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Sinusitis is the most comman problem what most of the people of thiois genetration suffer from.SO i thought of writting about this comman problem today.

Sinus defination:-
Sinuses are nothing but an empty space or a cavity in general.Sinus what we commanly use related to headaches are the cavities in the facial bones .

Now what is sinusitis?
Itis = any infectious condition is reperesented as itis
Sinusitis is the condition where in these airpockects are infected and get inflammed causing pain in that perticular area.
Generally they will show positional head aches.Which means just when you change the position i.e even if you bend your head the headaches aggravates or flares up.

Sinus can be simply described as small aircavities or pockets with a duct and a opening into nasal cavities.
Basically they are paired.There are four pairs of sinuses in the bones of teh face.

1) Frontal Sinus:
-Located just below the eyebrows and at teh starting of the nose.
-When the frontal sinus gets effected there will be head ache in both the sides of the fore head called temples of the head.

2)Maxillary Sinus:
-They are also 2 in number and located just below the cheek and on either sides of the nose.
-Here there will be pain and tenderness in the cheek area and one will feel the headache and that ache will be felt all over the face and upper jaw.

3)Ethamoidal Sinus:
-They are 2 in number
-Located behind the eyes.
-The headche causes by these sinus will mimic those caused due to vision problems[Refractive errors like long or short sightedness]
-Here you can also observe post-nasal drip that is,the mucus will pass through the back of your mouth that is it slides down the throat.

4)Sphenoidal sinus:
-They are also 2 in number.
-Located behind the ethamoidal sinus.Here one will feel the pain deep behind the eys.Heaviness of the eyes.

All the sinuses have a body just like a pouch then neck andduct with a outlet opening to the nasal cavities.They are line with a smooth surface of mucosa[inner most smooth layer] similar to that of the nasal cavity.They also have tiny hair called cilia.This helps in trapping dust and other foreign particals from entering airpassages.The dust and other particles are traped and then pushed with mucous to the nasal cavity and then thrown out.This is the normal diffence mechanism of the body.When they get infected and swollen the outflow of the entrapped particles remains within causing painful condition.

-Head ache which are mainly positional
-Tenderness in the infected sinus are
-occasionally discolouration near the tender sinuses
-applying presuure and massages in those regeions[Increases the blood supply to that area]
-The headaches here subsides by sleeping,taking hot substances,applying hot pads over the tender sinuses
-Usually accompanied with comman cold or other respiratory infections,cough etc.
-Bad breath
-Nasal congestions

-Most of the time DNS[deviated nasal septum=Cruked nose bridge]
-Repeted respiratory tract infection
-Allergic rhinitis
-Allergic conditions.
All of tehse contribute to the occurance of sinusitis.

Tests by which its identified or diagnosed:
-Sinus transillumination tests
-Simple test like tapping over the sinus, there will be tenderness
-CT scans.

Home remedies:
-Mainly ocurs when one exposes to breezy wind ,cold weather,Consumes chilled food items etc.
-Care must be taken to avoid cold and other respiratory infections.
-Eat or drink evrything which is hot .This will give a bit of releif and prevent from further damage
-Salt water gargling i.e with rock salt dissolevd in luke warm water and gargling must be done atleast 2-3 time per day.This will act as disinfectent,remove fowl smell and open up and cleanse the passage by causing counter irritation
-consuming herbs like rosemarry,thyme then ginger and horseraddish is beneficial.
-Keep yourself warm covered with warm clothes
-Dhooma pana with turmeric is the best ayurvedic treatment for this.Method to be done is as follows:-
Take a burning charcoal and add turmeric dries roots to it and blow wind this will make turmeric to emmit smoke when burnt.Inhake this fumes
Or else Simply burn the turmeric in gas and take the fumes.This can be supplimented with turmeric powder also.

-Instilling one drop of Anuthailam each to each nostril daily early morning or late evenings prevents the occurance of sinusitis.Also a good medicine for all types of head ache.But befor this in hot water for about 30 sec then apply

-Take vapours using eucalyptus oil of about 3-4 drops in a vessel containing boiling hot water and covering yourself and vessel below so that the steam vapours donot escape.This relieves teh nasal congestion and any block, clears teh passage and helps in out flow of trapped particles in sinus.

