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Some hints to control kidney stones or stones related to urinary tract.

This is one of the comman complaint what most of the people face in present days.There are many causes for this problem of stones.There are various varities of stones.They may be uric acid crystals,calcium oxalate crystals,Cystine stones and many more varities of stones.The problem of urinary calculi is more comman in males than in females.The ratio is 3:1.

The urinary stones are of different sizes and shapes.They may be samll as sand or large as a marble.They may have smooth surface or a cutting edge and rough.The small stones of the size of about-4-5 cmm pass of easily and requires no medication.They may even remain unidentified of a long time.But those larger and with irregular surface often causses pain when they dislocate from its position ,and when thrown out of the body.

Causes and measures for thier prevention:
-First and most comman cause is reduced intake of water.Most of us do not take enough amount of water.An healthy indivisual should consume atleast 2-3 litres of water in a day.So this should be the first step to be taken to avoid the reccurance and even as a prevention for urinary stones.One who are already facing the problem i advice them to increase the volume of water intake to atleast 2-3 times from before.

-IF one with holds the urge of urination and retains it in the bladder for long time in due course it will result in the formation of Calculi[stone].This may be due to work or circumstances.This is a bad habbit and causes various other problems like pain in the lower abdomen,infections of urinary tract,headache etc.Hence never try to with hold the urge of micturation for too long.


Next consuming execcive salt and mineral rich diet.Lemme tell you excess of anything is always harmful.So reduce intake of such food articles.Take a balanced diet.

Execive intake of green leafy vegetables which are rich sources of calcium and many otherminerals and salt is not advisable,Cabbage must be avoided as much as possible.Even cucumber should not be taken too much.Once in 10-15 days is ok.


Ask pateint to take excessive fluids in his diet,barley water is a very good medicine.

-Following a sedentary life style is also a cause for the urinary calculi

-The risk increases in those who comsume lots of legumes and pulses and also those who take it very often.


The juice extracted from the stem of banana plant is the best medicine.It crushed the stones and removes it out from the tract and eliminates it out from the body.The reason is its rich in fibers and has got a medicinal property to crush the stones.
The stem of banana plant taken in any form is very helpful in this case..Even the juice from the roots of banana plant is beneficial
- consuming banana daily also acts as a preventive measure.

-Even the atmospheric conditiond contribute to the formation of stones.Eg- living in tropical regions,i.e-where the temperature is very high there the concentration of uric acid increases and exessive sweat leads to reduction of water levels in the body.If the person does'nt take enough water it will leads to stones formation in the urinary tract.

-People working in mines are much prone to such problems.

-People working in office with AC will naturally tend to sweat less and inturn lead to reduced intake of water which also leads to this problem again.

-Exessive intake of spicy food and sodium rich food is also a cause for this

- intake of execess of salt in the diet is also harmful.

-Avoid execcive intake of non vegetarian food ,spicy food and sour tastes in food.
-There is an execellent medicine in ayurveda for this problem.


Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hey sapna,
Here is teh answer to your question which i have pasted below.Hope your doubts are cleared .Any more doubts ill be happy to clear them.Thanks

u are really helping us to know every good things about nature's wonderfull veggies.thanku..
my hubby has a problem with kidney stones.can u please advise me with what i can controll them to be developing?he has that problem since 7 years.he is presently using CYSTONE tablets..thanku...
USHA said…
Hi Sowmya,

Doing great job man!!!Really i appreciate your interest, i don't how many people who studied pay interest to share their knowledge with others,unless we go and approach them..

You took pain to create this blog and sharing your knowledge with all.Hats off!!!
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hey Usha.Thanks dear.Pleasure is mine.
Manasi said…
Hi Soumya, this is truly a wonderful blog! Keep it up! am mailing my uncle to go thru this... my grandma is old and some remedies u hv are good for her (increase heamoglobin)Thank u!
Pooja said…
Hi Soumya,
I just dropped here ,and was trule amazed by the knowledge yu are serving to us. A great job you are doing , i alwasy adore people like you , who keeps doing work silently to help others. Hats off to you .
thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us. Recently my hubby got kidney stone, and he went undr lepothrespy ( a laser treatment to break the stone) , now he has stone of size 5-6 mm , and as doctors says it will eventually pass on. but what i am worried about is when it moves down or shifts his position, it occurs with unbearable pain to Hubyy. what is the fastest way to get the stone pass on easily. kindly help me with that. currently doctors have suggested Cystone tablets . thanks in advance.
take care
Trupti said…
This is such a great resource.....please keep posting more articles, especially some ayurvedic remedies for Migraines..that would be so helpful!

Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hey pooja,
Thanks Dear.The stone up to 4-5 mm is considered as small once and do not need any extra medications generally.Usuallt they pass off by themself.Well for this to pass of at the quick rate i suggest to drink atleast 3 litres of water per day,[that is plain boiled and cooled water]Then barley water may be added to the diet list.There are some ayurvedic medicines Which help a lot here .The sizes like this pass of without causing any pain when displaced.Lemme tell the names-
1.Chandra prabha vati- 3 times a day with warm water[tablet]
2.Ushirasava[#tsp trice]
I will ask patient to take this for a month.This iwill help to remove the stones as well prevent the reccurance.

;;;-Try out 15 ml of banana stem juice for continous 1 week every morniing empty stomack.This gives an execelent result.I have tried it in many patients.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi trupthi,
Im working on this .Will publish articles related to this at the earliest,Thanks for the request.I would like to answer your request.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hey swapna,
Think the answer aboove will help you also.
Vcuisine said…
Soumaya, Great article indeed. I always believe in prevention than cure and that too with natural remedies. Good info. Tks for sharing your knowledge. You are doing a wonderful service. Viji
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Viji.Thanks dear.Im putting some efforts thats all.
Hyderabadi's said…
Hi Soumya,
Great job, helps people.
Mythreyee said…
A very Informative blog. Thankyou very much for sharing the Ayurvedic Secrets. Pls write about remedy for Hair Loss and Also, as HareKrishnaji requested, pls write about reducing weight and lowering Cholestrol. You are doing a very good community service.
Dr. Soumya Bhat said…
Hi Mythreyee,
Thanks dear.will sure post on the requested topics.i would like all of you request the topics you wish to know about.about the hair loss ,i have already discribed it before .i mean i have already do go thro' my old posts.the post about aloevera and hibiscus mainly.
bbachoo said…
Hi there! I was reading over your posting and saw that you recommended Ushirasava. I thought that was for blood disorders related to a Pitta imbalance? Could you explain how kidney stones would benefit? I thought Vata was the predominant dosha out of balance despite being located in the vessel of Kapha. Thanks so much!
Gopinath Gosavi said…
thanks thanks thanks

i have two stones one is of 6 mm in kidney and 4 mm in urinary bladder. and Doctor told me to drink 4 ltr water daily and Himalaya cystone tablet. this treament is going for last 20 days. But now i dont have pain in my abdomenal.

can i assume that the stone has passed away?
Gopinath Gosavi said…
How to know that the stone has passed out from body?
Gopinath Gosavi said…
How to know that the stone has passed out from body?
Ankush Gupta said…
Hi Soumya
this is really commendable on your part to help people like this.
I read your remedies for kidney stones and their recurrence. I'll surely try them out. But can you please tell me how and where to get the banana stem juice? I hardly have any idea.
Samba said…
Hi Soumya,

Thanks a lot for writing such nice article with out bombarding it with too much medical terminology.

I read some where that eating the white layer under the banana skin helps reducing the pain...

Is that true?

I have another doubt; since Banana is rich in Calcium , how will it help in mitigating the problem?

Can you please clarify?
Anonymous said…
hi Soumya, really good info you are putting across. My husband discovered two stones we were worried..but now am seeing its common cause. I gave him banana stem have mentioned juice to be't just banana stem grinded in mixer and extracted or how to make the juice..Thanks mallika
Ranjith said…
Hello doctor,
I had a lithotripsy done 2 years back to remove 9 mm stone. Again after 2 years detected a stone of size 10 mm in the kidney. I am surprised that in 2 years stone re-appeared even after controlling my diets etc.
Can it be cured through medicine? am not looking for a surgery again.What ayurvedic medicines are available?
Anonymous said…
Dear Doctor,

Great site , happened to pass by . I suffer from kidney stones and have tried natural remedies with some success . Are there any specific excercises that can help the fast excretion of these stones without damage . Does Rasayan Chrna( Gokru, Ghalo and Amla ) help ?
sandeep said…
Hi Doctor,

I am Sandeep from Bangalore, I read your article regarding kidney stone. My wife is having a stone around 5-6 mm in left kidney and around 4 mm in right kidney, just I want to know how to treat this with Ayurvedic treatments as other treatments cost much, so I want to know if this is possible to remove stone without surgery. I will be waiting for your respond.

