Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Throat pain or tonsilitis.

This is a very simple home remidy for the most comman throat pain which most of us experience very often.

There are many reasons for this.Execessive stain to your vocal chords, change of weather ,change of drinking water,pain associated with tonsilitis, pain caused due to severe cold,caused due to excessive cool drinks or other frosen food consumtion etc.

There are many simple remidies for this small problem .It all depends on severiety of the pain.
Here are various remedies which you can try.

1.)-.Take about 4-5 pepper corns.
-Add 1/2 tsp of sugar to it and chew it properly and swallow it.
This acts as a very good medicine for soare throat, voice crack, difficulty do speek during these conditions etc.

2.)-Take 2 cups of water , add 2-3 tsp of roughly powdered peppercorns. Bring this to a boil
-Now to this you add 3 drops of ghee,then a inch piece of jagerry powdered plus 1/2 tsp of jeera(cumin)
-Now simmer and reduce it to 1/4 cup.Filter it and i recommend to have this when its warm and sip by sip.
This also helps in mild cough,cold and releives nasal bolckage also.It relieves head ache and also the nasal congestion

3.)Just add about 1tsp of triphala churna into about 20 ml of luke warm water and gargle with this solution about 10 min each time for about 4 times a day

4)If the condition is of very severe throat pain Then i suggest Salt water gargling i.e warm water stired up with 1-2 tsp preferably rocksalt .And gargle with this for atleast 2 times a day.

There is a very quick relieving medicine in ayurvedic practise .I would love to tell if some one needs it.

Quick solution for your problem of burning sensation of eye,redness,repeated watering and itching

Dear friends here is a very easy home made medicine which is a solution for your eye problems.It also helps
people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and have a problem of dry eyes and over strained by the end of the day .It also helps people with reduces sleep /insomnia/even to those who are edicted to night life or even students who stay late night.

There are many causes for this
-working in front of the computer,microscope...such other work which gives a lot of stain to the eyes.
- night outs
-reduced sleep
-excessive exposure to sunlight and dust,pollution,smoke or heat like welding,mines etc.
-side effect in diabetic patient
-increased pitta in body
-consuming excess of spicy food

Materials required:

1 cup- warm water
2 tsp- roughly powdered dry coriander seeds
clean white cloth (small square) -for draining

-Take a clean cup and pour the roughly powdered seeds of coriander to it .
-Add 1 cup f warm water to it
-Cover it by a lid and leave it as it is over night.
-Next morning drain it through a cloth and collect the clear solution in a bowl
-Now divide it into 2parts.
1st part must be consumed by adding sugar to it.Note that one must have it empty stomach.
The 2nd part must be used as a eye drops, put about 3-4 drops to each eye.It might burn at the beginning.
This can be done twice a day.If possible its good if one washes his eyes with the same water.


By keeping cucumber slices or grated cucumber over the closed eye lids also helps in relaxing the strained eyes and reduces the burning sensation.By drinking juice prepared out of cucumber also gives a relief to the burning sensation in the eyes

-- application of home made kaajal also helps in cooling the eye .It relaxes the muscles.

---application of anjana [kaajal] made out of flowers or cucumber is much beneficial.

---Ice massage relaxes eye stain and the musclea.It also helps in burning senstion in the eyes.

Wash your hands properly.Ask the patient to lie staight in supine position.Then close his eyes and relax.Now take about 2-3 ice cubes and rub to the palms of your hands until you can bear the cold.Then slowly and gently give a soft massage to the closed lids in circular fashion,then sideways and then to the for head finally entire face.This releave sthe tiredness and leaves the patient fresh.This is very benificial.after this ask the patient to relax for 3 mins with closed eye then gently rub his palms and bend it to make cup like and place the palms over eye ball and then slowly open his eyes.

---Pulp of aloevera can do wonders in burning senastions of the eye.

-Remove the pulp out of a washed cleaned aloevera.This procedure must be performed in a dark room where there is no noise and dust.
-Ask the patient to sleep in supine posture /staight.Then place a piece of clean white cloth or a thin gauze piece over the closed lid.
-Then put the pulp of aloevera[ kumari] over the cloth.
-This must be retained by the patient for about 20 mins.
-Then slowly remove the pulp and cloth.Slowly rub the lids with wet cotton.And ask the patient to open the eyes after keeping the rubbed palm over the lids for 100 counts.

--Application of paste made out of fresh mint leaves or coriander leaves to the scalp also gives a cool effect to the eyes.

-- Application of pulp of hibiscus and even the pulp of aloevera to the scalp relieves the burning sensation of the eyes.

-- Appliction of Henna paste to teh scalp also reduces burning senstion of teh eyes

-- Application of paste of overnight soakes methi seeds also helps in reducing the burning sensation of teh eys.Internally consuming methi seeds by soaking overnicht is much beneficial.

-- Consuming overnicht soaked dried raisens in milk ,empty stomach early morning also reduced the burning sensations.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home Remidies for Pimple

Hey those nightmares are gone.Dont worry more about the pimples and the bad dark marks what the leave behind.Here are few tips for you guys:-

A) Causes- Harmonal,age related,diet related,daily regime related,food habbits related,sleep related,environmental,pollution
related,skine on.

-First of all i would like to consider the nature of your skin .This is very important because depending upon this the nature of treatment varies.If the skin is oily in nature and sensitive then avoid washing your skin with soaps as far as possible.Do remember frequent rinsing of your face with luke warm or cold water helps your skin to breath and also clears your pores .So first i'll ask you to wash your face with simpleBasan powderOr a mild veriety of soap with gliserin .You can also prepare and stock up this powder:
Miture of 4 tsp of besan powder, 1/2 tsp of turmericpowder,1tsp of dried and powdered neemleaves , little of multhani mitte 2tspof powdered methi seeds and 2 tsp greengram powder .All these should be mixed well and put into a airtight container for proper storage.Use this mixture for washing your face twice daily.Once before bedtime and once in the morning.This will help to clear the dead cells and keep the surface dry and allows the skin to breath in the night. We can mix it with milk if the skin is very sensitive or else simple water will also do to make a paste for easy cleansing.This acts as avery good face pack to impove the glow in your skin and also reduces the scars and marks of old pimples.Only external treatment wont help in such cases .You need to take some medicine internally for a better result and to avoid the reccurance
-I also recommend you to eat drygrapes soaked overnight in water or even milk.This impoves your heamoglobin count,also brings a glow to your skin.It also helps for teh constipation also.

-Intake of neem juice of about 1tsp daily is also a good medicine.This should be done empty stomach and only after 30 min any kind of food or water can be taken.

-I suggest you to go for some internal medication along with this if you have achne problem for more than 6 months.