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Calcium rich food

Todays topic is about calcium, its role,food contents which are rich in calcium and ways to prevent reduced calcium count and protect the health of bones.As this was requested by one of the regular visitor here i am with this topic.

To begin with calcium is the essential component of the body.Its a mineral which helps in building the skeletal frame of the body.Bones and the teeth in our body mainly contains calcim with phoshorus that is in the form of calcium phosphate.
Calcium is one such mineral which is produced in our body to a little extent .It is absorbed from the blood and store in bones to a little extent.

Generally the growth of the body takes place from 0-25 yrs of age.It various in each indivisual.Noramally at an average -
Femals its from 0-19 yrs
Males its 0-22 yrs at an average.
This is mainly carried out by the growth harmaone which is released from pitutory glands located in the brain.But the body continues to built up the bone mass and the density up till 30 yrs of ageHEnece one must indulge in food habbits which is rich in calcium,magnesiun,potassium and vitamin-D and K2 throughout childhood and adolescence for a healthy and strong bone.

Reasons for reduce calcium levels-
1.Poor absorbtion of calcium by the system
2.Reduced intake of calcium
3.Some thyroid gland malfunctioning[As its responsible for the maintanace of calcium level in the body.
4.During the menopausal period.
5.unkown causes
6.Improper assimilation of calcium .

Reduced calcium level in the body leads to :-
-frequent fractures of the bone
-delayed clotting of blood if there is some injury
-cavities in tooth.
-reduced body weight
-problems related to heart as it helps in pumping actions of the heart.
-pain in multiple joints etc

Causes of osteo porosis:
-Reduced calcium intake
-sedentory life style
-improper care during menopause
-cigarette smoking
-excessive alcohol intake
-intake of immuno suppressive drugs
-harmonal imbalance
-improper fuctioning of thyroid glands

Food items which are rich in calcium :-
Animal product:
-Curds/yogurt [contains much calcium than milk also]
-Cheese [note ricotta cheese is rich in calcium than any other cheese]
-fish [salmon with bone is really a good source of calcium]
-meat with bones are much beneficial

Plant product:
-Soya milk,and even curds etc.
-Soya bean
-Turnip leaves
-All leafy vegetables
-corn bread


Very informative post which will help mos of the women in preventing problems due to lack of Calcium

My mother is suffering from osteo porosis and thrice she was operated for hip joint fracture, Also last month she fractured 2 fingures and before that somewhere in spine or something.

I am quite sure if we consume the food produts mentioned by you will help to avoid all that
Seema said…
I am so proud of you aatha. Eshtu chendakke yella explain madi baradde. Loved reading it.
Loves and hugs
swapna said…
hi soumya
as always very informative.these days the calcium deficiency is becoming common in every body.thanks for helping us with ur words.
Gattina said…
thanks a lot for this useful info!
Roopa said…
wonderfull info Soumya,
do you have suggestions for old age vayu/gaseous body. My dad is suffering nange ootakke yen plan madbeku antha rashi kasta agthu. IF possible can you give some remedies. He has tried om, garlic, hingastaka churna and takes regular soups too but nowdays he is facing lot of flatulence and gas.
Vcuisine said…
Very useful for ladies Soumya. Which we normally ignore after 30. Viji
Snehal said…
Hi Soumya,
Thanks for really good information.
suzan said…
nice article about potassium...very informative and beneficial for me...thanks
suzan said…
nice article about potassium...very informative and beneficial for me...thanks
Anonymous said…
thank you very much brother have low calcium rate becouse his thyroid is removed last july.your advice very improtent me and i like to tell you, you doing great work with this web thank you again.
Anonymous said…
Dr, soumya bhat, good noon,
last 14th november in a accident my anklet bone broken, may be hair line, but doctor platster for 40 days, in these days me feel how much calcium reduce in my body, although me a health person, and vegatrain. on google me search u and read this topic. thank to write good topic and suggestion. if u dont mind and hve and suggestion for me, u can send me mail
me a senior journalist age 52,
thanks again
sreedevi said…
Hi Soumya,

Thanks for all the info. I think you are really doing a wonderful job by giving all the valuable knowledge of Ayurveda. It is a kind of service you are doing to people.
God bless.

Pandeji said…
Important: Onions help in reducing resorption ie loss of bone cells. Very useful for those having Osteoporosis or O'penia
Keviv said…
Hello Soumya
Thanks much for the information on calcium. Other than the food list, do you recommend any calcium tablets that you feel will enrich calcium in the body..for people more than 30 years..Thanks
Raj said…
Hi Dr..
this is Raj from Kerala, am 28 now but am only 46 kgs and also my hands are very lean..please help to gain waiting 4 the reply...please kindly ..
Raj said…
Hi Dr..
Am Raj fro m 28yrs now..ut am only 46 kgs..please help me to gain weight..i prefer Ayurveda treatment..please do t need ful
I am Aziz from Indore (M.P) I am 22 years old my weight is only 45 kgs please sir helped how to gain weight fast and naturally

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