Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Alovera as a medicine

Aloevera is a plant with many synonyms.Its very useful in female and the diseases related to female hence the name ''Kumari''.Aloevera is a plant which is gaining its atmost popularity now a days.No only in a cosmetic field but also in the field of pharmasuetics also.This is a catus like plant with thorn at edges of the leave which is very pulpy in the centre.This plant is of real great value friends.I insist you all to keep a pot of aloevera in your house.This can also act as your first aid kit .

Medicinal values:

1.The pulp of the leaf is of great value.It helps in immidiate blood clotting in cuts and wound.Best medicine to stop bleeding.
2.This is also used in burning sensation due to sun burn etc
3.Also can be applied over the face as a face pack .This increases the glow and reduces the marks and clears the face.
4.This acts as a conditioner when applied to the hair.
5 Acts as anti dandruff when pulp is applied to the scalp.
6.Helps in regulating menstrual cycles in women{2tsp}.
7.If taken before 1 week of the actual date of mensus it can also help in preponing the mensusu in many women.
8.Good if applied to the centre of scalp in case of Jaundice.
9.Kashaya prepared out of this can be taken internally for any liver disorder.
10.Kumari asava is a ayurvedic drug which is used in many condition like anemia, jaundice,worm infestations and many more.
Thus there are many more used of kumari/Aloevera.

Method of extraction of the pulp from the leaves:
1.Take a leaf and wash it properly.Now trim out the thorns at the edges of the leaf.
2.Now remove the upper green portion of cuticle of the leaftill you see the transparent pulp.
3.Now scoop it out with the butter knife or scrape it with the help of spoon.
4.Wash it and add pinch off turmeric to it and use as said above.

-----Pulp of aloevera can do wonders in burning senastions of the eye.
-Remove the pulp out of a washed cleaned aloevera.This procedure must be performed in a dark room where there is no noise and dust.
-Ask the patient to sleep in supine posture /staight.Then place a piece of clean white cloth or a thin gauze piece over the closed lid.
-Then put the pulp of aloevera[ kumari] over the cloth.
-This must be retained by the patient for about 20 mins.
-Then slowly remove the pulp and cloth.Slowly rub the lids with wet cotton.And ask the patient to open the eyes after keeping the rubbed palm over the lids for 100 counts.

Best medicine for loose motion

Here is a simple yet a powerful home remedy for your problem of loose stools
This mat occur due to many causes
3.Food poisoning
4.Irritable bowl syndrome
5.Ulcerative colitis
6.Execise consumption of food without proper chewing of the food and so on....

1.Pomegranate fruit is a well known tasty fruit with beautiful colour.This has a unique medicinal property.This fruit taken in any for acts as a instant medicine.May be as a juice, Or fruit as a whole.
2.For the best effect, a strong decoction of the sun dried peal of Pomegranate is good.

Take about 3,4 pieces of the dried peal and add about 2 cups of water to it and boil in a medium heat without closing the mouth of the vessel.Cane sugar or sugar grystals can be added about 2 cubes,and reduce this decoction to1/2 cup.consume this 1 hr after your meal.

3.The same dried peal can be even powdered and kept in a airtight container .This powder can be take with thick curds .Take about 1/2 tsp of this powder and add this to 1 cup thick curds and consume it in empty stomach.
4.The strong decoction of tea i.e black tea also helps to stop the loose stools.

5.Curds by itself is also a medicine.Note that i am speaking of fresh sweet curds that is prepared thatday it should not be sour, in all the above cases.

Dear friends note that loose stools should not be stopped untill and unless its severe.If you tend to pass the stools 3-4 times then donot go for these measure.Just take a bit of curds, then keep drinking lots of water and lime juice with sugar and pinch of salt diluted with water.

6.When the patient experiences stomach upset for more than 1 day then i recomment a special medicine.This is a folklore medication easy to prepare and yummy too,

-Take about 1 large onion,chop lenght wise into thin pieces
-Then in a pan add 2-3 tsp of ghee .
-when the ghee melts and becomes hot add these thinly scliced onions and fry till the turn slightly brown.
- ask the patient to eat this with the rice as a meal.Nothing else should be given.
- this will reduce the catching pain in the abdomen and also the frequency of passing the stools.
It will also boost up the energy of the patient.