Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hair care with hibiscus

All of us are facing the problem with hairfall,lack of shine and nourishment to the hair,lusterless hair etc.....
Well friends here is a easy remedy to all of you with this problems.

Step 1:
-1st of all friends take some oil ,i prefer coconut oil in a small cup and keep in over a boiling water for 5 mins till the oilbecomes slightly warm.
-then take a cotton swab and dip it in the warm oil and then seperate your hair follicles in vertical and horizontal strips and apply the oil to the scalp.
- after this with the finger tips massage the scalp slowly and gently in circular fashion for 10 mins.
-Then comb you rhair gently for about 5 mins .

This increases the blood supply to the scalp and also helps in uniformly oiling your scalp.

Step 2:
-Take some fresh tender leaves and flowers of hibiscus( any type).
-Then wash and clean the leaves, bleand into a thick paste by adding enough water.
-Then apply it to the scalp and then to entire hair ,keep this mixture in the hair for 15 mins and then take bath.
-First pour about 3-4 mugs of water and allow the hair to soften.Then slowly rince the hair with only warm water then go for mild shampoo or any thing of your choise.

Aloevera can aalso be added here.This gives an extra conditionering effect to your hair.
You will see the effect in 1 st wash itself.
Continue the same for every wash for better results or atleast once in a week or 15 days.


Anonymous said...

gr8 tips--- thank u

Anonymous said...

hi,i m also from udupi,, thanks for ur blog i was looking for some natural remedy to get shiny hair.. thankz a lot.. if u have any other tips on hair care, please post them.

Nesha said...

Hi I just spent hours looking for recipes on how to use hibiscus flowers to improve my hair. Recently got interested in Ayurvedic hair care and everything else that it has to offer. I am new on the blogging this so link me up with suggestions if you can.

Parul said...

Hi I am really worried due to hhair fall.Give few tips for controlling hair fall.

Anonymous said...

hello sir ,this is dhana.i have pits on my face leftover after get ride of my pimples.these are very bad to see on my face.can u please suggest me any ayurvedic remedies to get ride of it.

mini said...

hi thr ,
i just wanted to ad that even wheatgrass juice is a very good option ... 6-8 leaves of wheat grass + 1 glass of water to be blend in a mixer then strain this juice .. to be taken early morning empty stomach .. Reduction in hair fall is seen from 15 th day ... :) try this its has help lot of my patients

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hiral Shah

Its simple best that you guide people with our natural herbs...but still i want some home remedies or natural remedies for gaining hair..if u find such pls dispaly soon..thanks good job

Ershad said...

Hi i m from AP any remedy for oily skin in ayurvedic ...My skin is so oily ..oil com out frequently ...wat to do

Harini said...

Nice Tips. I applied oil firstly then applied (curd with hibiscus tender leaves )paste on my scalp and after 20 mins i rinsed off. I have been doing the same treatment from few weeks and the result were that there was no dandruff, hair fall was very less and i found my hair healthy...

Deepti Kulshreshth said...

Can u please suggest a mild shampoo my hair are very rough also kindly suggest some home made shampoos

Priya Bohra said...

I am priya, i am suffering hair loss problem even my hair get dull, thin.
My hair has never become long, they are till shoulders.
Please help to recommend some home made remedies.