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Veggie Secrets

Today i will write some secrets about the vegetables.These vegetables not only satisfy our hunger but are also rich sources of vitamins ,various minerals and Salts.Adding to it in Ayurveda we say there is not plant which has no medicinal values.Similarly the todays topic.Here i will be saying the medicinal properties of various vegetables and fruits.

Botanical name:-Zingiber officinale

-Helps in cough
-good medicine for indigetion
-helps in abdominal distention and gas problems
-helps to liquify the solid sputum[flem]
-Good for comman cold
-Increases appitite and taste senstion
-Good if taken during fever.
-tea out of ginger root prevents morning sickness in pregnant woman,It also helps in heart burn in pregnants
-when chewed raw prevents the onset of motion sickness
-Produce execcive perspiration.Hence helps in fever condition to regulate and check the body temperature from rising

2.Garlic:[ Botanical name-Allium sativum; Family -Liliaceae]

- Kills cholestrol
-helps in maintaining a healthy heart
-acts as anti-helmentric[worms]
-Acts as analgesic to little extent
-Increases appitite
-Clears tongue and increases taste sensation
-anti microbial
-anti bacterial
-anti parasitic
-increases tones of intestine and helps in problems related to this like loose stools etc
-helps in good digestion of even heavy foods
-helps in all gastro-intestinal disorders
-helps in good functioning of liver,galbladder and stomach
-helps in bronchitis,sinus,comman and viral colds
-helps in reducing increased level of blood sugar
-helps in High blood pressure and is usually recommended
-in athero sclerosis[colestrol related problems
-helpful in most varities of viral infections
-used in migraine and other head aches
-helps in removal of corn[place it over the corn and allow it to stay there by bandaging for 1/2 day/12 hrs]


-Good source of iron,helps in increasing heamoglobin
-Helps in indigestion
-Helps in cough and comman cold


-Helps in mild hypertention
-rich source of sodium leaves:

-helps in bad breath
-Helps in abdominal discomforts
-gas disturbance in the stomach
_Pain abdomen
-Activates the appitite
-Kills unwanted bacterial growth


-helps in bad breath
-Increasing appitite
-Helps in weight reduction
-Helps in indigetion
-Helps in fluid rebalance
-Helps in muscle cramps

7.Coriander leaves:

-Good for eye sight
-Helps fast hairgrowth when applied to scalp
-Rich source of iron
coriander seeds-
-helps in abdomial discomfort due to gaseous distention
-relieves pain
-increases appitite
-anti spasmodic
-helps in indigestion.increases digestion
-increases urin out put
-helpful in burning sensation during the process of urination[burning micturation]
-also a wormicidal action
-gives a very good relief in joint disorders including rhematism when applied to the painful joints
-used in eye disorders
-used for washing the skin in skin disorders like eczema
-cosmetic purpose

8.Curry leaves:

-Helps in killing cholestrol
_kills fat when taken in empty stomach
_Helps in diebetes
-Increases Heamoglobin percentage in blood


-helps in urinary tract infections
-Good when taken during jaundice
-cooling effect
-kidney and bladder diseases
-diseases related to stomach and intestine
-in conditions like cold,cough,bronchitis its very helpful
-its also used as anthelmintics i.e in different ttypes of worm trobles
-helpful in skin problems
-gives a clean glow to the face
helps in pimples and various other raktha pradoshaja vikara.
-its very light for digestion,hence best diet during conditions like fever and cold also.
-kidney stone [urinary calculus]
-used in daibetes
-also helps to relieve diarrhoea and the pain which is caused as a side effect.


-used in worms{anti-helmentic]
-helps in spasmodic pain to a little extent
-helps in heart problems to a little extent
-increases out put of urine
-increases the milk secretion in a lactating mother{galactogauge]
-helps in eliminating stools out properly as its rich fibrous vegetable
-helps in liver conditions
-helps to increase heamoglobin which inturn treats aneamia
-increases the appitite
-rich source of glucose hence helps in relieving fatigue
-helps in boosting immune system
-acts as tonic when consumed with honey
-very beneficial when taken with milk in case of comman cold.
-beneficial in problems related to gastro intestinal tract i.e- all stomach and intestine related cases
-acts as a tonic and helps the liver,pancreas and kidney to performthier function properly
-anti helmentic
-improves and corrects visionary errors and ,helps in good eye sight
-Helps in constipation as its a rich source of fibres
-recommended in cases of hemorroids


-used in urinary tract infection
-increases urine out put
-used in worms
-helps in releiving pain to a little extent
-it stimulates the secretions of digestive juices,hence helps in easy digestion
-good dietory suppliment in weight watchers diets
-rich source of potasium hence helps in swelling and other cases of water retention
-rich source of water hence helps in dehyration cases
-its cool by nature and suppose to produce calming effect over the nervous system.
-helps in cough which is dry and reccurant in nature
-helps in stones in urinary system
-helps in eye irritations


-helps in releivingspasmodic type of pain
-calms down mental tentions and worries,helps in reduces sleep condition and favours sound sleep
-diuretics[increases urine out put]
-increases milk secreations in a lactating mother
-reduces the gastric secretions and helps in acidity of stomach/gastritis
-used as eye wash in eye discomforts ,conjunctivitis

13.Parsley:[Botanical name-petroselinum;family-Umbilliferae]

