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Diet regimen to be followed by jaundice patients

Jaundice is a condition related to liver. The term jaundice comes from the French word jaune, meaning yellow. Jaundice is also called icterus.Its nothing but a condition of the liver where in there will be increased production of a pigment called bilirubin due to which there will be yellowish discoloration of the skin,mucous membrane,sclera the white part of the eyes, there will be increase amount of billirubin  in the blood stream which is called'' hyperbilirubinamea''   . Thia further leads to increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluid. Normally liver produced 2 types of pigments called bilirubin and bili veredin. Bilirubin is responsible of coloring the stools .Hence when there is jaundice we observe dark yellow coloured urine and stools.

Jaundice is a condition which is seen in hapatitis,liver chirrosis,liver cancers etc.

The jaundice is of 3 types :-
1. Pre -hapatic [here the pathology occurs above or prior to the liver]
2. Hepatic        [ Here the pathology lies within the liver itself]
3. Post-hepatic [ Here the patholagy lies below the liver]
Here the word hepatic means liver.

Liver is a organ which is known as the power house of our human body. It plays so many  important role like fat, carbohydrate metabolism etc.

Signs and symptoms:-
1.Yellowish discoloration of the sclera [ white part of the eye] and conjunctiva.
2. Yellowish discoloration of the nail bed and underneath the tongue.
3. Dark yellow urine and stools
4. Occasionally symptoms of gastritis like vomiting, severe pain in hypo gastric area , anorexia[ reduced appetite], nausea, fatigue.
5.Pain under the right rib cage if there is enlargement of the liver[inflammation] mainly while walking or deep breathing.[this can be differentiated from gastritis by the blood test.]
Diet to be followed my the person suffering from jaundice or any other disorder related to liver:-[ Patya]
The diet should be
1. Low in fat
2. High in proteins
3. Low  carbohydrates

Most beneficial vegetables:-
Mainly the plants that belong to cucurbitaceae  family,  or the cucurbit or gourd family

1.Bottle gourd  is the vegetable which should be used in large quantity. Its easy to digest, high in iron content,low fat and carbs.
2. Cucumber is a vegetable which will help to cool the body.It can be consumed in form of juice or eaten as it is.
3. As much as possible try to eat cooked food as the digestive power will be low during the course.

Important things to do during the phase of jaundice:
- Bread with lots of diluted or reduced fat milk is very beneficial.This is high in proteins which is very beneficial for the recovery of liver.
-Bottle gourd can be consumed in for of sides or we can prepare gruel adding rice to it.
- The diet should involve less or no salt preferably
- Jaggery added to the vegetable is beneficial.
- The diet should not involve any form of fat eg- oil,ghee ,butter etc is not advised at all.try avoiding this for at least 45 days preferably 2 month period.
- the food should be mild in spices like chilly etc. peppercorns are preferred than chilies.
- Drink ample amount of water.
- Avoid going out in hot sun mainly after 11.00 in the morning up to 4.00 pm in the evening

1.Apply the pulp of  aloevera to your scalp and leave it for at least an hr to two. This has a very good medicinal value and will also help to keep body cool.
2. Try to eat the pulp of aloe or even the juice empty stomach for 1 week.
3. Prepare the kashaya /decoction of bhoomi amalaki  / locally called nela nelli ( Phyllanthus niruri)
Take about 4-5 1 feet lenght healthy plant and chop it up to about 1-2 inches in length add water about 2 cups and bring to a boil . Now simmer and reduce the same until it comes to 3/4 cup.
Then sieve the contents and the filtered decoction should be consumed daily after about 1.30 hrs after the breakfast.

Note about the drug Phyllanthus niruri :-
This is a small herb which grows like a weed in the winter season .
It grows to about 1-2 feet in height.Has small oblong  leaves.The main thing which is required for its identification is if you lift the small branches on the lower surface of the stem i.e just below the leaves you can see mall round mustard sized seeds.
Whole plant is used for medical purpose.
It plays an important role in -
- urinary tract/ kidney  disorders
-UTI ( urinary tract infection)
- boosts immunity
- used in liver disorders mainly jaundice
- helps in weight reduction
- anti diabetic

Jaundice in terms of ayurveda-
Jaundice is called as kaamala in Sanskrit.Its the disorder related to yakrith that is liver.It is a rakthavaha  strothas related vyadhi. Mainly caused due to margavarodha of rakthavaha sthrothas.

For pain and fever in the initial days-
1. Agni tundi
2 .Mrithyunjaya rasa
3. Chandra prabha vatti

For the liver -
1.Kumari aasava
2.Aaragya vardhini vatti
3. Bhoomi amalaki kashaya
4. Aloevera
5. Pathya

In case of proper diagnosis of this condition the blood test like liver  function test is very beneficial . Here the level of bilirubin[ total,conjugate and unconjugate] will be considerably high with, urobilinogenand alkaline phosphate level[ALP] too which will be increased.

Complications of jaundice includes sepsis especially cholangitis, biliary cirrhosis, pancreatitis, coagulopathy, renal and liver failure


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