Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Simple ways to helathy living

Hello every one.Well today i will be dealing with simple alteration in our daily regimens to be followed which will improve the health and the bestove longivity of life...

-Well most of us will be having the habbit of drinking water.Thi water is a medicine in itself.It has several healing property.According to Ayurveda About a litre of sukhoshan jala which means boiled and cooled water should be consumed early mornings just after you get up from the bed.Clean your mouth and drink atleast 1/2 -1 litre of water at a strech .this will neutralise the increased gastric secretions,also helps in constipation and helps in easy evacuation of the stools.

- People suffering from gastritise and those with the problem of respiratory tract allergies etc should drink stomach full of water and then induce vomiting .This helps in neutralising acid base balance in the stomach mucosa in case of acidity and in case of allegic cough and cold removes the exessive mucosa secretion which might inturn lead to congestion in the chest or reduced appitite .

-Frequent consumption of water in small amount helps in restoring and regulating the water and salt balance in the body ,also heeps the skin hydrated.Skin which covers whole body is responsible for the toch sensation.Hence it maintains the skin moist .Thus acts as a natural moisturiser.

-By consuming adequate amount of watewr it helps in maintaing good appitite by regulating the adequate scretion of digestive juices.

-It also prevents wrinkling of skin.Hence prevents the aging process and even looks.

-Water helps in evacuating the toxins out of the body in form of urine.Hence one with frequent urinary tract infection and ,burning micturation problem ,Piles etc should drink more amount of liquid ,mainly water.

Astringent taste;-[Kashaya Rasa]
This astringent taste as in the tender leaves of mango,guava,bhrami etc is very much required for every one.Its most useful in diabetic patient.
-It cleanses the tough and prevents the bad breath problem,
-cleanses oral cavity,inproves taste perception by clearing the debries from the surface of tongue where in the tastebuds are located..
-Inproves digestion and appitite.
-Helpful in cleansing the blood and keeps it thin
-prevents skin infections and rashes.,pimples etc.
-This is useful in maintaining good quality of teeth and gums .Hence in ancient days people used the twigs of neem tree or mango terr to brush thier teethWhich is rich in kashaya rasa.
-It increases vata if taken in large amount.-When one is suffering from indigestion or feven.He is adviced to take light diet with kashaya rasa in it.This is the patya.
eg-tartiness in neemleaves ,tender mango or gauva leaves etc

Sweet taste:-[Madura Rasa]
-Consuming sweets in limited amount and at appropriate time is very benificial.
It is said in ayurveda that sweet is a taste which shoud be taken at the begining of a meal.this is very true because at that time the blood glucose level wil be very low,the gastic secretions will be high ,acicity is more.So by consuming sweet in a small quantity it reduces the excessive acidity of the stomach mucosa .If you start with spicy food then it may lead to corrosive action over the stomach mucosa[i.e inner layer or lining of stomach walls.]
-Also helps a lot in gastric problems,acidity etc.Sweet does not mean only sweet dishes it could be a tsp of sugar,or even starting a meal with only rice and ghee added...etc.
-Excessive intake of sweets reduces the appitite,delays digestion,increases fat ,leads to intestinal worms etc..
-Eg- as i sugar.jaggery,sweetness of mango atc.

Sour taste:-[Amla Rasa]
- This is very benificial if taken in small amount and at appropriate time.
-This increases the secretion of saliva in the mouth which aids digestion.A small part of digestion of food starts right in the oral cavity.This is aided by saliva which helps in making bolus that is blends with the food particles during grinding process by the teeth.
A simple eg for this is just by looking at a raw mango or lemon or just tinking about it our mouth starts to water.
-Most of the citrus fruits are rich source of calcium and vitamin -C
-Helps in bone building
-Keeps teeth strong
-Increses digest juice secretion
-helps in fat digestion
-excessive intake of amla rasa that is sour taste vitiates the blood.
-Increases pitta in the body
-Increases burning sensatiions , increases gastic level,acidity etc.
-Should be taken in the niddle of the meals to aid the digestion of fatty food particles
-Hence should be taken in small amount only.
eg- as in raw mango, lemon,tamarind etc.

Bitter taste:-[Katu Rasa]
-This is taste which cuts down and burns the unwanted fat
-Cleanses the toungue
-Helps to kill bad breath
-Increases the appitite
-Helpful in diabetis and even in skin diseses.Mainly when one has fever then he must go for kashaya rasa and katurasa included in thier diet for esay cure and aid digestion and improve the taste in the mouth.
-helpful in indigestion.
-This should not be taken in large quantity.It must be atken in minimal quantity.Daaily inatke of curry leaves and coriander leaves in form of seasoning to curries serves the purpose.Hence i say that Indian way of cooking is the best way which included all the shad rasa's[6 varities of taste]
-If taken in large amount it leads to dryness /rukshatha in the body, Increases Vata dosha in the body,And causes constipation also...
egs- bitter as in bittergaurd,neem leaves

Hot or spicy taste:-[Thiktha rasa]
This is a rasa which should be moderately taken.
-It also helps digestion of havey food
-Increases gastric secretion,and acidic level in the gastrium
-increases the taste perception
-Helps to reduce khapa
-Increases the savila secretion but not as sour taste
-Clears throat
-Should not be taken in greater amount as it harms tha walls of stomach by increasing the acidic levels.
-Harmful in acitidy problems as it further increases..
-VItiates pitta and increases it
-Causes burning sensation in gastrium/stomach and chest region
-Causes constipation
- Eg;-Spicy as in ginger ,pepper[these are good but when taken in right amount]

Salty taste:-[Lavana rasa]
-This is another rasa which sould be taken in minimal quantity
-It aids digestion
-Helps in maintaining acid base balance when taken in right amount
-cleanses toungue and oral cavities.Strenthens the teeth and gums,prevents cavity formation when brushed using salts
-liquifies the khapa,but increases when taken in greater amount.

SO these are about the day to day life indulgence of food and thier tastes.There are many more to come...