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This is the season when people suffer from various kind of illness. Cough and cold,running nose,sinusitis,fever, loose motion ,vomiting are most amongst them. Today in my this post i will be dealing with some medicines for cough and cold ,running nose for both adults and kids who are of 1+ age.

1.The ingredients that you will need are as follows:-

turmeric - 1 tsp
honey - 1 tsp
freshly extracted ginger juice - 1tsp
pepper powder - 1tsp
lemon juice -1 tsp

Method of consuming:-
Mix all the 5 ingredients mentioned above in a bowl and should be taken early morning in empty stomach.
This course of medicine should be repeated for another 4-5 days although you see the patient has recovered.

Working mode of the drug:-
This will help to liquify all the thickened sputum and remove it out from the body.
It purges out through any of the out let.i.e- either mouth or may be expelled thro' stools.
Some times the patients may even vomit out after taking this medicine. Its absolutely ok. Its actually good if they throw out in that manner so he can feel a bit relieved too.
You may also observe a bit loose stools in some which is another way of expelling the sputum.

2. Ginger juice:-
This one is helpful for productive cough especially when the sputum becomes very thick and foul smelling.

Ginger juice - 2 tsp
honey - 1 tsp
turmeric powder - 1 pinch

Mode of intake:-
Mix all the ingredients and consume it after light food. In case of kids 1/2 tsp each of ginger and honey will be enough. You can even increase the amount of honey if the kid is very small.This can be given to 8-12 months baby too

3. Pepper decoction:-
Pepper corn - 2 tsp
water - 2 cups
jaggery - 2 tsp
ghee - 1 drop

Mode of intake :-
Crush the pepper corn coarsely . Add them to a sauce pan with the water and simmer and allow it to reduce to 3/4 cup then add ghee and jaggary and bring one boil. Sieve and serve when its warm .

This can be taken at any time of day.good for both dry as well as productive cough.

4. Jeera laddo :-
Jeera [cumin] seeds - 2-3 tsp
jagrary - 1tbsp

1. Dry roast the cumin seeds in a pan until they turn a bit dark in color .
2. Crush it by pounding it with jaggery.
3. This will for a single sticky mass. Now roll out small ladoos out of them and store in a air tight container.
4. Have frequently when throat irritates .
5. This is very good for dry cough and throat irritations.


Sahana said…
I am sahana from pune, maharashtra. My daughter 14 years old, has tonsillitis. she gets affected by it very often, twice a month with infections, fever etc. Is there any remedy for it in ayurveda. ENT doctor has recommended tonsillectomy.
Please give your suggestions. Thank you.
suneel said…
what is jagery?
plz advise other remidies to avoide dry cough as my sister is suffering from dry cough since last 1 week

Anonymous said…
Dear Dr. Soumya,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for a beautiful blog with any pop ad windows (which is rare to find)for our natural Ayurveda medicine.

I need your suggestion on the persistence cough I am having since a week. Actually, my daughter (who lives in a hostel) recently visited me and had the same cough which we (my husband and I) are having now. It is wet cough with very minimal fever (sometimes at night). The phlegm is yellow and brown in color.

I would really appreciate if could provide me with some home remedies. I have taken ginger and honey but didn't see any change. Last night I have started chewing Tulsi leaves. My daughter's cough (almost 20 days) is still not gone completely. It is very difficult for me to sleep at night. At present it is 3.23 AM and I am unable to sleep due to cough.

Chetana Hegde said…
Hey Sowmya, these are very simple to prepare at home too... Thanks a ton for sharing!

Keep up the good work...
The best remedy to overcome nasal congestion is to use netipot or take a breathe with warm water shake. This antique solutions might works lately.

Felicia Martin said…
I have been suffering from Hypothyroid for a decade. But after taking thyroid natural supplements and it has significantly eased many of the symptoms. I continue to use it regularly and I definitely recommend it for non –hypothyroid persons too.
I can see that you have an expertise on this topic, I would very much like to hear more from you on this subject – I’ve bookmarked this and will return soon more about it, thank you.

Mag said…
Very useful. @Naresh, thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,
I am married and suffering from premature ejaculation (ejaculate within 4-5 seconds). I have tried many medicines but could not get permanent relief. Please suggest a permanent cure for this situation. please reply at my mail:

New Delhi
Age- 28 years

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