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Early preganacy signs

I always like to come up with the common problems what most of them experience,or request and easy and quick remedy for those.So this time i would like to write somethings regarding the pregnancy and simple tips to conceive early,and for some problem what a lady faces in early pregnancy.Pregnancy is the most exciting as well as panic experience what the women experiences in their life time.
A women conceives when the fertilization takes place.The fertilization takes place when a healthy egg is united with a healthy active sperm.This condition is called as fertilization.This main takes place during the fertile period of the cycle.Normally women have a regular menstrual cycle of 30- 35 days.Mid of this phase say if the cycle is of 28 days then 14 day is considered as the most fertile period.So the couple who are planning for kids are supposed to unite during the fertile period.Normally 3-4 days before ovulation and after ovulation is the ideal time .i.e- 10th to 20th day of the cycle.

Ideal position for making love while planning:-
Normal any position which both of the partners feel comfortable is considered as an ideal position.But the supine position with the male on the top and female on the bottom is considered as the best as it aids the semen to entre into the uterine cavity thro' the OS.Its even better if the female places a pillow to elevate her hip to aid further easy tract for the sperms to swim directly.If you see the anatomical position of the uterus thro' side ways in simple words i say it as 'c 'roughly.Its bent in shape , hence the pillow aids the sperms to swim well as the semen can enter easily.

The lady must retain the semen for at least 20-30 mins as it can slide into the uterine cavity thro'the vaginal tract.Then she may wash it and keep it clean.

Its believed according to Ayurveda classics one who wishes to carry a female baby must lie to the left side after making love and for a baby boy towards her right side .

Early signs of pregnancy:-
-Missed periods
-Morning sickness
-V omitting
-Loss of taste
-Excessive tiredness
-Slight back ache
-Reduced sleep
-Excessive salivation
-Mild head ache
-Mood swings[Due to hormonal changes]
-excessive urination[Frequency]
-disliking things or eatables or smell of those which she used to like before.

Later after 50-60 days-
-Increase in breast size.
-Body hair increases and darkens even the unwanted hairs like facial and around the navel region thickens and increases
-Mild cramps
-back ache
-increases urination
-feeling hungry but not able to eat.....

Remedies for morning sickness:-
-As the lady cannot eat its better to consume small meals in every 2-3 hrs.
-Just before getting up from the bed try eating some biscuits or dry crackers and then getting up after 5 mins .this will help to reduce the nauseating sensation to a greater extent.
-Keep drinking water frequently as if there is vomiting this may lead to dehydration hence keep yourself hydrated.
-Try drinking kashayam prepared out of crushed coriander seeds daily.
-Crush the coriander seeds add cane sugar and dissolve and keep it for 3 hrs and then have sip of this water every now and then.
-Try deviation your mind .Hear to some good music,watch some nice movies or read some good books or so.
-Try having small snacks or fruits in every 2 hrs.As taking small quantity every 2hrs reduces the vomiting sensation and reduce the stomach movements.Better to take small meals every 2hrs than 3 heavy meals.
-Try having balanced diet as its very necessary for the growth of the baby.

Certain food items to avoid during pregnancy:-
-Fast foods
-Coffee ,tea or any other caffeine drinks
-Spicy food
-Oily or excessive fatty food
-vegetables like drumstick, bitter gourd, colocasea[Patra],raw papaya,pine apple etc.

No smoking or drinking alcohol its strictly prohibited during the course of pregnancy as it causes congenital deformities and even retardation in the new born.the baby may be still born also.

- Rest is very much essential in the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy.
-Indulge in plenty of liquid diet and keep your self hydrated.
- Do not over eat.
-Have ample amount of sleep
- Exercise is good.One can indulge in simple exercise or simple yoga's until and unless the gynic strictly says no.
-Be happy and get pampered
-Do not lift heavy weights or indulge in straneous exercises.


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