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Early preganacy signs

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Miracle medicine

As most of us know the medicinal properties of honey, lime, garlic ginger etc. But i have exposed this one medicine to my family and have come across many more people who have been regularly taking this since 2-3 yrs .Most of them have found great benefits . This has got its effects on various diseases like diabetics, hypertension[high BP],High cholesterol, loss of appetite, allergic rhinitis[allergic cold], bloating of the stomach etc.....Its a very simple preparation and can be done easily at home and store for 1-2 months. Ingredients: ----------------- Ginger juice - 1 cup Garlic juice   -  1 cup Apple cider vinegar- 1cup Lemon juice  - 1 cup Honey - 3 cups Method of preparation:- ---------------------------- Extract juice  after removing the peal from fresh ginger, garlic and lemon. Now measure 1 cup of apple cider vinegar  Take all the juices [4 cups] in a big vessel and heat the mixture on high flame for about 5-8 minutes.  Keep stirring the mixture so that it do

Diet regimen to be followed by jaundice patients

Jaundice is a condition related to liver.  The term jaundice comes from the French word  jaune , meaning yellow . Jaundice is also called   icterus.Its nothing but a condition of the liver where in there will be increased production of a pigment called bilirubin due to which there will be yellowish discoloration of the skin,mucous membrane,sclera the white part of the eyes, there will be increase amount of billirubin  in the blood stream which is called'' hyperbilirubinamea''    . Thia further leads to  increased levels of bilirubin in the  extracellular fluid . Normally liver produced 2 types of pigments called bilirubin and bili veredin. B ilirubin is responsible of coloring the stools .Hence when there is jaundice we observe dark yellow coloured urine and stools. Jaundice is a condition which is seen in hapatitis,liver chirrosis,liver cancers etc. The jaundice is of 3 types :- 1. Pre -hapatic [here the pathology occurs above or prior to the live


This is the season when people suffer from various kind of illness. Cough and cold,running nose,sinusitis,fever, loose motion ,vomiting are most amongst them. Today in my this post i will be dealing with some medicines for cough and cold ,running nose for both adults and kids who are of 1+ age. 1.The ingredients that you will need are as follows:- turmeric - 1 tsp honey - 1 tsp freshly extracted ginger juice - 1tsp pepper powder - 1tsp lemon juice -1 tsp Method of consuming:- --------------------- Mix all the 5 ingredients mentioned above in a bowl and should be taken early morning in empty stomach. This course of medicine should be repeated for another 4-5 days although you see the patient has recovered. Working mode of the drug:- ----------------------- This will help to liquify all t

Hidden secrets about nature

1.Sweet potato:- ======== Nutrients: ------- Rich source of vitamin B6,C,E, beta-Carotene,iron,potasium,fibers Variety of vegetable: -------------- tuber Some facts about this tuber- --------------------- The orange variety is better than the white as it contains more beta-carotene than the white. Beta -carotene is a carotinoid with anti- viral,anti-cancer,anti-oxidant properties. Hence go for the orange variety This is a carotene which our body converts into vitamin A which helps to fight against cancer. The vitamin E here helps to maintain good health of skin and hair. The skin is full of fibres This vegetable can help to lower the cholesterol and enhances the digestive function naturally. 2.Carrots:- ======= Carrot is a vegetable which is rich in nutrients essential for the eyes,improves vision. Variety: -------- Tuber Nutrients: -------- Vitamin K, beta carotene, Folate, Calcium, Iron Zinc, lots of essential fibres. Importance:- --------- - Carrots are the richest sources of bet


Immunity is the natural way by which our body protects us from natural ailments or diseases. Our body has immune system by the help of which our body can fight against antigens which was previously recognized by the defense mechanism. This is mainly done by the antibodies. There are certain primary detector cells which recognizes the antigens just when they enter into our body and produces antibodies to protect our body against them. The bodies immune system thus acts like a key in the maintenance of good physical health. A nutritious balanced diet ,healthy life style,clean and clear healthy environment,genetics all of these factors directly helps in building up the immune system. The immune system which is like an army protecting and guarding our body is based on the lymphatic system and the white blood cells of the body[blood stream]. There are many other organs which also contribute like spleen,skin,respiratory,digestive etc. The lymphatic system comprises of the various regions

Quick and easy remidies for mouth ulcers

My todays topic is all bout mouth ulcers.This is one amoungst the most comman problem which everyone experience .There are certain things to know a bout the causes and how to prevent them what are the remidies. Mouth or the so called oral cavity is said to be the mirror of the digestive system mainly the stomach and the interstine. The mouth ulcers are called as stomatitis.Its a reddish small ulcer which occurs in the inner area of the mouth.They are of different varities like tromatic ulcer,Chronic ulcers,Acute,Malignant,Benign..... Causes:- ---------- 1.Troma - This means any sort of injury .this is most commanest cause .Mainly while brushing or eating and sharp and hard objects ,or mainly while consuming any meat with intact bones , somethimes it might occur by your own teeth itself.. 2.Constipation - This is the main cause.Mostly the person suffering from constipation problem will have oral ulcers too.So the root cause here is to get rid of constipation which it self will act as a