-helps in relieving pain as it has anesthetic action
-anti spasmodic
-increases the hunger and appetite
-increases urine out put
-increases digestion
-helful in urinary tract diseases
-hepful in hear realted diseases
-helps in bad breath
-helps in gum inflamatins and cleanses mouth and renders freshness
-helpful in stomach and digestive tract disorders
-relieves thirst
-as it stimulates the utrine musclesw helps in menstuation and regulates the menstrual cycle
-helpful in diabetis to a little extent
-imroves vision
-juice of parsley with lemon juice helps in removing freklesand various other skin pigmentations
-helpful in skin disorders

14.Rasberry:[botanical name-Rubus strigosus;family-Rosaceae]

-anti bacterial
-good tonic
-increases appitite
-tea of rasberry helps in comman cold,fever
-it helps in quick recovery of diseases of stomach and intestine
-helps in diarrhoea
-increases hb%
-helps in respiratory disorders
-acne problems[both internally and externally]
-prevents baldness and premature greying of hair
-rasberry leaves act as a tonic when taken during the course of pregnancy


-Fennel seeds are used to prepare tea which helps to reduce morning sickness in pregnant ladies

16.Sage:[Botanical name-Salvia officinalis;family- Labiatae]

-used for sore throat [decoction form]
-anti septic action,hence helps in wound healing
-anti spasmodic
-helps in productive cough as an expectorant.
-used in female sterility
-usually in diseases of upper respiratory tract and oral problems
-in tonsillitis,laryngitis,gum infection
-bad breath
- in skin diseases
-in conditions of hair loss exeternal application of sage is beneficial
-its used to decrease the milk secretion in nursing mothers.
- helps in digestion
-gastric problems
-inflamation of gastero intestinal tracts
-should be AVOIDED during pregnancy


Botanical name:- Thymus serpellum/T.vulgaris
part used for medicinal purpose- Arial.[everything above the ground]

-whooping cough
-tooth pain
-for joint pains[used in bath]
-Infungal and other skin diseases its quite useful
-used in cough,bronchitis,asthama[as expectorant]
-stomach pain,indigestion,stomach infections
-most commanly used for bedwetting and diarrhoea in kids
-In condition like dandruff [externally]

19.Bay leaves:

Botanical name:- Cocculus indicus

-used for travel sickness

20.Okra [ladies finger]

-This ia vegetable rich in vitamin B and C
-Rich in folic acid
-Rich source of iron
-Increases the Memory power
-Helps in good memory and brain development in kids
-It helps in easy delivery if taken during the course of pregnancy
-Rich source of fibres,and starch


Seema said…
I am prod of you babe!!! keep up the good work...This indeed will be helpful as we know what exactly each of these veggies are good in.
Thank you so much
Luv ya always
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Thanks .Will try my best to come up with good articles
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the information. You have covered a lot of common Indian veggies. It really answers my earlier question to you!
Thank you.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there.Thanks.Watch out there are many more to come.
Anonymous said…
Just came across your site.Very informative.I have bookmarked your site.Keep up the good work.
Is it possible that i contact you personally through your email id as i want home remedies for my personal problem,my mail-id is
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hmm You can contact me thro my id will be glad to help you out.
Vinutha said…
Hey Sowmya, can u tell me how garlic has to be consumed to reduce cholestrol? shud it be consumed raw?
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hey vinutha.
AS i have already said garlic is the best medicine for cholestrol.FOr this problem i suggest the person to take garlic chopped or mined.Simple gobling the garlic as it is goes waste.So increase itin the dishes you cook daily.May be consumed by roasting or adding as a paste or any desired for.
Garlic should be cut for the medicinal properties to release out and show its a ction in the body.
For one who dont like the raw smell crush a little bit of garlic and immerse it in buttermilk and eat it.this removes the raw smell.But good if you can eat it raw at the bed time.
Vcuisine said…
Soumya, nothing but a library. Very handy to refer. I saved it for my future reference also. Thanks for sharing. Viji
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi viji thanks again.Keep visiting there are many more to come.
Anonymous said…
Hi Soumya,

This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information.

I had emailed you with couple of questions , not sure you received. But I think I got some of my answers from this article. Thank you and will look forward to read more stuff from your blog.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi there ,
Have checked all my mails.Havent recieved a mail from you i feel.Could you just send it again so that i can answer it for you.l will love to answer them for you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Soumya. Just sent you an email to the yahoo id mentioned in your earlier posts.
Anonymous said…
Hi Sowmya,

I have just gone thru your's informative and useful..
i prefer to use herbal products for internal/external..

Thank you for providing such a good info.

Anonymous said…
very informacial site. thanks.. i prefer following ayurveda cures rather then intaking medicines.
Anonymous said…
Dear Sowmya,

Tks. for such a great information. Could u enlighten me as to how to use the coriander leaves to the scalp.

Would appreciate your feedback.

Oycie D'silva
shoukat said…
Hi Sowmya,

I have just gone thru your site.. and useful.. thnx a lot.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Dr. Soumya,

You have done e really wonderful service to all those who are interested in such topics.

However i notice that some of the much useful vegis have been left out e.g. bitter guard, bottle guard etc.

Have you covered more vegis at some other place.

Look forward to yr reply.

Anonymous said…

I happened to see your blog today. It was like seeing my mother's home medicines back. Thanks for the useful tips. Continue writing. Its a service for humanity
Anonymous said…
Hi Doc,
I recently had a ectopic(in the ovary) pregnancy and was given methotrexate injection.

Can you please suggest me some food to recover body and for healthy uterus and reproductive system. I would like to try immediately for pregnancy after a gap of 4 months.

Anonymous said…
Gastric acid reflux relief is a problem that is at the center of the medical communities attention .
baby eczema said…
If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I stir some herbs or spices in with the vegetables.
Cool Blog I like this post thanks a lot for this wonderful blog.

Smith ALan

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