorie around 4000 kj or more and a balanced in every 2-3 hours and avoid eating too much at a signal time it can cause stomach upset. A banana provides 90 kj calorie so it can be a good choice with milk.others are good amount of carbohydrates and protein will helps u a lots.
So it will keep you healthy and energetic.
Take care
hello doctor,
I am Anirudh from India. my age is 27 and my weight is just 56kg. I had many diseases in past like typhoid, dengue and all. I want to gain my weight please suggest me some good medicines or any other method to gain body weight. I frequently have problem of cough cold and sinus.
Hi mam i am rahul my age is 20 height is 6 and weight is 55 i just want to gain weight so please help me
Anonymous said…
Respected Mam


My kid is suffering with beta thalassemia (minor) from his mother ... what ayurveda medicine can we give him & kindly suggest diet which can increase his HB and other conditions. ... Pranams ... Srinivas Rao
Anonymous said…
hi dis is jeenu here wanted to gain weight in 2months as my height 5.6 n my weight is 50 n m 19yrs from childhood m thin wanted to get fats plzz help me out with any tonic or medicine revert back soon plzz..
Anonymous said…
sir/mam, i m 21 year old girl of 5 4' nd weight 42 only so i look very skinny.. so plzz forward me the name of useful medicines to gain weight plzz... my email is plzzzzzzz
nithin poojary said…
i want to increase my weight so plz send ur measures&medicine for ganin weight fast gain weight medicine send it

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