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Immunity is the natural way by which our body protects us from natural ailments or diseases. Our body has immune system by the help of which our body can fight against antigens which was previously recognized by the defense mechanism. This is mainly done by the antibodies. There are certain primary detector cells which recognizes the antigens just when they enter into our body and produces antibodies to protect our body against them. The bodies immune system thus acts like a key in the maintenance of good physical health.
A nutritious balanced diet ,healthy life style,clean and clear healthy environment,genetics all of these factors directly helps in building up the immune system.
The immune system which is like an army protecting and guarding our body is based on the lymphatic system and the white blood cells of the body[blood stream]. There are many other organs which also contribute like spleen,skin,respiratory,digestive etc. The lymphatic system comprises of the various regions where in lymph nodes are located i.e, network of lymph nodes and vessels which helps in returning fluids from inter cellular spaces to the actual blood stream which then circulates all over the body. The lymph node,thymus gland and spleen are the constituents of lymphatic system. This lymphatic system produces lymphocytes it further engulfs or kills the foreign particles,cancerous cells or microbes. Thus their presence in the blood stream is as special indication.
There are 2 types of lymphocytes-
1.T- lymphocytes [produces by thymus glands]
2.B- lymphocytes [ produces by the spleen ]

The white blood cells found in the blood stream like phagocytes and and lymphocytes destroys the invading bacterias and removes the dead or unwanted cells and tissues which cause damage.

Signs of low immunity :-
The person becomes vulnerable to cold ,flue ,throat pain,head ache,fever , allergies etc more frequently

Auto immune diseases:-
Connective tissue disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis,Rheumatic fever,Scleroses,SLA etc

The food articles and habits which helps in boosting the body's immune system are-
1. Food rich in vitamin A,B -complex,C and E.
2. Food comprising of high calcium,selenium and zinc.
3. Omega-3 and 6- fatty acids which are usually found in nuts,seeds and oily fishes.
4. The proteins which are found in lean meat, fish and pulses.
5. Fibers found in fruits ,veggies,grains and pulses.
6. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, pranayama and such other breathing exercises,yoga,meditation
7. Clean environment.
8. Bright ventilation .


vandana said…
Dr. Soumya, you have a wonderful and very helpful blog. i hope you continue with it. I have benefitted in many ways reading your remedies.... Thank you ..
vasanta said…
Dear Doctor
I have a problem that after eating my stomack always become bloating and creates uneasyness. recently i have light pain in my upper portion of stoamac and loose motion twice a day. can you give some home remedy for this problem
i am 43 year old lady.
pat said…
Hi Dr Soumya,
read your blog of immunity with interest. I write for a health mag called '4thD Wellbeing.' I am writing an article on how to raise your immunity. Can I quote from your blog on this matter?
I would appreciate an early reply/
Thank you,
Patricia Chandrashekhar
Anonymous said…
Can aurvedic medicine or certain diet help in curing PFAPA syndrome in children?

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