-Intake of chitrakarista 3tsp 3 times a day with a drop of honey stired each time,Septiline ds[himalaya company]-2 tablets a day

-Avoid fried foods,fat and heavy foods,curds during the process.

-Drink hot water sip by sip very often


Vcuisine said...

Hi Sowmy, As usual a very useful topic. Good info. Thanks. Viji

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Viji.You are the one alwaysdont miss to pass by and leave an encouraging comment.Thanks buddy.I really appriciate it.

swapna said...

hai soumya
u are helping a lot.thanks dear..

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey thanks Swapna.

USHA said...

Hi soumya,

you have come up with very useful and important topid dear.As recently many are suffering from cold ,this topic would be very useful to all.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Thanks Usha.I really appreciate your feed back.


Small request. Could you please write blogs on cholesterol and overweight.

Thanx un advance

Stuti said...

Hi Soumya,

This information was really very valuable !!! Well I too suffer from headache a lot, (thankfully it has not happened for quite a while now) But mine is due to Migraine..

How does Sinusitis differ from Migraine? And any tips for that?

Thanks !!! :o)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hello harekrishnaji,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and posting arequest comment here.I will sure post your request at the earliest.this sort of request helps me to decide what should be posted next for peoples benifits.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi Stuti,
Thanks for stopping by and going thro' my blog.Well these to are the varities of head aches which are totally different from each other.Lemme explain very briefly- Sinus headaches are mainly caused due to the infection and the inflamation of the sinus cavities,which inturn leads to blockage of the outflowing duct.thus the debries that is entrapped wastes remain within causing pain due to the blockage of thier outword flow .the throwing out of wastes becomes very person struggles hard to remove it by force hence leading to increased pressure in the head and the surrounding area of that sinus and nasal area leading to headache.
Whereas in migaine head ache which is called as vascular headache otherwise is caused due to the increases pressure in the bloodvessels supplying to teh brain.its more comman in females than in males.I shall be writing in detail about migraine pretty dont miss it.

Stuti said...

Great !!! Thanks for providing the insight :) I will keep an eye on your site for further update...




Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey stuti,
Thanks dear.well hope i have cleared your question.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

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Anonymous said...

Dr Soumya Bhat,

Thank you very much for your article. I have been trying your method. I have made progress, but I feel I am not progressing fast enough to avoid FESS surgery in 4 weeks time. I was wondering how long does it generally take to get Ayurvedic treatment for Chronic Sinusitis in India. I obviously live overseas. Ram

shashi said...

for Sinus Headache i am taking turmeric smoke inhaling.
1) heat a small steel cup on the gas stove.(thinner the cup better the heating)
2) when its hot, Put a pinch of turmeric powder as a lump, do not sprinkle.
3) the turmeric powder starts burning releasing smoke.
4) turn off the gas stove immediately as the turmeric has started burning.
5)holding one nostril closed, inhale the smoke in another nose deeply.
6) at first trial its very strong and some what tough to inhale but continue to the other nostril same way.
7)the strong odor smoke gives a sort of immediate kick to your brain and you will get immediate relief from head ache.
repeat after 2 hrs once again as head ache may reappear after 2 hrs.

Swaminathan said...

Hello Dr. Bhat. I just joined your blog. Thanks a lot for doing this great service. God Bless You.

I have Asthma and nasal block (due to polyps). I cannot smell anything. this happened 4 years back. I want to avoid surgery for polyps. Do you suggest anything to clear polyps.

Thanks again for helping us.


sandeep said...

I have been diagnoised from left maxillary sinusitis, ..have took antibiotics since from 5 months.. got little relief , but now i have stopped taking antibiotics.. i am having head ache , sneezing, blocking of nose.. i want to cure this permanently, can u please tell me is there permanent cure for this in ayurveda?? and please tell me the details about the treatment..

Anonymous said...

this kind of information is very useful.thanks a lot