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Hidden secrets about nature

1.Sweet potato:-

Rich source of vitamin B6,C,E, beta-Carotene,iron,potasium,fibers

Variety of vegetable:

Some facts about this tuber-
The orange variety is better than the white as it contains more beta-carotene than the white. Beta -carotene is a carotinoid with anti- viral,anti-cancer,anti-oxidant properties. Hence go for the orange variety
This is a carotene which our body converts into vitamin A which helps to fight against cancer.
The vitamin E here helps to maintain good health of skin and hair.
The skin is full of fibres
This vegetable can help to lower the cholesterol and enhances the digestive function naturally.


Carrot is a vegetable which is rich in nutrients essential for the eyes,improves vision.


Vitamin K, beta carotene, Folate, Calcium, Iron Zinc, lots of essential fibres.

- Carrots are the richest sources of beta carotene which is further converted by our body to vitamin A which is an anti -oxidant.
- This helps to fight against virus,cancer cells and prevents heart diseases by streanthening the cells in natural way.
- Its rich in Vitamin K which is useful in blood clotting and quick healing of wounds
- As its rich in fibres it helps in proper digestion of intaken food articles and expulsion of wastes.Thus renders a healthy heart condition.
- It contains chromium which helps in regulating blood sugar level and meets sugar cravings in case of diabetic patients.


root vegetable

Vitamin B1 , beta carotene, Fibers.

Types of yams:-
White , yellow and purple

- Yellow variety is rich in beta carotene.
- Helps in boosting immune system as it strengthens the cells due to vitamin A [Conversion].
- Assists the body to deal with pollutants.
- vitamin B1 is used to increase the energy levels and eases depression,stress thus inturn helps in boosting immune system
- As they are rich in fibres it helps in keeping the digestive system in good condition.



- Vitamin B1,bB3, B6, C,folate, copper, iron, potassium, fibres.

Cheap and rich starchy vegetable.
- Rich in vitamin C which is very essential to keep the immune system healthy.
- New potatoes are much better compared to old as they are rich in antioxidants.
- The fibres here aid the process of digestion and lowers cholesterol .Thus heart healthy.
- Vitamin B6 again boosts the immune system by by boosting amino acids which are essential for good health.B6 is very essential for the phagocytes to engulf or eat up the waste materials and dead cells.



Vitamin B1, B6, Sulfur compounds,flavonoids.

-Good and helps in building up immunity
-the strong odour helps in tingling the nerve endings,thus helps to regain conscious in sizures.
-It has a higher level of flavonoid quercetin,which is a strong anti oxidant which can check or block the growth of cancerous cells.
- Quercetin is anti -inflamatory,anti biotic & anti viraland like beta carotene its not destroyed by cooking.
- Its found that onion helps in supressing the activity of halico bacter pylori bacterium ,which is resposible for the food poisoning and ulcers in the gastrium.
- It helps to lower the cholesterol,thinning the blood and prevents clot formation . Thus heart friendly.
- Good when taken during running nose and dry cough whith a piece of jaggery.It must be taken raw.
- It may cause indigestion in people with gastro-intestinal problems ,especially when consumed in raw condition.


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