Thank you....
lukky said…
hai! im frm hyderabad i had a stone at left side.There is any chance to deslove it. pls pls pls pls pls pls tel me the solution

plss plss plsss plsss im begging youuuu docter....
Kishori said…
Respected Doctor,
thanks for the valuable info u shared, wish to stay in contact with u. I also study ayurveda.
Steve Mickman said…
A kidney stone is a hard mass developed from crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tract. Normally, urine contains chemicals that prevent or inhibit the crystals from forming. These inhibitors do not seem to work for everyone,

kidney stones
AQIB said…
ive had a stone stuck in my lower ureter for a month now and need to know how to remove it cause iv done every thing in my power to get rid of it but it still persist. what can i take to dissolve it using Ayurveda methods. please help feeling hopeless
Akbar said…
This is Akbar i am suffering from kidney stones i read about the treatment of ayurvedic is best for kidney stones actually i have 4 stones which are 7mm, 6mm, 6mm, 5mm in size. Is these stones can dissolve and pass by using ayurvedic medicines
please suggest me for the better treatment........
Admin said…

I am suffering from 13mm kedney stone in my kedney.Is there any medicine availabale to dissolve this?

Nilesh Pandit
Uric Salt said…
my hubby has a problem with kidney stones.can u please advise me with what i can controll them to be developing?he has that problem since 7 years.he is presently using CYSTONE tablets..thanku...
nainesh987 said…
I have 4 stone in my left kidney each sizes 4-6.5mm. and 2 stone in right kidney 3mm and 4mm sizes. and one stone in mid ureter of 12mm size.
please suggest me for the treatment
saurav said…
hi somya...its wonderful blog...iam suffering from 10mm kidney stone..plz tell what shuold i do
Neha said…

This is neha my mom is having a kidney stone in left kidney of 7mm, from last 3 days she is suffering with excessive pain, she is unable to intake anything not even water, every time she puts anything inside it comes out, continuous vomiting, doctor suggested for a laser operation and asked me that i should decide sooner as my mom is not holding anything in her stomach from last 3 days. please suggest should i go for the operation or there can be another alternative.
irfan said…
hi doctor
my name is irfan iam from bangalore.
i have a stone my left kidney its size is 3.6mm. i dont have any pain but i have cure it and i consulted one doctor he gave me renali capsules for one month. i finished that but no us of it so is there any good solution for it please help me i dont have lot of money to surgery so please help in that waiting for your responce
Anonymous said…
thankyou, i have multiple kidney stones in both kidneys which are continuing to grow in size and
number, around 5mm in both kidneys. thankyou for maiking your knowlege available. Best Wishes. Suzi
Sireesha said…
HI Doctor,

My husband went for an routine health check up and came to know that he has 4mm stone in the kidney, doctors said that it will wash out with intake of more water and following some diet control.

I wld like to know whether 4mm stone can cause any pain?

can u pls suggest what medicine he can take to dissolve or to flush out the stone? As of now Doctor asked to take cystone. Will this be sufficient?

Awaiting for ur reply. my email id
hi this is shubhandra gupta i am i computer software engineer some of my friends tell me that if i eat banana's root then i lose my sexual power is it true is it true. please tell me as soon as possible i am very thank full for it
Nam said…

My mom is having kidney stone problem.
In your article you have mentioned to avoid calcium rich food which causes stone but my mom is having less calcium and Dr suggested to take calcium tablets for the same so my doubt is whether to take those tablets or not is that troubling her?
Amol Sawant said…
Nice Blog..

Thanks Doctor

manish said…

I am having a 7mm stone in my left kidney near the pole. Pls. advice what medication should be taken to crush / remove the stone painlessly. I have recently started taking cystone tablets twice a day, & increased my water intake. Also taking homoeopathic medicine berberis vulgaris known to crush stones. What diet controls are required. I have been taking all veggies & legumes.


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